Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 780: Offline meeting! You coming?...

"Oh? We are here..."

In front of an establishment that looked like a bar, Wu Yan turned around with a grin.

"This should be the place!"

"Seriously, choose a better location, Agil..."

Shion said while holding hands with Sachi. She grumbled again.

"What's the deal with setting up shop in a creepy alley like this, it looks like a delinquent or robber is going to jump on us any moment, even I am afraid..."

"You're afraid of criminals?..."

Liz teased her.

"Why did you offer to go along with Wu Yan the first time you two met?..."

Shion lowered her head awkwardly, she mumbled in a defiant tone.

"Oh, come on, it all ended well didn't it..."

"This girl thought I was a beta tester so she chose to bet on me."

Wu Yan continued ripping on her.

"I am sure if she met Kirito instead, she would have chosen him."

"Hey, you're talking like I am some kind of cheap commodity!"

Shion retorted.

"I am not that easy!"

Silica pitched in.

"I mean, you're kinda assertive in that aspect..."

"Okay okay..."

Sachi consoled Shion just when she's about to go bonkers.

"It all ended well didn't it? We wouldn't have met if the circumstances were different..."

Shion's expression improved. She snorted and she turned her head the other way as the others chortled.

"You guys, is it that fun messing around in front of the entrnace?..."

A guy with stubbles opened the door from the inside, he had a distinctive bandana that immediately gave away his identity. He looked older than the people here. He teased them.

"Don't tell me just because you guys are underaged, you are afraid to enter this bar?..."

"Klein, you jerk..."

Wu Yan and Kirito bumped fists with Klein. It's been a while since they last met.

"I am an adult I will have you know..."

Wu Yan grinned.

"Don't lump me in with Kirito who can't put a curly one on the soap..."

"Hey hey..."

Kirito's lip twitched.

"I married Liz in the game, don't talk about me like that..."


Klein laughed out loud while slapping Kirito's shoulder.

"The real world isn't the same as the game. I mean, look at Souta, he didn't marry his girlfriend in the game but the two are having a blast flirting with each other in the real world!"

Sachi gasped.

"The Captain Souta's girlfriend is coming too?"

Silica lowered her head.

"No wonder he ran off after school's out..."

"Oya oya, everyone's getting paired left and right..."

Shion sighed, she sported a serious look.

"Maybe I should look for a boyfriend too?..."

Klein's eyes started shining. He adjusted his tie and he coughed suspiciously. Wu Yan jabbed at him from the side.

"Oi, uncle, do I have to tell you not to lay your hands on a schoolgirl?"

Klein burst and he verbally countered Wu Yan.

"Yan! You're close to me in age. You already laid your hands on a schoolgirl!"

"Ah, but you're wrong..."

Liz hugged Asuna while grinning.

"My Asuna is already 18 and she's desperate to marry a certain someone..."

"Mou, Liz..."

Asuna blushed while glancing at Wu Yan. She hfufed and she pulled Yui's hand as they entered the shop.

"I don't care about you guys anymore!"

"What a huge reaction..."

Sachi gasped.

"It seems..."

Silica scratched her cheek.

"We hit the nail on its head..."

Shion shook her head.

"Yeap, she's a bride wanna-be!"

Liz grinned.

"You girls..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"You girls are going to get married one day, aren't you afraid to be on the teased end?..."

Sachi, Silica, and Shion started going into their imaginary worlds. Wu Yan and Asuna's intimate relationship is like a couple goals for the other girls. Even Liz sneaked a glance at Kirito that made him shiver.

God save Kirito's soul, he's still underage...

When they entered the shop, they got a good look at the internal set up of the bar. It certainly looked like a bar with a counter that had several chairs there. There are also tables scattered around the bar counter. They were numerous individuals celebrating up a storm in the bar. The place was collapsing under their merry voices.

When Wu Yan & co made their appearances. They stopped only to resume with greater intensity.

"There is our heroes!"

"Fae Swordsman, we have been waiting for you!"

"Oh, you girls, welcome to the joint!"

"Dude, you're just here for the chicks?..."


They greeted Wu Yan & co with honest cheers. The returnees from SAO resumed their offline meeting.

"Yo, winners of life..."

Agil greeted them with arms akimbo. He grinned with his bright teeth that formed a contrast with his chocolate brown skin.

"I thought you guys were too busy messing around to make it here!"

"Agil, I don't want to hear that from you!"

Kirito said sarcastically.

"You're the only one who is really married in real life among our group!"

"Well, I am not sure if I should get that crown..."

Agil pointed to a certain person here.

"I mean, we have a guy who already has a daughter when he's technically not married..."

Kirito, Klein, and Agil looked at Asuna who is having a blast with Yui and the other girls. They were very curious, judging from their eyes...

They weren't aware of Yui's identity. Asuna and Wu Yan kept that secret between them till now. They weren't surprised with Yui's appearance in the real world as a result.

Instead, they were puzzled why Yui's real parents didn't come for her, why did they let her stay with Wu Yan?

They already knew about Wu Yan adopting Yui as his adoptive daughter, they also knew about them staying together. They weren't sure about the details and that's what they are curious about. Did Yui's parents abandon her? Or was she an orphan in the first place?...

If she's an orphan, how did she get her hands on a Nervegear?

They were deeply intrigued by the origins of this young girl. If the others could peer into their hearts, they would see three men with the gossiping hearts of schoolgirls.

Wu Yan pursed his lips, he downed the cup of beer in front of him. Then, he asked Kirito.

"Right, you guys have an activity tonight, right?"

After Sugou got caught, Kirito chose to log into SAO once more.

Nobody knew why he went back into the game. They only know that after Kirito entered the game, he handed a program package named the World Seed to Agil...

Virtual reality games became the topic of the world once more. Kirito & co are planning on challenging the New and improved Aincrad that came from the proliferation of that World Seed. They wanted to challenge the floating castle once more.

Kirito's expression turned serious.

"You're not going to join us?"


Wu Yan scratched the back of his head.

"If I have the time and opportunity, I don't mind dropping in. But, tonight's impossible..."


Kirito continued with a slightly sorry look.

"That's too bad, without you, it won't be as merry..."

"He's a hero now, he doesn't have the time for us anymore..."

Klein said with a sore look on his face. He offered Wu Yan another cup of beer.

"You heartless jerk, I am going to teach you a lesson today!"

Agil and Kirito nodded as they gave their approvals, Wu Yan started bitterly laughing...

He's in for a rough night now...

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