Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 779: Public display of affection in the real world too!

The clear blue sky hung above everyone's head. The layers of cloud were like lambs that ran on the blue pastures. While the scene gave a sense of peace, it also gave off the sense that one could just reach out and touch the clouds.

Sparrows chirped while they were perched on the power lines here. They invited their friends over to chirp as if they were discussing what they did last night. A few sparrows took to the sky, as if basking in the warm glow of the sun. If birds could smile they would probably be smiling, right?

Asuna almost skipped her way out of school. She looked very bubbly and energetic especially with that uniform on her. Like a beautiful young girl, her docile and loving housewife vibe couldn't be seen anywhere. That side of her is still there except she only shows it when she's with a certain lucky bastard and her daughter. Only they were lucky enough to see this side of her.

Asuna's cheerful smile drew the attention of many students, especially male students. They kept following Asuna with their gazes, however, the person herself is too busy taking the scenery in to notice them.

The wind, the sounds of students making noises after school, she relished in this wonderful environment. She's so happy she started humming a tune.

This rowdy and ordinary scene is something Kayaba couldn't replicate even with the aid of advanced technological tools and modelling just like how Wu Yan, Yui, and Asuna's life at the wooden cabin couldn't be mimicked in the real world. Asuna reckoned that the beauty lies in how one enjoyed what each world had to offer.

Asuna felt like she's still dreaming. She just couldn't believe she returned to the real world. She appreciated her time here as a result. Sometimes, she would take a slight detour into memory lane, the enchanting smile she floated while reminiscing took away the breathes of many a male student.

Asuna felt blessed. She felt blessed for meeting Wu Yan in that world, he gave her a lot of good memories. He also spiced up her life with his colorful theatrics. She couldn't imagine what she would be like if she continued clearing floors like a mindless robot.

Whenever she thought about the home that looked like the cabin on the 22nd floor, his doting husband, her cute and fluffy daughter, her heart just melted. She would be suffused with joy to no ends.

Aside from bliss, she also felt a bit embarrassed and confused. In the real world, Wu Yan's her boyfriend, but, she just couldn't distance herself from Wu Yan's embrace. She kept wanting to go back to her married life with Wu Yan back in the game. She wants to play the loving mother in Wu Yan's warm home. Her desire to quickly tie the knot with Wu Yan caused her to hide in her blanket whenever she realizes her own thought. She also rolled around in her bed while rubbing her face against her pillow.

As for her confusion, well, that has to do with how Wu Yan went about fulfilling his promises...

How did he materialize Yui in the real world?

How did she regain her full vitality after drinking a mysterious vial of liquid from Wu Yan. It's almost like she never spent 3 years withering away in her bed

Asuna wondered...

Like Yui, she never questioned Wu Yan. It's only been a few months since they met in the real world, despite the time they spent with each other in the game, it's best if she avoid asking questions she should avoid...

Moreover, Asuna also trusted Wu Yan greatly. Even if he acts in mysterious ways, she's sure he's in love with her.

Her thoughts started to wander while she waiting at the school entrance. A radiant smile appeared on her face, apparently, she's recalling the happy days she spent in SAO...

"Oh my, I think mama must be thinking about us, what do you think, Yui?"

"Nn, mama's the best!"

The familiar voice called her back to reality. She turned around only to see Wu Yan greeting her while holding Yui's hand. She returned their greetings with a smile, then, her smile tensed up.

"You father-daughter duo is planning on bullying me again, aren't you?"

Asuna puffed out her chest with a scary look on her face.

"We aren't at home right now, if I scream for help, the guards will chase you two away, you know!"

Wu Yan and Yui exchanged a look with drooped shoulders.

"What do we do? Yui..."

Wu Yan had an abandoned puppy look, he held Yui's hand.

"Mama is planning on chasing us away, she doesn't want us anymore..."

"Mama's a meanie!"

Yui hugged Wu Yan's arm while whimpering.

"Papa, don't be sad. If mama doesn't want papa anymore, Yui will take papa!"

Touched by Yui, Wu Yan replied.

"Okay, we have only got each other now, let's judge mama together!"

"Nn, judge mama!"

Said Yui when she called her mama the best just a few dozen seconds ago...

"You... you..."

Asuna pouted with misty eyes. She stomped in frustration.

"I don't care about you two anymore!"

"Oh, mama said she's going to ignore us?"


"Why don't we stop judging poor old mama?..."

"Poor mama..."


Asuna got mad with them so she closed her eyes to express how she's so done with them. Wu Yan and Yui laughed at her. Asuna was a good sport, she giggled along with them. No matter how hard she tried to hide the happiness in her eyes, she couldn't

"Oh, boy, you two are so intimate you're making other people admire you..."

A group of individuals interjected this lovely couple's dispute. Kirito, Liz, Sachi, Shion, and Silica came along with bright smiles on their faces.

"Truly a model married couple!"

Kirito teased with raised eyebrows.

"Oh, when are you going to host another ground-shattering wedding?"

Asuna blushed while Wu Yan helplessly shrugged.

"I want to do that, alas, to my knowledge, there are no places here that can compare to the floral gardens in SAO. Also, my budget isn't as big as the one I had back in SAO..."


Shion patted her chest with pride.

"If you two are okay with it, I can help fund the venue and event!"

The others awkwardly laughed. They didn't doubt her words, although she looked like a cheeky girl, she's actually richer than Asuna who comes from a well-to-do family herself. Her family is super rich.

By the way, Shion's real name is Yuuki Shion, she's a distant relative of Yuuki Asuna. Shouzou is a person who accepted quite a few favors from Shion's daddy.

Of course, more money meant more problems. Two mean-looking bodyguards came over from a luxurious looking saloon car.

"Hey, you're not planning on taking them with you, right?"

They were speechless with Shion. Sachi and Silica immediately hid behind Wu Yan while Shion panicked.

"Of course, not!"

Shion ordered her bodyguards.

"You two, return to your stations!"

"Yes! Young lady!"

The two bowed and they got back into their car. Then, they drove away leaving a trail of dust that made the others cough. They exchanged awkward laughter with each other after the dust settled.

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