Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 782: Talking about the future, being with each other.

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 782: Talking about the future, being with each other.

The setting sun finally got extinguished as neon lights started lighting up the city. While not fully dark yet, the city already went into night mode. As the light of the sun dimmed down, streetlights became the major source of light. For now, the sun sleeps, it will rise again tomorrow to shower the world with its warm grace…

Yui went over to Sachi’s house. Shion, Silica, and Liz also tagged along. According to the original plan, Wu Yan should have been the one to return by himself, he would be the only living soul in the entire house. But, when he came back, there was another person by his side.

Asuna wasn’t used to this, she wasn’t sure where to go. She looked at Wu Yan in a coy manner. However, she quickly realized what she was doing and she looked down with a face flushed red with shame. She’s so embarrassed right now!

Asuna wasn’t sure why she followed Wu Yan home. She only knows that after putting on the wedding ring, she didn’t feel like going away from Wu Yan at all!

Going by her feelings, Asuna subconsciously blurted out that she wanted to go home with Wu Yan after he offered to take her home. With a red face, she sent a message to her family telling them she’s not coming home tonight.

Wait, am I…

Asuna immediately blushed with a deeper shade of red. She covered her face while trying to shake off the thoughts bedeviling her.

Unknown to her, Wu Yan noticed all her antics. He silently amused himself with her cute actions. Then, he coughed to get her attention, he followed up with a sigh.

“If only this world is as simple as SAO, wouldn’t it be nice if you can push a few buttons and get married just like that?…”

Wu Yan isn’t feigning poetic, he meant it. After all, he still has to get the approval of Asuna’s parents.

Shouzou knew about Wu Yan already and he witnessed how Wu Yan saved Asuna through mysterious means. He also got her to recover in almost no time at all. In his eyes, he’s already treating Wu Yan like someone important.

If Asuna said she wanted to tie the knot with Wu Yan, Shouzou won’t say yes right away but he will most definitely think about this seriously. With Wu Yan’s skill of BS through everything, it won’t take him long to settle Yuuki Shouzou when they meet the next time.

The problem here lies with Asuna’s mother.

She isn’t as easy to butter up as Shouzou. As a professor, her eyes to discern a person isn’t as flawed as Shouzou. This is why she kept her guards up against Sugou despite the guy trying very hard to not slip that he’s a nutjob. But, she does have a rather bad habit of judging candidates by their utility.

If he wanted Asuna’s hand in marriage, he’s going to need to pass Asuna’s mother’s test of personality, family background, and achievements. Otherwise, it’s hard to imagine her mum agreeing to his proposal.

Wu Yan’s abilities made it very easy for him to look like a king of a country, it also won’t be a herculean task to come up with prestigious family background. Even so, it will only be enough to quell her mum’s disapproval. Getting her approval is the harder part of this gauntlet.

She’s a snob for sure but she still knows right from wrong. At least, it’s going to take him some time to get along with her.

To get her parents’ approval, he needs to think outside the box or this is going to tank.

Wu Yan caught Asuna’s attention. She looked at Wu Yan’s troubled face and she grabbed his hand. She started consoling him.

“I am just 18 years old, my family members are concerned for an understandable reason. I will slowly wear them down, let them have some time to mentally prepare themselves. For now, let’s treat this whole thing as an engagement…”

Wu Yan bitterly laughed inside.

If possible, he wanted to tie the knot and then settle the rest after the matter.

It isn’t because he’s in a hurry. He just didn’t want to leave any regrets before leaving…

Suppressing his own thoughts, Wu Yan continued mopping around.

“I wanted to throw another grand wedding, jeez…”

Asuna’s heart echoed with Wu Yan’s statement. She married him once, but, that was in SAO. She wants something like that in the real world. In the end, she’s a girl just like any other girl…

“Nothing we can do about that, we can delay the matter for now…”

Wu Yan turned around and he started teasing her.

“More like, you’re the one who wants this more than me…”

“Mou, that’s the last time I want to hear you teasing me on this matter!”

Asuna puffed up her cheeks. She twisted his fingers around playfully then she gave him a big smile. She leaned into his embrace.

“You know, it brings me great bliss just being able to share this house with you and Yui…”


Wu Yan linked his arm around her waist, he rubbed her cheeks.

“Actually, I feel the same way. The one year I spent living in the wooden cabin with you and Yui, truly, that was the happiest time of my life since coming to this world…”

Wu Yan hugged Asuna tighter.

“But, I just feel like something’s missing if I don’t give you a proper wedding. I wouldn’t want to lose an argument to you in the future when you pull out the ‘You never gave me a proper wedding’ card.”

“I wouldn’t do that!”

Asuna yelled. She followed up by giggling.

“Although we fought quite a few times before, I never lashed out so hard, right?”


Wu Yan recalled while laughing out loud.

“Every time, either you caved in first, or I couldn’t do it, or Yui would jump out to mediate, we never escalated any arguments to such an intense fight before…”

Wu Yan lowered his head and he looked into her eyes.

“Looks like our life together will be very cordial…”

“I don’t think so!”

Asuna snorted.

“You’re probably going to flirt with other girls…”

Wu Yan’s eyebrows twitched, he rubbed his chin.

“According to what you say, it’s like I am trying to establish a grand harem in the first place…”

She gave him a cheeky grin with knitted eyebrows.

“Let me be the judge of that when that time comes…”

Wu Yan immediately shivered. He’s getting the distinct feeling that Asuna’s smile meant she’s not going to have any of that.


Wu Yan changed the topic.

“We are going to throw a huge wedding, let’s invite all the guest to our in-game wedding!”

Asuna’s eyes widened.

“Are you serious? When we got married in the game, a lot of people came!”

“What’s the big deal, Shion said she would foot the bill, I say we let her do that!”

“Woah! I am surprised you’re okay with that. But, when we got married, Heathcliff turned up, don’t tell me you’re going to invite him too?…”

“Don’t say something creepy like that, we are hosting a wedding, not a seance…”

The two continued conversing with each other while embracing each other.

They stopped and they enjoyed each other’s company. Words were useless in this situation, instead, they felt each other’s embrace. Asuna also leaned closer to Wu Yan, they closed their eyes and they basked in this moment.

Just being with each other…

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