Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 796: The final answer, okay we can try getting along first...

"I am very sorry but no, I decline!"

The crowd almost got sent back by the powerful words he used. The more politically sensitive of them were glancing at Kate carefully, they silently cursed because this was the worst answer Wu Yan can give.

At a ball like this, in front of so many dignitaries, not giving the emperor face is a major mistake. They were ready for Kate to get angry. They got their defending speeches ready should the situation arises.

They didn't think Wu Yan and Kate will immediately enter into an acrimonious relationship, the Ailu empire is strong, but, Wu Yan had the back of Ikaros and Flan.

Two tier 9 individuals is a nice deterrent, but, the empire can still attack if they want. But, lest they forget, Wu Yan still had the backing of Yakumo Yukari.

If tier 9 individuals were deterrents. A demigod is a strategic weapon that the imperial family had all the reasons in the world to fear.

However, if they do go all out. The dignitaries here will suffer from the fallout. They wanted to defuse the situation, fearing a potential fight between the two parties.

Kate wasn't fazed. He isn't smiling but he doesn't look furious. Sylph looked at Wu Yan with flashing eyes. Nobody knew what the girl is thinking about.

"I know my decision was sudden, your reluctance is not without reason. It's normal, rather..."

Kate said with a calm tone. This loosened the tension in the room. People familiar with the emperor can hear the angry undertone in his words. He's angry because his beloved daughter was apparently not good enough for him. He's still a bit pissed.

Kate continued.

"However, I would like to hear your reasons..."

If he was compromising before then he sounded hostile right now. At least, the people her can tell he's not going to be satisfied if Wu Yan gives him a random answer.

Kate is famous for his reverse scale that must not be touched. He can handle general affairs like a proper emperor. He can also accept harm, to a certain extent, to his family members, except for Sylph. When it comes to anything related to his daughter, Kate lost his marbles and he would turn into a doting father. He placed Sylph above almost everything in his life. She's the jewel of his life.

In other words, using a more colloquial word, he has a daughter complex.

If not due to his real goal, killing Kate would be the only way he would ever give his daughter away in marriage, especially to a stranger like Wu Yan.

Yet, he's displeased when Wu Yan turned him down. He's not thinking rationally, he has a really excellent daughter, in terms of looks and talent, she had no peer.

Why the fuck would you reject this?

Luckily, Wu Yan couldn't read minds. If he could, he would probably fall to the ground from the emperor's absurd train of logic.

"You want my reasons?"

Wu Yan bitterly grinned and he shook his head.

"That's simple!"

Wu Yan parted way, he showed everyone the girls standing behind him.

"Your majesty, with all due respect, I don't even know Sylph that well. More importantly, I have them, the loves of my life, they are my partner for life, they are my fiancees, that's reason enough for me!"

The attendees looked at Wu Yan with a weird look. Some got jealous at him. They more or less knew his relationship with the girls were suspicious, however, he never made it known, until today. Now, it's official, these girls were all in a relationship with him.

The girls weren't expecting this. Except for Flan who couldn't understand the intricacies of love, the other girls all blushed. Kurumi who is the most assertive among them also didn't count on this. She was a bit sour from the initial development, but, with this, her feeling immediately improved greatly.

Normally, Hinagiku and Kotori would give him Tsundere responses. But, at this critical juncture, they knew better than to deny it. They lowered their heads and they were as bashful as maidens in love. They started fidgeting awkwardly.

Their demure responses had a magical attraction. The males couldn't help but look at them in a different light. That resulted in Wu Yan earning more animosity with the dignitaries here. Wu Yan was busy focusing his attention on Kate who furrowed his brows.

"Your majesty, I can't deny it, Princess Sylph is as beautiful as she is gifted. But, I don't know her so it's best if you reconsider this case..."

Lulu sighed in relief when she heard Wu Yan. She's also blushing with excitement. Her etiquette skills were high enough that she didn't outright cheer and hurray loudly. Meanwhile, Larl and Fei Fei weren't sure if they should laugh or cry.

Girl, he just increased his fiancee from one to multiple, don't get too happy yet!

Kate locked his expression in a frown. He knew Wu Yan was on good terms with the girls in his entourage, but, he wasn't counting on Wu Yan to declare his relationship to the whole world. Like this, it's going to be hard to pressure him.

The real circumstances were different. If they can resolve that, he wouldn't mind backing off from this engagement after Wu Yan already made his statement so adamantly. It's normal to have a harem in this world, but, terms and conditons applied.

If his beloved daughter ever does marry. The husband can forget about marrying a second woman. Ignoring if Sylph will ever say yes, Kate is the first one who will fervently reject any notion of starting a harem. No way in hell is his daughter going to serve her man in bed with another woman!


Kate sighed. He wanted to say something but Sylph interrupted.

"I don't mind spending time to get to know you!"


Wu Yan was astonished.

Sylph explained with an expressionless look.

"We can spend time together as fiancees, by dating with the intention to marry, we can always cancel this engagement if it turns out we aren't compatible. Should we hit it off really well, then..."

Her icy blue eyes were trained on Wu Yan. She ignored the gasping crowd and she declared her intention.

"I don't mind serving you with the girls by your side!"

The room fell silent in an instant.

Has the world gone crazy?

The dignitaries of the world, Larl, Fei Fei, and Lulu all had the same idea.

She's crazy!

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Kotori, and Kurumi shared the same thought.

Kate was stunned for a brief moment. When he recovered, he hesitantly pursued Wu Yan.

"A-are you sure?"

"I am..."

Sylph said with a steadfast attitude. The crowd can tell something changed.

The past Sylph is a true princess of ice, the pride of the Ailu empire, the strongest in Silvaria World Institute. Forget entering a polygamy with other women, she never so much as looked at a male as a potential love interest.

She's taking the initiative to voice her consent to sharing her man with other women.

The heavens must have gone crazy!

Indeed, this is only an engagement, the wedding might not pull through in the end, but, it did solve the current impasse. Kate shook his head with reluctant still filling his face. He looked at Wu Yan with a dangerous look.

"Youngster, I believe you have no more objections?..."

Wu Yan looked at the girls behind him. They all gave him a bitter smile.

Just say yes for now...

Wu Yan felt his strength leaving him and he smiled awkwardly.


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