Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 800: Analysis, nature, and request

Kate's sound echoed in the room. Meanwhile, Wu Yan & co stood in solemn silence just like Sylph was. They committed this secret to mind, maybe one day, this will fit nicely into this world's mystery.

Kate sipped a cup of tea. He seemed satisfied that they all listened to him, he nodded and he continued.

"That was the twilight of the gods, they brought their own doom by their hands. That Mythical Armament disappeared without a trace. Without that mythical weapon, humans will never be graced by the power of god. After that, the god tier is just a tall tale for Silvaria..."

They tried hard to digest the information given to them. The death of the gods, the weapon, the secret behind the god tier in this world. Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Kotori, Kurumi, and Sylph were the same, they thought long and hard about this story. Astrea, Tohka, Flan, and Yoshino can understand the story but they can't think any deeper than that before they zoned out.

Wu Yan rubbed his temple. He delved into his consciousness to converse with the System.

"System, do I need this power of god to ascend to the level of God?"

The system computed the answer and it replied in its usual mechanical voice.

"The user's power-up is based on experience points. Experience points can be gained from defeating hostile units (summons or not). Gather enough points to level up..."

Before Wu Yan can hurray, the System shot him down.

"There is a limit to experience points-based level-up."

"A limit?!"

Wu Yan silently yelled.

"Elaborate further..."

"Once the user or his summons reach level 99, experience points can no longer be earned."


Wu Yan continued.

"Are we limited just like the people of Silvaria? Is level 99, the peak of demigod tier our limit too?"

"All lifeforms are limited by this universal principle, the System can only help the user reach Level 99."

The system continued explaining.

"Once a lifeform reach the zenith, the domain beyond is the domain of gods, sub-god lifeforms cannot handle the power that comes from that domain. Only with external force can anyone peer into that godly domain."

Wu Yan understood what the System meant. All lifeforms can only reach level 99, or the peak of demigod-tier. Beyond that, a lifeform must achieve apotheosis. In human terms, a human can always train and improve his strength, however, training can never permit a human to lift a mountain for that is beyond the realm of a mortal...

The System mentioned that there were no god-tier beings in any of the transcript world. That implies the Power of God can't be found in the transcript worlds.

"If that's the case...."

Wu Yan asked.

"Can the Power of God be bought?"

"It cannot be bought on its own."

The System replied, dashing Wu Yan's hope.

"In other words..."

Wu Yan said with a disappointed tone.

"We must find that Mythical Armament to achieve godhood?"


The System gave Wu Yan a contradictory answer.

"What do you mean by that?"

"According to System's analysis, the Power of God is a type spiritual force emanated by a tremendously powerful equipment."

The System continued.

"This force is naturally formed from an equipment. This force was also got enhanced by pure accumulation and concentration inside the equipment. This lifeless force possesses the ability to break the limit of a sub-god being, allowing said lifeform to achieve apotheosis!"

Wu Yan asked for more clarification.

"What do we do then?"

"This spiritual force cannot be bought separately."

The System said.

"This force that can break a lifeform's limit is unattainable on its own. But, there are equipment that can generate this force in the System, the equipment can be bought."

Wu Yan finally understood the nuance of the System.

The Power of God is just a by-product of a ridiculously power equipment. Hence, it cannot be bought. But, there are mythical armaments in the System.

The S-grade equipment!

Wu Yan's heart started racing. He wanted to kiss System, if he could. The entire world only had one Mythical Armament. However, the System itself came with S-grade equipment.

Wu Yan browsed through the equipment store multiple times before. He also checked out the S-grade equipment there.

Although the System doesn't have a lot of S-grade equipment, only 5 are available for buying. To buy one would require a staggering amount of points. But, so what? As long as he can earn points, he can buy them given enough time.

With that settled, the possibilities were endless.

Wu Yan chuckled but he reined himself in because he was afraid Kate might notice him. That didn't stop a field of flowers from blooming in his heart, he was over the moon happy with what he heard.

Little did the emperor knows, this low-key guy had multiple S-grade equipment sealed within a System embedded in Wu Yan, the very same class of armament that caused the gods to die fighting each other. If he knew about this, Wu Yan might just end up on the dissection table.

Well, Kate still needs to defeat Ikaros and Flan for that to happen. And, Wu Yan can use the Red Jade Mode to make a quick getaway.

Kate can feel a slight change in Wu Yan's mood although he couldn't read his mind. He stared at him and he looked at the Ring of Authority in his palm.

"Before the Ancestor died, he left a verbal order..."

Kate sucked in a breath of air.

"He explicitly told his descendants that whosoever holds the Ring of Authority and presents it before the royalty of Ailu empire, the throne must be unconditionally given to the holder of the Ring of Authority!"


Wu Yan & co were stunned by what the emperor said.

"Giving your throne away?"

Wu Yan looked at Kate and Sylph with a flabbergasted look. Kate and Sylph nodded with stern looks. Finally, Wu Yan pieced together the plot of the imperial family.

Doesn't that mean the holder gets to rule the Ailu empire?

"You want me to become the ruler?..."

Wu Yan waved his hands as he started joking.

"I see a lot of problem with this. I mean, if someone unworthy gets his hand on the ring, won't that spell the end of the empire?"

Kate and Sylph also bitterly laughed.

"I see the flaws in his verbal order didn't elude you..."

Kate sighed.

"That's why I wanted to take this ring off your hand."

"The power to rule an empire isn't just a symbolic effect, it comes with a commensurate amount of responsibility!"

Kate clenched his fists.

"I have no idea what led the Ancestor to pass down such a reckless order. However, it is an order we as his descendants must abide by!"

"Sir Wu Yan!"

Kate stared at Wu Yan.

"I don't care if you want me to get down on my knees, but, you must give me this Ring!"

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