Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 788: When I am of age, I am going to marry someone just you wait and see...

Ailu empire, imperial capital...

The development and infrastructure in this capital is the best in the entire empire, after all, the imperial palace is situated here. The resources here were inferior only to the supply town that has new stuff coming in from the Giant Beast Forest. It is easy to get dizzy after seeing the items exhibited here.

Shops of different sundry nature littered the streets of the capital. The shops were also upscale and posh. The establishments here looked like they belonged to a western medieval museum. The prices were also inflated, reflecting the background and clout of the merchants here.

Opening up shop in the imperial capital isn't something one could do with just money. There are nobles, relatives of royalty roaming the town. High-class nobles like these aren't going to be satisfied with your run-of-the-mill mum & pops shop.

The businesses here are backed by influential persons, some are even operated by the royal family itself. For example, the only auction house in town is operated by the Ailu imperial family.

Sure, you can try to mess things up. But, be warned, anyone who mess around in the capital without sufficient strength to fight off reactive forces from the imperial family should be ready to die when they are caught. There were knights on patrol everywhere, they are bored out of their minds so they wouldn't mind a rebel or two trying to start things up. Then, they can show them the skills and training afforded to the peace-keeping corps of the imperial capital.

Today, the capital is brimming with activity, an increase from past year. The merchants also brought out their prized collections. They also made sure to jack up their prices. Almost every merchant in town is doing it!

The guards were also increased in terms of manpower and skills. Each of them were at least tier 6 in power. The captains were also tier 7 individuals. Showing off is just part of the reason, the other reason is that this is only proper to welcome the guests today.

Ailu empire invited all the major forces in Silvaria, including the other two imperial families, the 9 major noble houses to a ball in the imperial capital!

A ball where all the forces in the world gathered is almost unheard of. There were only a few cases in the entire history of this world where all the powers that be came together in unison for a function. Normally, those events were world-changing or where a succession of power would take place, not for a ball, this the first of its kind in the history books...

The parties involved knew it must be important enough to come here. The balls is just icing on top.

Fortunately, the theme this time is a ball, not a summit. Balls are usually reserved for happy events, at least, fortuitous for the reigning family. It would be a total waste to throw a ball like this just for the sake of a ball, not to mention the ensuing PR disaster that's going to come out of this if it tanks.

The guards escorted the big wigs from the other houses as they demobilized from their airships. The imperial escorts led them to the palace. The patriarchs from the major families are also here. Except for the emperors of the other two empires, they sent their crown successors to participate in this fight. There are also talented VIPs from each faction that came due to recommendations. This ball is veritably only for the strong and mighty.

Besides the twelve major factions, there is a small group who were also invited to this ball.

It's a small group, however, each of the members had powers no faction dared to rub the wrong way.

An airship came flying from afar, it slowly descend upon the landing field. A group led by four individuals started moving down from the ship.

Leading the faction is a beautiful lady with silvery-white hair and an agile-looking sword. Beside her is a lady with long raven-black hair. She's wearing a magician's robe that looked like a dress too. She looks a bit young but her charms are already showing through.

Fei Fei and Lulu has arrived!

Standing behind Fei Fei, and Lulu is Zeus who was unseen for a long time since the last incident. As for the last member, it was a middle-aged man...

The middle-aged man looked sharp and composed. He had his hands behind his waist like a firm statute. Even the raging winds can only make his clothes flutter, his figure remained steadfast. His calm eyes flashed with the light of someone who attained the peak of his strength and has maintained his position as someone of power for a long time now.

He's the current patriarch of the Luo Li family, Lei Wang's son and Lulu's father. He's the one who mentored Fei Fei and Zeus.  Larl Lori is his name.

When the airship finally landed, Larl looked in the direction of the imperial palace. He started talking with a firm voice.

"We are here..."

Fei Fei, Lulu, and Zeus were standing behind him.

"Remember, the ones here today are all in similar positions as us. Rein in your attitude, don't embarrass the family in front of others..."

Larl might look like he's talking to the three of them. Upon closer inspection, he's actually saying this for Lulu.

Zeus and Fei Fei nodded. Meanwhile, Lulu saw the look on her father's face and she started throwing a tantrum.

"Do I look like I get into trouble a lot?"

Larl said nothing with a pursed lip. Clearly, he is of the belief that his daughter liked fooling around.

Fei Fei and Zeus started snickering in secret which made Lulu even angrier.

"Don't laugh!"

Zeus shut his yap but Fei Fei had trouble stopping. Her shoulders were still trembling.  Lulu looked very aggrieved as she held Fei Fei's hand.

"Sister Fei Fei~"

"Okay okay..."

Fei Fei surrendered.

"I won't laugh anymore..."


Larl shook his head.

"You throw a tantrum when you should be learning, when will you grow up?"

"Don't look down on me!"

Lulu puffed her chest out.

"One more year, then, I am an adult!"

"Oh, so you're aware you're only one year away from attaining the age of majority!"

Larl chuckled.

"Before that, you're still a kid. Actually, even if you're an adult, you're still a kid."


Lulu stomped her feet.

"How can an adult be a kid at the same time?!"

"Li Lu, no matter how old you get, in the eyes of your teacher, you're always going to be a kid..."

Fei Fei helplessly laughed.

"Unless, of course, you change your personality."

"Why does growing up require me to change my personality, I am not going to do that!"

Lulu stood with arms akimbo as she smugly told everyone her future plans.

"When I am grown up, I am going to bag myself a husband, just you wait and see, let's see you call me a kid the!"

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