Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 793: Real feelings and the acme of love

Wu Yan felt a bit anxious when he heard Astrea, Tohka, and Flan.

Wait, don't tell me they are treating this like a buffet?

Wu Yan reckoned that they can definitely do just that. If they weren't reined in now, people are going to look at them like demons and country bumpkins.

Wu Yan hurriedly blocked Astrea and Tohka. He tried to word it very carefully with a gentle smile on his face.

"Are you two hungry?"

Astrea and Tohka rubbed their stomach and they nodded.

"Nn! We are hungry!"

Wu Yan started cold sweating.

These two will definitely turn into a joke if they started a chow fest.

Wu Yan asked for help from Hinagiku and Kotori with a distressed look. Apparently, the two could see his plight as their lips were twitching with black lines at the sides of their head.

Sighing, Hinagiku advised Astrea.

"Astrea-chan, can you hold your urges for now?..."


Astrea protested.



Hinagiku said with a troubled look.

"If you continue like this then you're going to cause trouble for Yan..."

"Is that so?..."

Astrea looked at Wu Yan with eyes like that of an abandoned puppy.

"Master, am I troubling you?"

Tohka also bit her finger while giving Wu Yan the puppy eyes. Wu Yan wasn't sure how to respond to the two starving beauties.


Wu Yan raised his arms.

"I am not troubled per se..."


Tohka brightened up again.

"Then we can go eat?..."

"Abo-about that..."

Wu Yan had no plans for this. Kotori extended a helping hand with a cheerful laughter.

"What Onii-san means, is that he's going to personally cook for all of you when we return!"

Kotori's words instilled hopeful lights in the two bottomless pits. They looked at Wu Yan with hopeful gazes.


"Of course!"

Kotori had a cheeky grin on her face. She looked at Wu Yan with a suspicious smile.

"Isn't that right? My beloved Onii-san..."


Wu Yan immediately aged decades and his shoulders sagged down.

Kotori got him out of a bind, but, she also didn't forget to get revenge for his forceful kiss this morning.

Anyway, it's still better than letting the two bottomless pits wreak havoc. Wu Yan helplessly gave in.


Wu Yan rubbed Astrea and Tohka's head.

"When we go back, I will cook anything you girls want, just endure for now, mkay?"

"Nn! Nn!"

The two nodded like eager brats. They weren't picky with their food, however, Wu Yan's dishes were ranked above other food. They also liked having Wu Yan cook for them so there's that too...

"Onii-chan! Flan wants some too!"

Flan, not wanting to lose, hugged Wu Yan's leg too.

"E-erm, may I have..."

Yoshino tugged Wu Yan's sleeve.


Kurumi had a gentle smile on her face.

"I missed hubby's food too..."

"While we are at it..."

Kotori said with a naughty smile.

"Count me in!"


Hinagiku dryly coughed, signifying her intent without words.

Wu Yan, at a loss of words, felt a soft pair of hands tugged his shirt from behind. Without turning back, he can guess what Ikaros wanted to say with her eyes.

Finally, he understood the real challenge of the day...

Hinagiku looked in front and she stored away her smile.



They looked in that direction and Wu Yan started grinning.

In a luxurious feather robe, the approaching young male had a regal looking crown on his head. He came with his guards and subordinates in tow. He showed them a friendly smile and he couldn't hide the joy in his eyes.

He wasn't here for Wu Yan & co, he was looking at Ikaros.

It's Kaya.

"Greetings! It's been a while!"

Kaya bowed towards them gracefully with his hand on his left chest.

"I heard about your participation in this ball and I just couldn't hold my excitement back!"

"No no, that's too much."

Wu Yan shrugged after scratching his cheek.

"Prince Kaya, you should know that our attendance is something odd and unreasonable."

Kaya's entourage exchanged looks of doubt. For them, an event like this is an honor of a lifetime. Yet, this guy looked like he couldn't be bothered.

Kaya flinched but he laughed immediately afterwards.

"Don't speak too soon, Dignitary Yan, if anyone should be at this ball, it should be you and your company. Although this Kaya was far away at the time of the incident, I heard about your stellar achievements in the Giant Beast Forest..."

Kaya turned around and he started talking with Ikaros in elation.

"Of special mention, Lady Ikaros, I never thought you were a tier 9 grandmaster of the highest order, Kaya is beyond shocked."

Kaya initially doubted his ears, when they confirmed the news, Kaya's feelings for Ikaros intensified.

He was already enamored with Ikaros at Silvaria World Institute. After finding out about her powers, his feelings for her increased further. Because he loved her, he derived happiness from her excellence.

Ikaros raised her head, she looked at Kaya for a second but she shifted her gaze back to Wu Yan soon after that.

"I only wanted to protect Master, that's all..."

Kaya's smile froze. With an awkward grin, he tried to play it cool.

"Dignitary Wu Yan is indeed blessed..."

He sounded sour when he siad that. Hinagiku, Kotori, and Kurumi exchanged a look before they giggled.

They weren't laughing at Kaya because he got jealous. They were laughing at how pitiful Kaya was.

If anyone asked the girls if they lvoed Wu Yan, they wouldn't hesitate to say yes. But, if the question was changed to do they love Wu Yan the most, well, they don't have the confidence to say yes.

That's because they were sure in Wu Yan's harem, the one who loved Wu Yan the most easily went to one girl.

And that's Ikaros who devoted her soul and body to Wu Yan. During this entire event, she never let her eyes stray from Wu Yan.

The girls could see, without a single doubt, Ikaros loved Wu Yan the most, her feelings were the strongest among them.

Kaya, well, he's just a poor guy who loved the wrong girl...

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