Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 798: A clue into the truth of the world, the secret of the God tier...

If Wu Yan can get his hands on the items described on the engraving when he obtained the rings, the value of these rings would be monumentally high.

But, Wu Yan didn’t get what was written on the rings.

Inside the box, there was another message.

For the ring inscribed with the characters for Authority:

To the future holder, this is just an ordinary ring that is indestructible, it’s not an item ring. With this ring, the Ailu empire is yours to command.”

For the ring inscribed with the characters for Power:

“To the future holder, this is an item ring. Open it and you shall obtain the power to dominate the entire world of Silvaria! Find the Ailu empire, the way to open this ring lies with the emperor.”

For the ring inscribed with the characters for Wealth:

To the future holder, you want my wealth? You can have it. Find the key and all the wealth inside this ring is yours!”

Wu Yan doubted the engravings when he found the rings. At that point, he was only a new tier 7 superhuman, the bare minimum to be taken seriously as a strong cultivator in Silvaria. The things promised by the three rings were still far too distant to him at the time…

But, now…

Wu Yan’s brain started turning as he pieced together Kate’s word and his apparent focus on the ring. This emperor knows about the ring.

If that’s the case, the things promised by the rings might just be true as well!

This hole goes deep…

The authority to command the Ailu empire alone is incredible. Using this ring alone, he seriously doubts Kate would just abdicate his throne and let him rule the Ailu empire. For Wu Yan, he could give a rat’s furry behind about political power.

He is more interested in the Power Ring.

Find the emperor and he will tell me how to unlock the ring, huh?...

Wu Yan thought about it and he removed the Authority Ring. He threw it over to Kate.

Kate and Sylph started freaking out when Wu Yan threw the ring. Without a second thought, Kate threw away the cup of tea in his hand as he hurried to catch the ring. When he felt the cold ring safely resting within his palm, he sighed along with Sylph. Then, he leered at Wu Yan.

“You bastard! Did you have to throw it?”

Kate started scolding Wu Yan with words that shouldn’t come from an emperor.

“What are you going to do if you broke the ring?!”


Wu Yan lifted his arms.

“Does that ring even break that easily though?”


Kate snorted. He looked a bit unsatisfied. Even Sylph looked a bit upset. The ring probably meant a lot to them.

Kate looked at the Authority ring and his eyes started trembling. He caressed it with careful excitement.

“Yes! Yes!”

Kate said with a hoarse and elated tone.

“It’s the Ring of Authority!”

“Ring of Authority?”

Wu Yan looked at Hinagiku, she’s the one who went on the treasure hunting trip with him. She shook her head, she had no idea as well.

Wu Yan asked Kate.

“Your majesty, do you know what this ring is?”

Kate stopped rubbing the ring and he bitterly laughed.

“I know it all too well, after all, it’s an item of the Ailu Empire.”

“I see…”

Kotori knitted her brows.

Kate calmed down and he clenched down on the ring. He also struggled with his internal thoughts. They waited patiently for the emperor to make a decision. Sylph appears to understand why Kate’s like this, she stayed silent after sighing.

The room felt weird as the mood sank. Kate finally made up his mind.

“Youngster, if I want this ring, will you give it up?...”

Wu Yan smiled after freezing up for a second.

“Before that, I think you owe me an explanation…”

“An explanation?”

Kate bitterly laughed.

“Yeah, but I don’t think you will give me this ring after you hear the story behind it…”

He turned around and he looked at the wall behind him. He said with a slightly crestfallen voice.

“Do you guys know who is the founder of Ailu Empire?”

“The founder?...”

Hinagiku replied.

“One of the four god-tier individuals in history, God Ailu?”


Ailu turned around.

“The founder who named the empire in his name. He’s also my ancestor!”

“A god…”

Wu Yan & co looked at each other. Even Sylph was awed by the word of “God”. It’s an entity that inspires fear and awe in the inhabitants of this world. When they approached the relic, they can feel the heavy aura of a god who used to own this item.

Subconsciously, humans feared and revered the Gods, it has nothing to do with guts or bravery.

Kate is also the same. He might sound excited but he’s also shaken by the prospect of touching what used to be owned by a god.

“In the past, the World of Silvaria bore witness to the ascend of four beings who went beyond the demigod tier.”

“The first god, Silvaria, named the world in his hallowed name. Then came the three founding gods of the three major empires today, Ailu, Baruba, and Feya!”

“A god’s power is unfathomable to mere mortals like us. We only have a few demigods in this world, even they have never seen a god in action. Time passed and though demigods rose and fell, there was never a god after that point. In our entire history, there are only four gods!”

Kate looked at Wu Yan with his piercing gaze.

“Do you know why?”

Wu Yan felt pressured, the implications weighed on him like a heavy mountain.

Wu Yan recognized this as the prelude to understanding a top-secret matter in this world.

Most tier 9 individuals don’t know about this secret, what’s to say of tier 8 like him.

Wu Yan shook his head. Kate expected this reaction, he grinned bitterly.

“To ascend to the god-tier, cultivation alone isn’t enough…”

“You can’t become a god through cultivation and training alone?”

Baffled by the secrets revealed to them, Kotori asked.

“Do you see the contradictions in your own words? If you can’t train and become a god, how did the four gods come about?”

Kate shook his head. With a heavy tone, he continued.

“I only said you can’t become a god by training. I didn’t say there was no other way to become a god!”

“Another way?”

Wu Yan sucked in a breath of cold air.

“You’re saying you need external help to become a god?”


Kate praised him with an awkward smile. Then, the whole world felt as though it went silent once more...

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