Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 777: Exposed! Itching for a smackdown?

Shouzou and Sugou got more and more impatient as time went on. They kept pacing back and forth, looking at the partition and curtains ever so often. However, they were disappointed by the apparent peace beyond the partition.

"Is he done yet?..."

Shouzou asked this question for the nth time. He looked calm but a brief look into his eyes would reveal his burning anxiety.

"President! This is a waste of our time!"

Sugou took this chance to rip on the guy.

"That man, his words are not to be trusted!"

Shouzou is a very busy man, he's a CEO running a huge company. He put aside all his commitments to come running the moment he heard about SAO players waking up. He just wanted to see his daughter. Reality is a cruel mistress, it slapped the loving father with a negative news. When a random guy introduced himself as someone who can save Asuna, he took the chance but the guy made him wait outside the partition like this. This morning is about gruesome as it gets.

Sugou isn't having a blast neither. He felt a creeping sense of unease, the longer this went on, the heavier this feeling got. He's afraid Wu Yan actually could wake Asuna up...

Sugou continued consoling himself, telling himself that scenario just couldn't happen!

The SAO players were trapped in the virtual game for 3 years. Countless experts banded together, shared resources, and researched the software and hardware to come up with a way to save the players. The virtual world he trapped Asuna and the other players in runs on an older version of the Cardinal System, it's outdated but it's just as robust as the newer version.

3 whole years, all the brains in the world couldn't crack the Nervegear. Using external methods to hack the Nervegear should be possible, it's just that nobody has been able to do it...

Wu Yan took a metaphorical dunk on all that. Screw science, he has the power of otherworldly power!

Sugou is doomed to a bad end...

The curtain slowly parted. Shouzou and Sugou looked at that direction only to have their jaws dropped when they saw the person greeting them.


Shouzou stuttered. He had to make sure his eyes weren't playing a trick on him. He started trembling with great joy.

"Asuna! Asuna!"


As Wu Yan accompanied her, he helped her up as she started tearing up once more upon seeing her father.


"Asuna! It's Asuna!"

Shouzou slowly inched towards Asuna with trembling hands.

"You finally woke up!"

Sugou was stricken with disbelief. He backed away while shaking his head hysterically.

"No... This can't be..."

Sugou's words attracted the attention of the trio who were enjoying a pleasant reunion. Asuna stared at Sugou and she pointed a finger at him, immediately accusing him.

"Father! This man is the culprit who imprisoned me in another virtual realm! He's the reason why I didn't wake up!"

"Wh-what was that?"

As if someone poured cold water on him, Shouzou turned towards Sugou with eyes of disillusion and disbelief.

Sugou gnashed his teeth. He pushed his glasses up as he tried to play it cool.

"Asuna-san, what are you talking about? I am afraid I don't know what you mean..."

Asuna's auditory abilities haven't recovered due to her prolonged state of coma. She selectively heard Wu Yan's call, his voice summoned her as if he used telepathy on her. She isn't sure what Sugou is saying but she's sure that slimy quimm is denying her accusations.

Asuna turned towards her father.

"Father, this guy used despicable means to trap me and a bunch of players inside Alfheim Online, he's the administrator of that world!"


Sugou lowered his head.

"Asuna's condition isn't good, her mental faculties haven't recovered from her prolonged stay in the virtual world, she appears to be suffering from mild dementia..."


Sugou wasn't sure who to believe. He looked at Asuna who looked very sure and he looked at Sugou who had lowered shoulders. He knitted his brows.

"I think it's better if we let Asuna rest for now..."

Besides Asuna, the others here were sure Shouzou chose to believe Sugou.

Sugou grinned while Wu Yan narrowed his eyes. He took the Nervegear away from Asuna and he hoisted it up.

"Yuuki-san, there won't be a need for that..."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Asuna's fine and she's conscious. We can take this equipment and check the logs. I mean, won't we know where she has been when we verify the contents?"

Sugou flinched. His expression changed drastically and he chose the dumbest option available to him, hightail his way out of the room!

A figure flashed in front of him with a devilish grin.

"Where you going, Sugou-san?"


He looked back at the bed where Wu Yan was at a second ago. He was terrified by this man.


Sugou shrieked.

"Don't be fooled by this man, he must have done something to Asuna-san. President, trust me!"

"Save your denials for later..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"I am sure, with Asuna as the witness, people will start investigating your little pet project. Before that, I am going to have to ask you to stay put right here..."


Sugou freaked out, he grabbed a fruit knife nearby and he tried to stab Wu Yan.


Asuna gasped in fear.


Shouzou yelled.

Wu Yan didn't even look at the knife. His eyes flashed red and before the knife can land, a powerful wave of aura poured out from Wu Yan.

As if bashed by an invisible wall, Sugou got thrown into a wall.


The powerful shock shook Sugou to his core, while he was stunned, a foot steadily increased in size inside his field of vision.


The kick broke Sugou's nose, glasses, his teeth, and he got knocked out cold with his broken glasses dangling from his dirty mug.

Asuna sighed in relief. She gave Wu Yan a bright smile while Shouzou looked at Sugou with a disappointed and frustrated look. The old man looked older because of all the stress.

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