Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 789: A stunning advent!

Even with Larl's cultivation, he couldn't help but flinch when he heard Lulu's shocking plan. Fei Fei face-palmed because he couldn't bear looking at Lulu like this.

She's her guardian but sometimes she just can't...

Zeus heard her and he started standing straight, trying very hard to increase his presence. He stopped short of pointing at his own nose to sell himself.

However, Lulu didn't even glance at him.


Larl laughed out loud in front of Lulu who appeared smug. His cheerful laughter drew the attention of the guards who were around them. They shook their heads when they saw this. The capable and serious Lori family patriarch can be quite soft and affable when it comes to his daughter.

He patted her on the head while laughing.

"Alright, I will check your candidate when the time comes, I want to see if he's got what it takes to have your hand in marriage!"

"Don't laugh!"

Lulu snarled at Larl.

"I am serious!"

"Okay, sure, you're serious..."

Larl said tongue-in-cheek.

"Looks like you already have a candidate in mind, come, let it be known, who's the lucky guy?"

"It-it's not like that..."

Lulu became bashful, her angry look was gone. Her gaze started shifting away, anyone with a bit of discerning power can tell she's lying, like, really badly...

Larl was amused. Given her daughter's temperament, he knew he's never going to get the answer from her so he turned to Fei Fei.

"Fei Fei, do you have any idea who she might be smitten with?..."

Fei Fei is Lulu's personal guard and his prized disciple, naturally, he trusted Fei Fei greatly. If Lulu found someone she liked, Fei Fei would be the most likely to know about it.

"Sister Fei Fei!"

Lulu knows Fei Fei definitely knows who it is. She panicked and she looked at Fei Fei with pleading and coercive eyes. More than that, she's very flustered and embarrassed.

Ah, she's definitely in love...

Larl continued looking at Fei Fei. Fei Fei glanced at Lulu and she had a cheeky grin on her face. Ignoring Lulu who silently prayed and begged she doesn't reveal it, he gave Larl an answer.

"Master, I think you already know him. At least, the old master likes him very much!"


Larl thought seriously about it and his eyes flashed with ideas.

"Father looks at him favorably, and he's someone near your age..."


Larl floated a bright smile.

"You like the lad named Wu Yan?"


Lulu exploded, no, she self-destructed. She looked like she's denying this way too much. But, her red face and her attitude gave her away like a kid who did something bad and subsequently tried to lie about it. Everyone saw through her immediately.


Larl rubbed his chin with amusement.

"That fellow is definitely worthy of Father's consideration. For him to think so highly of this guy, he must be someone exemplary, right?"

"Right, looks like I have to talk to him soon..."

Lulu's mouth widened when Larl said he wanted to meet Wu Yan, it's like when your in-laws want to see your partner. She stomped away with a face as red as tomato.

"Ahhh! I don't care about you guys anymore!"

Larl and Fei Fei started chortling when they saw her cute antics. Meanwhile, Zeus is green with envy at the side.


Succumbing to his jealousy, Zeus stood out.

"I think it's best to reconsider. That guy comes from an unknown origin!"

Zeus' words turned the mood heavy. Larl frowned, Zeus had a point. Meanwhile, Fei Fei had a look of absolute disapproval. As for Lulu, she's already firing verbal cannons at him.

"Where do you get off dissing him like that!"

Like an angry kitten, Lulu pointed at Zeus' nose.

"Who cares if he isn't from a prominent background. I know he's better than you, a thousand times better!"

Zeus started turning dark with anger and envy. He chuckled sarcastically.

"Yeah? Don't forget, he's a player with a lot of side chicks. You can see he obviously has trouble keeping his integrity in check. Anyone I know is stronger than him!"

He's saying he can find someone stronger than Wu Yan.

Lulu snapped back at him.

"Yeah? Why don't you go duel him?! Go on, do it!"

This guy couldn't even beat Wu Yan in a duel.


Zeus wanted to say he can take the challenge. However, when he thinks about taking on the strongest student in school (Author's note: Wu Yan beat Astrea off the scenes). A tier 5 like him would be toasted if he went up against someone like that.

With the stairs taken away, Larl threw him a lifeline.

"Okay, stop squabbling. Zeus has a point, the guy comes from an unknown origin. But, I believe Elder Father's discerning eyes merits him a proper assessment and due trust."


Lulu gnashed her teeth with frustration. She vouched for  Wu Yan but she understands her father better. Once he made up his mind, except for grandfather, no one can change his mind. She threw Zeus an angry glare. This guy is now on her blacklist. The guy done played himself by acting like a jealous simp.

As they conversed, the airship finished landing on the plaza. Larl, Fei Fei, Lulu, and Zeus led their guards down the airhship. The guards from the imperial palace greeted them.

"Larl-sama, welcome to the capital!"

"Let's not waste time with formalities..."

Larl replied.

"Lead the way..."

"Sir yes sir!"

Then, all of a sudden, a surge wind assaulted everyone in this airship plaza. The winds swept over everyone.


Most had trouble resisting the strong winds. The women here also had trouble keeping their skirts from flipping up.


Larl knitted his brows. Fei Fei, Lulu, and Zeus looked up at the sky with a surprised look.

It was an airship.

Not just that, it's huge!

Like a floating fortress, the airship appeared from nowhere as it slowly floated above the plaza. Easily larger than even the largest airship parked here. Heck, the thing looked like it's bigger than an actual fortress. Moreover, its hulking size is bolstered by the shining metallic body that had ominious and techno looking lines donning it. It immediately took the hearts of the onlookers here captive. They were just stunned by this thing.

Like a descending helicopter, the airship manifested a mini-storm just by landing here. It's obvious that whoever the owner was, the destination of this airship was here.

It's Fraxinus, the flying fortress that got augmented by being turned into a Noble Phantasm.

After the Giant Beast Forest, this fortress appeared once more!

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