Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 778: Current ongoings, a stable and abnormal daily life...

In the end, Sugou got busted, every nasty thing he pulled got uncovered...

At first, he denied all wrongdoings. He tried to pin it on Kayaba, Cardinal System, and Nervegear. The things he did in his virtual world were all digital, it was hard to trace it to him. He decided to claim innocence until the end.

But, a certain true ancestor ain't having any of this. This guy had lewd intentions about his wife, he needed to be put in his place. So, in a dark night, something sneaked into the cell holding Sugou. The cops on duty that night reported hearing demonic wails and ghoulish whimpers. They jumped to the conclusion that the holding depot was haunted.

The next day, somebody went to check on Sugou. In the end, he confessed his crimes while sniveling and begging for the guards to charge him something. He reiterated that prison is the only safe place for him. It's evident that Sugou lost his marbles from the events of last night.

Actually, Sugou is still conscious. The entity from last night told him that if Sugou walks free, he will haunted by the enigma in a nightmare that won't end with just waking up. He finally understood what a fate worse than death meant.

The 300 players who were imprisoned as lab subjects also got out before any real harm was done. With some counselling, it won't be hard for them to slowly escape the trauma of being trapped in virtual worlds.

Of course, with the loose ends more or less tied up. Players started talking about what happened in SAO. Wu Yan's name got thrown around, a lot, so much that people started asking questions. The constabels and investigators are all itching to find out who Wu Yan is. They wanted to know his background and etc...

However, all investigations failed to turn up any useful information, at least, until someone found Wu Yan's basic information.

The authorities were surprised the staff found Wu Yan's identity when he was like the boogeyman, seriously, you can't even find a bank account tied to his name. They exchanged looks of exasperation. One day, the guy just turned up in front of them as if he wasn't bothered with hiding his identity.

In any case, they had a ton of questions for Wu Yan. They asked so many questions Wu Yan couldn't keep up, he gave curt responses to handle the queries.

There are more issues he needed to solve. He didn't need additional problems tacked on top of that. It's Wu Yan's fault for being so famous in game, nobody can help him now...

Time ebbed on as SAO's matter slowly turned old news.

One clear morning...

"Papa! Wake up!"

A soft and tender voice called out to Wu Yan, waking this slob of a man. Scratch that, Wu Yan just tugged his blanket and he turned his butt towards the one trying to wake him up.

"It's not that bright..."


Yui in her onepiece dress chastized Wu Yan while pouting. She tugged Wu Yan's blanket as she tried to peel the fabric off Wu Yan.

"It's morning, mama is still waiting for you. Get up now!"

Yui's words fell into the ocean that is Wu Yan's laziness, she didn't get her desired response but she did get a bunch of mumbo jumbo from Wu Yan who went right back to sleep...


Yui's cheeks puffed up like an angry squirrel. Her misty eyes were filled with slight rage.

With frustrated tears, she poked Wu Yan's cheek as she whispered into his ears.

"Mama is about to be swept up by another guy!"

"Over my dead body!"

Wu Yan jumped up from his bed like a released spring. He got into a stance on his bed, he looked around with a look that could kill. By the way, he's in a stance where he's ready to unleash serious Muai Thai whooping. He is a man who is ready to clean the HP of his opponent, his eyes were dead serious.

Wu Yan realized something and he slowly looked down at Yui who is tilting her head with an adorable smile on her face. She greeted him with a cheerful tone.

"Good morning, papa!"


Wu Yan's eyebrows couldn't stop twitching just like his lips. He resisted the urge to swear and his shoulders dropped down.

"Good morning to you too..."

"Mou! Papa, get yourself together!"

Yui started telling Wu Yan off like a mini-grown-up. She continued with her hands on her waist.

"Mama's about to get off school! Let's go get her!"

"Okay okay okay..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed. He glanced at Yui.

"My dear daughter, please don't wake me up like that again, okay?..."

"I have to do that. Otherwise, Papa just can't separate himself from the bed..."

Yui thought about it. Then, she said something else.

"It's papa's fault!"

Wu Yan chuckled awkwardly. He shrugged and he went to the bathroom to do his daily routine.

After some very dubious machinations by a certain vampire during the night, he solved his identity problem. Right now, he's sharing a house that looked similar to the house he had on the 22nd-floor of Aincrad. It's a concrete cabin but at least it reminded him of the peaceful home he had back in the game.

On papers, Wu Yan is a single father while Yui is his adopted daughter. The two are living in this cabin while relying on each other.

Yui isn't too happy with her identity as an adopted daughter. She wanted her identity to read that she's Wu Yan's own daughter. That's fine and all until you do the simple math where Wu Yan looks 25 at most and Yui's about 10 so it's going to be tough to explain this to people who are definitely going to judge him...

Even if Yui still have objections, it's been decided this will be their setting for now.

Actually, Yui's pretty satisfied with her current life. She got materialized in the real world with her papa and mama and they lived happily together. What's there to complain about?

Yui didn't understand how Wu Yan gave her a body made of stardust, she also didn't understand how Wu Yan brought her out of the virtual world. Every time she asked her papa how he did it, her father just gave her a cheeky grin and he laughed it off.

Yui guess this is Wu Yan's way of telling her not to dig too deeply. She's got a good brain inside that head of hers. She knew when to ask questions and when to shut up. In the end, she's here isn't she?

The two messed around in their cabin of happiness. They enjoyed their blissful daily life while Asuna came over to visit almost every day. If it were not due to her parents' objections, she would have moved right in. This house looked and felt like the wood cabin they shared in the virtual world.

As Liz aptly puts it, Asuna wants to get hitched, desperately so...

By the way, Asuna is also coping with her return to the real world. Although she couldn't spend her days idling away with Wu Yan and Yui, she had to attend a special school for returnees of SAO. She also became the most popular girl on campus so there's that...

This is also part of the reason why Yui likes to say how someone is gunning for Asuna to get Wu Yan out of the bed...

Wu Yan isn't a student and Asuna's got a ton of followers and secret admirers at her school.

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