Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 784: An unfathomable person?

Silvaria World Institute...

Hinagiku, Mikot, and Kurumi sat at one table. Meanwhile, Ikaros, Astrea, and Tohka stood by them, they watched the scene in front of them with blank looks. Only Flandre and Yoshino apparently had fun as they chased each other around while giggling like kids.

Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Kurumi exchanged a look. They looked at Fei Fei who was sitting with her sword, Night Elf in hand. She looked back at the three girls with a serious expression all while maintaining silence. The mood started turning heavy...

This isn't their villa, they were meeting in the headquarters of the faction led by Fei Fei, Fatal Forest, in any case, they were invited here by Fei Fei herself. Judging by her look, this matter appeared to be very serious.

Kotori is the first one to lift her head, she knitted her brows as she started talking with her red eyes trained on Fei Fei.

"Senpai, is your information trustworthy?"

Kotori's voice echoed in the room. The other girls listened intently. Since Shokuhou Misaki is absent, the leader of Ratatoskr, Kotori was the best candidate to lead and speak for the girls.


Fei Fei nodded with a serious look. She looked at the black tea on the table with no intent of reaching out for it or drinking it. Kotori and Hinagiku furrowed their eyebrows further when they saw Fei Fei nodding.

"May I ask why?..."

It wasn't Kotori who followed up, it was the beauty with waist-length silky raven black hair, the girl with a single-red eye asked with a nonchalant look.

"According to what I know, though we might do flashy stunts now and then, the Board never saw it necessary to rein us in, right?"

Kurumi glanced at Fei Fei. She tilted her head and she gave her a radiant smile.

Fei Fei stopped breathing for a moment.

This is the same woman who looked like she was of a higher class compared to the Queen of this campus. A few days ago, Kurumi turned a male student who tried to pull his move on her into an unsightly mess.

Also, Fei Fei's getting the vibe that Kurumi is a very dangerous person hiding a really powerful ability behind her graceful looks.

Fei Fei inhaled deeply before she spoke.

"The elders presiding over the Board weren't sure how to deal with you guys. Your unknown origin made them delay the agenda time and time gain. But, our patriarch placed a vote of confidence on you guys and that's why most factions chose to stay out of your way."

"However, the same couldn't be said of the situation this time."

Fei Fei revealed a helpless look.

"The one stirring behind the scene isn't the Board, it's the royal family."

"The Ailu imperial family!"

Fei Fei looked at all the girls here.

"We can only trace your first emergence to somewhere within the borders of our empire. As such, you were treated as citizens of the Ailu empire. That was reason enough for the royal family to extend a formal invitation."

When a group of promising and talented individuals suddenly appears inside one's own empire, naturally, the imperial family wanted to get to know these "outstanding individuals". That seemed legitimate enough on papers.


Kurumi narrowed her eyes. She covered her ruby lips with her right hand.

"You're saying we must accept this invitation?"

Hinagiku frowned. She asked Fei Fei with a slightly troubled look.

"Can't we turn it down like usual?"

Fei Fei bitterly laughed.

"You can turn the invitation down. You guys are not subordinated under the imperial family, plus, no one can force a bunch of walking forces of nature like you girls to attend. I don't think the imperial family will do anything even if you reject this invitation. However, the problem lies with the fact that all the other factions from Baruba empire and Feya empire will be in attendance."

"Imagine being the only ones who turned down the invitation when the 9 most powerful factions in the world, and the 3 imperial family will be at the gathering. What will they think of you?"

Kotori thought about this. Then, she leaned back against her chair while opening up another Chupa candy to put inside her mouth.

"Indeed, it would make us look rude to turn it down..."


Hinagiku voiced her concern.

"Why did the imperial family invite us to a ball like that? We are not nobles, nor are we ministers or VIPs, we are just a bunch of students..."

"There lies the part I couldn't understand."

Fei Fei looked around.

"The elder only told me to inform you girls. He wanted me to tell you guys that the imperial family ordered people to monitor you guys. Although explicit orders were passed down to stay low-key, guards are in place to know where you guys are at all times..."


Kotori asked Fei Fei.

"In other words, they already know Onii-san isn't around?"

When Kotori said Onii-san, the girls stopped doing whatever they were doing. Flandre-chan and Yoshino also got up from the ground. Ikaros also paid more attention to the conversation, her eyes were filled with longing and curiosity.

Fei Fei silently sighed.

She wondered just what kind of charm the guy has to make all these beautiful, talented, and excellent girls orbit around him. Why do they all love him so much?...

Fei Fei nodded.

"I am afraid they know about this already."

"I see..."

Kotori stood up after a moment of silence.

"Fei Fei-senpai, thanks for your reminder. We will take note on this and if there's nothing else, this is where we say goodbye."

"You're welcome."

Fei Fei smiled at her.

"Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and the others are all my friends. I hope my tiny advise can help you guys come up with solutions. Plus, I was ordered by the patriarch to tell you guys anyway, so you don't have to thank me!"

"Thank you, Fei Fei-nee..."

Hinagiku shook hands with Fei Fei. Kotori and Kurumi lowered their guards since Hinagiku appears to trust Fei Fei very much.

Hinagiku, Kotori, Kurumi, led Ikaros, Astrea, Tohka, Flandre, and Yoshino out of the room.

Fei Fei looked at the departing company with silence. When they disappeared from her vision, she sat back down on her seat.

She looked at the cups of tea which the girls didn't touch at all and she helplessly laughed.

When she mentioned Wu Yan, the girls immediately responded. Forget drinking the tea, they also forgot about the topic of the discussion, preferring to end it right there.

"What an unfathomable person..."

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