Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 787: Younger sister, an existence to be teased...

The next day...

In the living room, the girls were already wide awake, they were enjoying their breakfast together. This breakfast is rare for them not because it's rare for them to have breakfast together. Rather, it's because they usually couldn't focus on their meals during breakfast. Even Tohka and Astrea would zone out when eating, they lacked the vibrant energy they carried with them. All of this because a certain someone wasn't there...

In any case, the person is still trapped in dreamland, confined by the comforts of his own bed. However, just the thought that Wu Yan might come down any moment and share the table with them is enough to cheer them up. They chatted away while giggling happily...

Of course, not all the girls were here. For instance, a certain twil-tailed tsundere girl came to his room while the others were eating breakfast.

Kotori barged into his room without knocking. She looked at the dead sloth on the bed with a pair of frustrated eyes.

"Seriously, no matter what world you go to, you just can't fix your habit of sleeping in, huh?..."

Kotori sighed. Her black ribbon fluttered in the air when she approached the bed. She gave the blanket a tight pull.

"Wake up! Get up! Onii!"

Kotori in her Commander-mode usually calls Wu Yan by name. Calling him Onii-chan is reserved for special occasions, like when she's being a tsundere. After coming to this world, Kotori couldn't get used to calling him Wu Yan, maybe because she's used to calling him Shido. Then again, she did give him that name so that might be the reason too.

Onii became Kotori's term of endearment for Wu Yan. Although she looked reluctant, Wu Yan knows this is for the best.

But, Wu Yan isn't feeling good. He's being annoyed to death right now.

Imagine sleeping soundly and then suddenly someone comes pulling on your blanket, their sounds making annoying buzzing sounds in your ears, isn't that just a pain in the behind?

Anyway, Wu Yan resisted with all his might, wrapping the blanket around him like a cocoon. He protested in a tired voice.

"N-no... Let me sleep a while longer..."

Kotori yelled at him.

"Get up now! Everybody's awake except for you!"

"Who cares..."

Wu Yan mumbled.

"It's not like you will die without me..."

"What are you talking about?!"

It seems the undead Wu Yan really hated the idea of waking up. She straddled Wu Yan and she pulled the blanket once more.

"Get up now!"

Kotori didn't notice that this is something only Imouto mode Kotori would do. Commander mode Kotori would just kick the guy once and be done with it.

"5... more minutes..."

Wu Yan went silent after that. His soothing inhalation and exhalation noise came from within the blanket.

Kotori raised her arm with flames in her eyes.


Wu Yan shivered.

Is she seriously going to use her Angel to wake me up?

Wu Yan peeked outside his blanket only to be greeted by Kotori who is shining bright red, his soul almost parted with his physical body.

"#[email protected]%!"

Wu Yan jumped out.

"You're going to use your Angel on me?!"

Kotori snorted and the light faded away. It was a ruse to get Wu Yan to wake up.

"It's not like you will die from it!"

"But it hurts!"

Wu Yan complained.

"Who wakes people up using magical cannons!"


Kotori leered at him.

"Go change your clothes!"

Wu Yan pouted.

"I like Imouto-mode better, her voice is sweet and tender, not to mention, I get to cop a feel..."

A cold icy glare immediately landed upon Wu Yan. If looks could cut, Wu Yan would already be in ribbons.

"What was that?"


Wu Yan spat back at her like a brat. Then, he insinuated something nefarious.

"Don't make me angry, even I am afraid of myself when I am angry. I might just punish you..."

Kotori recalled what Wu Yan meant by punishment and she flinched.

Kotori tried to play a prank on Wu Yan by making him go into the bathroom when Tohka's already in there. He saw through her plot in the end. It was a plan designed by Imouto mode Kotori, were it Commander mode Kotori, things would have ended differently.

Wu Yan punished Kotori by giving her a lavish french kiss session.

Blushing furiously, she raised her arm again.


Wu Yan predicted her reaction, he grabbed her arm and he locked it behind her back, making her yelp in pain.

Wu Yan gave her a smug grin.

"Girlie you have much to learn. The same move doesn't work on a Saint twice, wait, no, True Ancestor?..."

Kotori glared at Wu Yan while struggling to break free.

"Unhand me!"

Wu Yan lowered his head to her shoulder and he blew a hot breath of air into her ear.

Kotori immediately stopped, Wu Yan inhaled deeply and he praised her.

"Kotori's smell, I wasn't graced by this for 3 years..."

Wu Yan is acting like a total creep. Kotori felt her blood rushing to her neck and then from her neck to her face. She's as red as a tomato now.

"Le-let go..."

Her voice mellowed out. Wu Yan's flying kiss made her red all over, her cheeks were hot and her legs weakened.

Wu Yan ignored her, like a pig, he hugged her.

"Ah~~~ It's so nice to have a younger sister..."

"You, what are you doing to your sister?!"

Kotori shrieked with angry imouto noises. Wu Yan ignored her and he beamed at her.

"My cute sister, guess what's going to happen next?..."


Kotori yelped as her body trembled.

"I-is it punishment?"

"No way..."

Wu Yan replied. However, before Kotori can sigh in relief, the prick continued.

"My heart isn't cruel enough to punish my cute sister, since Kotori woke her dear old Onii-san up, as a reward, how about a kiss from Onii?!"

Isn't that the same then?

Kotori's brain stopped moving for a second. He pinned her hands behind her waist and he lifted her chin with his other arm.

"Well, here it comes..."

"Wait! Wait!"

Kotori pleaded with him.

"Onii-san, I was wrong. Please forgive me, I am the wrong one here..."

Wu Yan gave her a brilliant smile. Then, he used a serious look.

"Nah, not buying it!"


Her yell turn into a mewl of desperation. In her field of vision, a face slowly widened...

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