Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 799: The demise of gods, the truth behind why the gods fell

There are multiple reasons why someone would start cultivating, however, there is only one end goal for this path, that is to become stronger!

Learning never stops, the journey to mastery of the art of war is boundless. Learning might never stop but there is a limit to one's journey to the top in power. For one, talent can limit a human's potential, talent determines the speed of mastery and the ease of making breakthroughs. In other words, a person without talent will never live long enough to reach peak power. Granted, a genius would need to put in the work or his lifespan will fall behind cultivation.

In this world, there is a zenith for all cultivators, that's the God-tier.

The path of a cultivator is hard and fraught with danger. But, throughout the ages, people with talent, determination, and sheer will rose. By luck and their own effort, they touched the realm of God. They achieved apotheosis.

Distant as it seems, apotheosis is possible, the four gods were evidence that a human can become a god.

To this end, humans struggled, they braved storms and harsh seas to forge themselves. They busted their backs all so they might one day, stand at the peak as the strongest cultivator.

Kate told them it's impossible to reach the god tier through sheer effort alone.

It's a cruel truth to any cultivator.

Of course, without bottlenecks or limits to speak of, Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Kotori, Kurumi and the others obviously couldn't sympathize with Kate. Looking at Kate and Sylph's frustated faces, they could tell this was a soul-crushing truth.

Who wouldn't want to realize their greatest potential? Who wouldn't want to become masters of the universe?

Wu Yan closed his eyes and he gave Kate some time to cool down. Then, Wu Yan asked.

"Alright, to become a god, what do you need?"

"Need, huh?"

Kate sighed and he continued with an absent look.

"I am not sure if it's a thing..."

"What do you mean?"

"It means, I am not sure if it counts as an object!"

Kate sighed.

"The ancestor left us relics. However, when we chanced upon the message left to us regarding how to achieve apotheosis, the ancestor only left a brief message!"

"The power of god..."

"The power of a god?"

Wu Yan flinched in shock. Kate also nodded.

"According to our records, one must first reach the peak of demigod tier, then, and only then can the process start."

"Upon reaching the limit of a human, the cultivator will attain the power to assimilate the power of a god. Through assimilation with this power, a cultivator can slowly diminish the mortal limit. When this barrier is gone, the cultivator can attempt to breakthrough."

"Once a cultivator does that, the cultivator will become a god!"

"If a cultivator fails, the power of god will dissipate!"

"When that happens..."

Kate sighed.

"Becoming a god will become a pipe dream..."

The others all released sighs of tension.

Kotori reloaded her candy. She chewed candy to starve off boredom or use candies to give her the sugar rush needed to stimulate her brain. She's probably using the candy to boost her thinking faculties right now.

She mumbled out loud.

"There wasn't a fifth god because the power of god faded?"

Kate shook his head.

"No, it still exists!"

Kate returned to his throne and he sipped from a new cup of tea. He looked at Wu Yan & co.

At first, the power of god didn't suffuse the land.

The first god, the founding god of the world Silvaria, Silvaria found a place while he's still a demigod.

There was an object that piqued his interest, as someone who travelled through the great continent, he never found something so unique.

Out of curiosity, he took it along with him as he continued his journey throughout the continent. One day, Silvaria reached his limit, he stood at the peak of the demigod tier.

Silvaria subconsciously knew the day would come when he hit his limit. The demigods before him touched this unsurmountable wall and they all couldn't overcome it as they fell to the sands of time.

Silvaria also more or less gave up. Even if he wants to go beyond his mortal limit, any further growth seems impossible. Cultivation won't help, more time wouldn't help, how then, does one achieve apotheosis?

Then, the unidentifiable object responded as his body echoed with it.

Silvaria absorbed that unknown object, taking a do-or-die bet with it.

Then, Silvaria became someone who transcended humans. He became the first god of Silvaria.

This unknown force that can help a demigod become god got coined with the power of god.

The news of this force leaked out and all the demigods in the world came to the place where he found the object. But, they returned empty-handed. The power of god remained elusive.

There are lucky ones who found it. However, finding the power of god and breaking through are two different matters. Yet, the demigods flocked the place because having a slight chance is better than 0.

After that, Ailu, Baruba, and Feya travelled to that divine place and found the power of god. They successfully became gods after integrating with that divine force. They were now apex cultivators.

The famous four gods of Silvaria were born, the three empires also rose up with the gods.

With the four gods as the example, demigods all over the world started going into a frenzy, they wanted that force.

A human's greed is terrifying, so too is the avarice of a god. One of the gods got greedy, he wanted to monopolize the power and cultivate his own subordinates. Naturally, the two other empires didn't sit idly by. They started fighting as a result.

The three empires got into a battle royale, dragging in the only unaffiliated god, Silvaria.

The four fought a terrible battle.

Try to imagine it...

4 godly individuals duking it out in one epic fight. The divine place that had the power of god got demolished. This demolition revealed another secret.

The divine place is actually divine because of a primordial weapon that laid beneath the land, the true source of the power of god.

That weapon had the ability to generate the power of god. It also had so much power that any god who equipped it probably could wipe out the other three gods who opposed the handler.

Naturally, the four gods went made going at each other's throat.

Nobody knows how long the gods fought. At the end of the fight, all four gods fell and that ridiculously strong weapon disappeared from the pages of history.

Because that weapon possessed a power that exceeded even the strongest Legendary armament of humans, and because of its unique ability to generate the power of god, the primordial weapon was classified into a class all its own...

A Mythical Armament!

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