Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 795: The answer: No guarantees...

Wu Yan's stunned.

The girls were stunned.

Everyone's stunned.

The room was quiet for several seconds. It felt like this is a dream. Nobody could believe their ears.

They looked at Wu Yan who was baffled and they looked at Sylph who still had her icy look on. They were thinking the same thing.

Are you sure about this pairing?

The big wigs who has seen this kind of stuff before were shocked, it's not because they were lacking in mental faculties. It's because these two just didn't blend well no matter how you sliced it.

Isn't it rather convenient that the erstwhile cool and distant princess of ice suddenly became engaged to Wu Yan who became famous recently?

It's just too sudden!

Since someone like Kate said it. He meant what he said, he's an emperor and once he said it, then it's official, it came from the highest authority in the Ailu empire.

When the realized this was the real intention behind this ball, the people started looking at Kate with analytical eyes.

Sylph is excellent in her own right. However, to announce her engagement by gathering all the greatest factions in the world, that's going overboard.

Normally, gathering all the factions were limited to events such as transition of power, or when one of the greatest noble families exceed another one, politically important events like that. The intention is to make it known to the world.

Announcing the princess' engagement to the whole world is just magnifying a small event, right?

Unless, Wu Yan's engagement with Sylph had a greater meaning. Is the emperor planning on using this engagement as an excuse to give Wu Yan his position? That's just ridiculous.

Rather. Is that even possible?

For one, Wu Yan never met the emperor in person until today. He might be a mysterious man of great potential, he's still an unknown, right? Should they really be letting someone like that rule an entire empire? Secondly, he has sons who acn succeed him, even if they are relatively inferior, that's still better than giving an outsider the throne, right?

Kate must have another goal in mind, that's the logical deduction they arrived at.

Is this his way of quickly recruiting two tier 9 into his ranks, quite possibly, even the demigod known as Yakumo Yukari?!

Kaya, Jaafar, Larl, and the other people in positions of power thought about this seriously.

If that was the case, it spelled trouble for the entire world in terms of power balance.

"No no no! Absolutely, no way am I letting that happen!"

Lulu started panicking with a pale look on her face. She started tearing up.

"How did it end up like this?..."

"Th-this is so sudden..."

Fei Fei wasn't doing any better. She looked at Wu Yan & co who were just as shocked as her with a grave look.

"Sister Fei Fei..."

Lulu grabbed Fei Fei's hand, she is sweating really hard right now.

"Wh-what do I do?..."

Larl and Fei Fei bitterly laughed. Even a fool can tell Lulu totally has a crush on Wu Yan.

What an irony, they were discussing Wu Yan and Lulu's relationship when out of nowhere, Wu Yan became someone else's fiancee...

Fate can be a nasty quimm.

Unlike Larl & co, Zeus perked up because Wu Yan's off the market when he became Sylph's fiancee.

Larl bitterly laughed once more and he patted Lulu on the back.

"Lilu, fret not, look at the youngster, I think this news is new to him too. Let's not jump to conclusions."

"I-is that so?..."

Lulu couldn't think straight. She glanced at Wu Yan and she saw how astounded he was so her expression improved a bit. Fei Fei chimed in with a bitter smile.

Wu Yan's harem included girls who were as pretty if not prettier than Sylph, they were also just as capable and talented too!

Lulu knows Wu Yan is probably very intimate with Hinagiku & co, not just comrades as he described. Lulu always acted cool but she couldn't do so today.

In her simple heart, Hinagiku & co were like sisters to her, she can accept it if they were close to Wu Yan. However, Sylph is a total stranger to Lulu, that's why she started flipping out when she heard about the engagement.

Lulu decided to run with that idea. That's the only idea that can calm her raging heart.

Wu Yan recovered after the girls stared daggers into him. He had trouble keeping his sweat from pouring out like a waterfall.

"Buster, you've got some explaining to do..."

Hinagiku said with a face as black as charcoal. Kotori wasn't doing so hot either, Ikaros' eyes wavered while Kurumi covered the mouth of Tohka who is probably questioning him. Without Kurumi, she is the most likely candidate to make a scene here.

"Wait wait wait, let me figure this out!"

Wu Yan shook his head.

"I don't know what's going on!"

Hinagiku and Kotori weren't pleased with his answer. But, they were puzzled. Wu Yan went into transcript worlds, when he's not travelling throughout other worlds, he spent most of his time with them. It wouldn't be like him to do them wrong by having fun with Sylph on the side.

Even if he's decadent enough to do that, Sylph's icy attitude gave her a very good alibi.

Kotori started making a guess.

"Sister Fei Fei is right, the Ailu empire is planning something, Sylph is just the front..."

Hinagiku gnashed her teeth at Wu Yan.

"What are you going to do now?..."

Wu Yan rubbed his temples. Everyone in the ballroom waited for his input, including Kate and Sylph.

Kate saw Wu Yan's flustered look and he helped him out.

"Right, I know the news is very sudden. Honestly, I never discussed this with anyone..."

The others silently cursed him. Isn't he afraid of losing face as the emperor for randomly pulling off stunts like this?

"Youngster, my daughter can be cold at times. However, if you look at something other than her personality, I think you should find her a very suitable marriage candidate, right?"

Kate narrowed his eyes at him.

"I lost count of her suitors, so many came to ask her hand but I never gave the time of day. In fact, it pains me even now to grant her hand in marriage to you. Now, let's hear your answer..."

"Are you, or are you not, willing to become Sylph's fiancee?..."

Everyone's attention returned to Wu Yan. Wu Yan can feel the intensity behind his words.

Kate, you magnificent bastard, why do you have to pull that "I am in pain to give my daughter away" card, how am I going to turn this down now?!

If he turned this down, that would make him a criminal who slapped the face of the entire Ailu empire, wouldn't it?

With stress headache flaring up, he stepped forward after a slight deliberation.

"Your majesty!"

Wu Yan inhaled deeply. The others, including Hinagiku & co perked up their ears.

Is he going to say yes? Is he going to say no?

They wanted a resolution to this. Anyone would say yes, the cost of saying no is just too high to risk it.

Plus, who would give up a super-talented, beautiful, and fiancee of noble birth?

Is this even a choice?

Wu Yan shattered their expectations.

"I am very sorry but no, I decline!"

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