Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 772: Dinner first or bath first?

Today is not a peaceful day...

Anyone in a hospital or anywhere near one would find the normally quiet institution rowdy and noisy with the noises of patients there.

Their voices were so loud it wouldn't be strange if the roof collapsed from their combined noises. The sound of people running around, crying, yelling in joy, murmuring were mixed into a chaotic cacophony. These hospitals were the exact opposite of orderly and quiet.

Pedestrians peeked, patients came out of their rooms to look at the commotion. The staffs were also running around like chickens with lopped off head. They wanted to know what the heck is going on.

When they found out about the root cause of this situation, they immediately became a part of the problem, adding further racket to the already noisy hospital.

A few moments ago, the players stuck in SAO woke up simultaneously. Over 6,000 patients woke up at the same time.

10,000 players were trapped in the death game known as SAO. It made national news because of the magnitude and nature of this event. To date, only 6,000 players were left and they all woke up!

This good news will rock the papers tomorrow!

The players who were kept alive on the beds in the hospitals received treatment in the form of IV drops and other medical care required to preserve their lives. The doctors can do nothing to stop their deaths if the players died in game. The doctors have seen enough cases in the past to crush souls.

Doctors, parents, and staffs were done with preparations for the death of all the players here. They were removed from the game world so they wouldn't know the clearing progress. 3 years ebbed on as more and more players kicked the bucket.

But, all of a sudden, when all hope seemed lost, the unthinkable happened today!

Tears of joy, the weeping sounds of family members who were reunited at last filled the otherwise solemn hospitals. Everyone here enjoyed the reunion, directly or indirectly, they basked in the feel-good moment.

As this joyous news spread, some families came rushing to their trapped members' side only to discover that they are still stuck in that comatose state as if nothing changed.

About 300 players were stuck like this with no signs of waking up.

Yuuki Asuna is one of the 300 players who were trapped like this.

In an abandoned township, inside what is possibly a haunted house...

More accurately, inside a house that looks totally abandoned...

It's been at least a decade since the last human was here. Heck, even animals and plants stay away from this ghastly house. It's more like a cemetery than a house. This is why the world didn't discover a person who stayed here for 3 whole years.

Inside a dilapidated room, a figure who was covered in dust sat like an unmoving statue.

There are no sounds around, however, the figure's faint breathing can be heard if another person listened carefully. But, the figure's chest isn't moving up or down.

Anyone who saw this would probably treat the guy as a demon...

Indeed, rather than call this scary figure a demon, it would be more accurate to call him a vampire.

And not just some dusty old vampire too! He's a True Ancestor, the vampire of the highest order.

After a long sleep, this vampire woke up from his long dream.

When his eyes were opened, a malicious red glint could be seen lighting up the room. The dead and still room immediately took on another ancient air of liveliness. The air smelled like blood...


When he moved, a bone-chilling crack reverberated in the room. The sound of bones popping and cracking kept resounding throughout the house as the ancestral being stirred into action, making the house look and sound like a haunted house.

The being isn't doing this on purpose, he's just dusting off the heaps of dust covering his body. The figure slowly emerged from within the mini-dust storm. The figure got up with much difficulty.

He looked like an undead climbing out of his coffin. Fortunately, there were no living humans around to witness this ghoulish scene. The human would probably scream: "The dead is coming back to life!" if he witnessed this scene. Zombies are probably cuter than this foul-mouthed vampire.

"Yo! What the fuck is this smell?!"

The revived zombie immediately fired off curses. Nobody can blame him, 3 years without bath plus the dusty and rotting wood smell of this house, yeah, not exactly the best combination of smells. He cursed on reflex when the smell tickled his nose.

Aside from a bath 3 years overdue, he also starved for 3 years. He's immortal but the hunger caused him to stagger when he got up.

"Nope, this won't do. I can't see Asuna like this. Even if she doesn't mind, I do!"

Wu Yan said with a hoarse voice. The 3 year thirst and his dry throat gave him a very unsavory voice. He needed to oil his oral orifice and revitalize his vocal chords.

Wu Yan immediately identified multiple issues with his body and he shook his head with a bitter smile. His stomach immediately protested his actions.

"Hmm... I should grab something to eat. No, or maybe a bath first? Wait, dinner or bath first?"

Wu Yan shrugged. He wasted more energy by killing time here.

Wu Yan started missing his thoughtful angel, Ikaros. With her by his side, he can eat and bath at the same time, and then some. He knows it's not the first time he ate while in the bath.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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