Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 792: The prelude, dancing at the ball

Due to the looks of his girls, they instantly became the center of attention when they arrived. The onlookers gasped when the realized the identities of the newcomers. They started looking at them with intrigue and scrutinization.

Larl is used to this, he looked around and he started talking to Wu Yan.

"I heard about the invitation, but, I don't think you know the people here, right?"

Wu Yan looked around when he spotted a familiar figure. He grinned and replied.

'Nope, I don't know most of the people here..."

"Is that so?"

Larl was amused, he smiled and he took Wu Yan's words at their face value. He gave Wu Yan more points for his words.

The attendees were all big wigs in the world of Silvaria. For instance, you have patriarchs of major noble families walking around. Then, there are also successors and talented youngsters moving about. In any case, this isn't a place for those without sufficient abilities.

While gazed upon by the people here, even a tier 8 would be intimidated but Wu Yan looked like he was fine with what's going on.

If a person is unfazed then he is either really gutsy or he's used to scenes like this. Wu Yan didn't look like a crazy person so he must be used to scenes like this.

Larl is correct, well, half-correct anyway.

Wu Yan is used to this because the girls around him are all stunning beauties. Getting cursed or looked upon with envy and hatred is like eating breakfast to him.

Wu Yan had tons of experience for sure. But, the more accurate answer would be his thick as a wall face.

Wu Yan's power is something to marvel at. But, his apparent composure is also something to praise. It's no wonder his father placed such a focus on him.

Not bad, if Lulu ends up with a guy like this...

Larl slapped Wu Yan's shoulder.

"Go greet the people you know. Make some connections, they might be helpful down the road..."

Larl glanced at Flan and Ikaros who followed Wu Yan closely. His expression started getting clouded by consternation.

Fei Fei reported to Larl about Ikaros and Flan's abilities. Larl knows that, their monstrous abilities belied their youthful appearances. These two were far stronger than him.

They were people with tier 9 powers.

Larl didn't scoff at Fei Fei's report. Instead, he adopted a stance of willing disbelief. He subconsciously couldn't accept reality. His talent is on par with Fei Fei and he's already over 40 years old. Currently, he stood at the peak of tier 8, it's his dream to become a tier 9 one day!

However, when he looked at the 20 something (Author note: from her appearance) who is already in tier 9 and then look at the commonsense-defying little girl who looked like she's barely 9 (Author note: from her appearance). How is anyone going to believe her words?

Even the Board wasn't willing to believe it at first. After all, when they reached tier 9, all of them were already over 50 years old. Those who had slightly worse talent only reached that tier after they were at least 70 years old. If a stranger comes along and tell them there is a 20 year old tier 9 and a 9 year old tier 9 out there, they are going to laugh them out the door.

The Board didn't verify or investigate further because the Beast King Incident took more priority. Yukari the demi-god also attracted attention away from Flan and Ikaros.

In any case, they were just struggling with their own ego. They wanted to tell themselves so badly that it's not possible they just ignored the case. For example, Larl couldn't gauge their powers so he just looked away after a slight glance.

Wu Yan nodded to Larl's suggestion. Larl gave him another pat on the back and he walked away.

"Yan, see you later..."

Fei Fei said with a smile. Lulu also butted in.

"Don't leave so soon, I want to go back on your airship!"

"Duly noted!"

Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her. Zeus who tried to blend in with air glanced at Wu Yan and then he followed after Fei Fei and Lulu in a huff.

Kotori, Hinagiku, and Kurumi chimed in.


Hinagiku asked.

"What now?"

Kurumi tilted her head with a smile.

"Are we going to gather some information?"

The two girls implied that with this many people here, surely, some of them should know the real intention behind this ball. It's better to do something now that they are here than to do nothing at all. It's weird they were invited here.

Wu Yan shook his head.

"They probably know something. However, most of them are disciples or successors of large factions. They should be smart enough to not let slip any intel. Let's take a wait-and-see approach..."

"I agree with that suggestion.'

Kotori said while chewing her candy, seriously, does she carry candies with her wherever she goes?

"The people here doesn't look like buffoons. It's best if we don't underestimate them..."

Kotori looked at Zeus who was trailing behind Larl.

"Of course, there are also dunces like that guy..."


Kurumi brushed her hair back.

"Then we can only wait until the topic comes up during the ball..."

Hinagiku and Kotori nodded. Wu Yan told them to let loose.

"Since we are at a ball, let's just have fun!"

The other girls nodded with bright smiles. Meanwhile, Astrea, Tohka, Flan, and Yoshino exchanged a look. They surrounded Wu Yan.

"Erm, Nii-san..."

Yoshino looked at Wu Yan with her moist eyes, she asked with all the innocence in the world.

"What's a ball? What do people normally do here?"


Tohka concurred.

"What's a ball?"


Wu Yan was taken back by their reactions.

"You girls never joined a ball before?"

"A ball..."

Flan touched her lips.

"Is it something like a banquet?"


Wu Yan scratched his cheeks.

"Something like that, you chat, you drink and you have fun together. You can also accept dance invitations from others. OH, don't forget to enjoy the food here..."


Astrea's eyes started shining brightly.

"Master! Can I eat the food here?"

Wu Yan rubbed her head, he just couldn't get mad at a cute abyssal pit like her.

"Go ahead, eat them all!"

"I can eat all I want?!"

Astrea and Tohka started drooling.

"Uuu, I like balls!"

Flan is the only existence cute enough to say something like that.

Yoshino blinked in surprise when her friends were all captivated by food.

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