Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 794: Escalation and an unexpected announcement

Kaya didn't overtly express his emotions. He endured the urge to continue talking with Ikaros and he started exchanging pleasantries with Wu Yan & co. It's not just Kaya. Bing Ling, Bi Shi, and Jaafar all came to greet and talk with Wu Yan. They were either instructed by their elders to do so.

They weren't familiar with Wu Yan & co. However, considering Ikaros and Flan's power, they had their own agendas when it came to conversing with them. They were trying to fish for information or they tried to build a good relationship with them. That's the reason why they came to say hello.

Truthfully speaking, Wu Yan isn't too pleased that he had to deal with their politics and annoying formalities. It's a ball so he has to socialize. At least, he dealt with situations like this before so he more or less knew how to navigate around the crowd. He said what should be said and he kept mum on matters where silence is the key.

Hinagiku, Kurumi, and Kotori couldn't help but see a stunning growth from before. He wasn't this used to social events like this before. Looks like 3 years in the virtual realm also increased his social skills.

The girls didn't waste time idling there. They had the looks, power, and fame so there were tons of people hitting on them. There are also people trying to get to know them. Except for Ikaros, Astrea, Tohka, Flan and Yoshino, Hinagiku, Kotori, and Kurumi had their hands full dealing with the dignitaries here.

The girls were skilled at handling the guests too. Hinagiku is the student council president of Hakuo Academy, this much is a given. Meanwhile, as the commander of Ratatoskr, Kotori is like a fish in water when it comes to social events like this. The dignitaries who thought she would be easy to deal with given her youthful look certainly ate their assumptions when they were led by the nose by Kotori.

As for Kurumi, she might have a simple nature like the other spirits but her tragic and hurtful experiences in the past moulded her into an elegant looking noble lady. However, her way with words certainly made her stand out in this ball.

The girls became the center of attention. The male attendees were ogling them, some of them even fantasized how life would be like with these girls as their girlfriends.

But, no one was brave enough to try and court the girls. After all, they had to check if they can handle the consequences.

While the ball is underway, a shiny magic spotlight focused its light upon one of the stairways here. The other lights dimmed down. Then, everyone started piping down.

Wu Yan & co finally got out of that tiresome parade of useless conversations.

"Ah, the protagonist is finally here..."

The attendees were excited.

They wanted to know the real intention of holding this ball!

Soon, they will find out!

Lit by the magic lamps, Sylph Princess had a regal crown on her head as she exited the stairway with an elegant and beautiful icy-blue princess dress. The Ailu emperor personally escorted her. The youngsters here couldn't help but thank the gods for the sight they saw.

Wu Yan examined the emperor. This is the first time he saw the emperor in person. He only met the emperor in projections. For example, the last time they talked atop the Arena Tower. Wu Yan opened the System's scanner on him.

Kate Ailu: Level 85

As expected...

This is the highest level he has seen, second only to Yukari.

Looking at the emperor, he looks like he is in his forties. only a few years older than Larl. Certainly, the emperor had the talent to match his title, he's relatively young for a tier 9 individual.

As for Kate Ailu's true age, it was certainly higher than what he looks like. As a cultivator increases his power, douqi, and mana, their body will resist aging and make the owner look younger than their real age. His true age is probably over 50 years old.

It's still very surprising because Lei Wang who is in the same tier as him is already closing in on 80 years old. His level is 84, one level lower than Kate.

Kate felt his gaze so he smiled at Wu Yan. Instead of shifting his gaze, Wu Yan gave him a composed nod. Like the others around him, he applaused as a form of respect.

Wu Yan didn't notice the brief moment of weird look Kate gave him.

"My utmost gratitude to you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to join this ball!"

The magic lamps re-ignited. The crowd stayed silent, they waited for the emperor to finish his speech.

Nodding, Kate continued.

"As much as I would like to let the ball continue in this festive mood, I have a matter to announce..."

Here it is...

The crowd held their breathes as they looked at Kate, including Wu Yan & co.

Sylph stepped forward, her icy-blue hair went well with her princess dress. The light reflected off her silky hair made it look like she's wearing a dress made of stars. Her cold look didn't mar her overall appearance, like the moon, she's brilliant, distant, and just as entrancing...

"This is my beloved daughter, Sylph..."

Kate looked at his daughter with a doting look. He held her hand and he started addressing the crowd.

"It goes without saying that most of you here have heard about Sylph, right?"

Sylph was once the strongest student in school. She held the position solidly for a few years until Wu Yan & co enrolled. Although she's not the strongest student anymore, her strength is still remembered by the students in the school and well-known throughout the land.

Kate sounded proud when he said this. Sylph isn't just his prized daughter. She had ridiculous talent and her power exceeded the successors of the other two empire factions. She's the pride of his life as a result.

Kate stored away his doting look, instead, he looked a bit pained.

He chuckled.

"As for why I gathered everyone here today, it's because I want to make a very important announcement..."

Kate shifted his gaze towards a certain person, his eyes flashed with a glint of light.

He's looking at Wu Yan!

Wu Yan frowned when he saw this. He had a bad feeling. And, just like that, Kate confirmed his suspicion by dropping the bomb on everyone.

"That man! Wu Yan!"

Kate dramatically pointed at Wu Yan, his voice echoing in the chamber.

"Is Sylph's fiancee!"

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