Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 776: Waking up... Feelings... and a painful confession...


Beyond the partition, Sugou pleaded his case.

"You're going to trust that weird man?..."

Shouzou isn't in the mood for this.  He paced around with doubt and suspicion plaguing his mind, the fact that he couldn't see beyond the curtain only enhanced his doubt.


Shouzou's attitude rubbed Sugou the wrong way. He started talking with an unfriendly tone. His amiable appearance started cracking.

"You can't listen to someone who might want to harm Asuna, that's not right. We can't even verify Asuna's true relationship with him in the game."

Shouzou clenched his fists, he gave up on the idea and he sighed.

"Maybe he's telling the truth, we are still here, we can stop him if he tries anything funny. We should just wait and see..."

Sugou's anger climbed further, accompanied by an alarming sense of anxiety.

Shouzou got intrigued by Sugou because he was attracted to his quirks. He got the guy to buy his lies and he earned his trust. However, he hated Shouzou's propensity to venture out like this.

Because he was a poor judge of character, he spent all his skill points on business savviness instead of EQ, this is why he's so hesitant. If he had a better pair of eyes, Sugou would have a harder time doing as he pleased.

Sugou felt like Kyouko, they were both frustrated by him. This guy really needed to man up when it comes to crucial matters.

sugou looked at the curtains with a malicious look. He wanted to stop whatever Wu Yan was doing. If he stormed in like that, he would rouse suspicion from Shouzou. He still needed to stay on Shouzou's good side for now...

Sugou cursed Wu Yan silently. He cursed Wu Yan's actions and he wanted him to fail miserably...

Nervegear's robust security and capabilities assured Sugou that Wu Yan wouldn't be able to do something he couldn't. He relished in Kayaba's excellence, if only he understands the irony...

The two hugged their own feelings as they watched the partition with anticipation.

Wu Yan's lightning got brighter, even if he had excellent control over the electricity, it would be a herculean feat to prevent detection by the two men standing outside.

Before he reached that threshold, he opened his eyes and he reduced his electricity output. He sighed in relief and his tired eyes were replaced with joy and hope.

Wu Yan grabbed Asuna's hand, as if he's waking her up, he said with a soft tone.


The voice entered the deepest recess of Asuna's heart, her eyelids trembled and her breathing got better. Her hands twitched and she snorted.

Wu Yan called out to her.

"Asuna... Asuna..."

Every time he called out to her, her eyelids trembled. Then, she slowly opened her eyes.

Asuna was afraid and confused...

After being released from Aincrad, Asuna thought the first thing she saw would be natural sunlight of the real world. She steeled herself up to see her real physical body that was unkempt for 3 years.

Then, she just needs to wait for a bit for Wu Yan's familiar figure to appear before her. Filling the last piece of the puzzle of her return to the real world.

Yet, reality played a prank on her. She opened her eyes in a room that was designed like an oversized bird cage, real sunlight and a patient room weren't the things she saw.

When she's bewildered and terrified, a guy known as Sugou introduced himself, informing her of her present circumstances.

She couldn't believe her ears, she just didn't think Sugou would do something like this.

Is she going to be trapped in this bird cage as his plaything?

Will she ever see the man she made a promise with?

Asuna was scared, she was petrified by the prospect of this. She prayed and she prayed hard for Wu Yan to whisk her away from all of this.

While she prayed, a dizzying sensation hit her when her environment started fading. She lost the sense of weight and existence, it was like something pulled her consciousness into the air. When she regained her tactile sense, weakness assaulted her, then, she could see light beyond her eyelids.

Asuna was confused. She didn't know left from right. She's afraid she would see another cage-like room when she opens her eyes.

Except, this time, a familiar voice called out to her, piercing through her dreams and entering her heart.

Asuna's fear and doubt disappeared without a trace, her heart started racing.

It's him!

He's here!

She overcame her feeble self and she struggled hard to open her eyes. She wanted to see the figure that entered her heart with her own eyes!

Even if this is just a dream, just let me look at his face one more time!

Driven by her sheer will, she used every ounce of her energy to open her eyes. And then, she did...

Her chestnut-brown eyes drowned out the colors around her, the air turned better and the space brightened up when this beauty stirred into consciousness. She saw the ceiling overhead and she saw it... The face that made her fall in love...


Wu Yan greeted her with a radiant smile, dispelling her uncertainty and fear.

"Good morning..."

Feeling the warmth, Asuna finally came to terms with reality...

This is all real...

She started tearing up, she couldn't hold her joy and the frustration of bottling up her grievances. She expressed her grief through her tears, she couldn't stop crying...

Wu Yan tightened his hold on her hand, telling her that he's here for her. Then, he used his other hand to wipe away hear tears, as gentle as his motor control allowed him.

Asuna struggled to get up from the bed. Then, she glomped Wu Yan, he received her and he took care not to strain her already feeble body.

"I knew it... I knew it..."

Asuna sobbed and whimpered.

"I knew you would find me..."

Wu Yan felt saddened and he had all the pity to give. He wanted to hug her tight but he's afraid he might crush her weakened body. He did what he could, he pat her back, telling her that it's going to be okay...

The two hugged each other as the sobbing sound made rounds around the room. The sunlight shone upon the two as if blessing the two's reunion.

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