Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 769: The final frenzy, the end...

Time slowed down for everyone as Heathcliff stabbed at Wu Yan's chest. Asuna & co were also on the way to rescue Wu Yan with frantic expressions on their faces. However, with the distance between them, they won't make it in time to stop this jabbing attack from going through.

Despair slowly dyed Asuna's face in a dim color. With her eyes on Wu Yan, she silently screamed while rushing towards him.

At least, at least, please, just let me block that sword!

Then, things shifted!

The healing fairy suddenly flew over to Wu Yan's head, raining down fairy dust on him, healing him back to max HP.

This surprise healing surprised Heathcliff but he didn't stop. It is only now that Wu Yan's creepy grin showed itself to Heathcliff.

When the healing fairy rained healing dust all over Wu Yan's body, Wu Yan used his Elucidator to reflect the brilliant skill effect at Heathcliff.

The intense light entered Heathcliff's eyes.

Getting hit with blindness is a debuff in SAO. Some monster skills and sword skills can cause this effect, making players temporarily lose their vision. It isn't just a debuff, any sufficiently strong source of light can blind a player when their eyes are exposed to the intense light.

Wu Yan used this to dazzle Heathcliff, forcing him to subconsciously close his eyes.


The sword skill pierced Wu Yan's chest without any trouble. This hit immediately sent Wu Yan's HP into the yellow zone.

Without healing, Wu Yan would have died with this attack. However, the healing fairy's timely heal allowed Wu Yan to take this hit. Then, his Post-motion ended.


Raising his head with an eerie glint in his deep red eyes, he grabbed Heathcliff's sword hand and he yanked the guy over to him.

Then, his Heavengazer shone radiantly.


He tore into Heathcliff's shield arm with Heavengazer.


Heathcliff's arms had red data fragment flying off instead of copious amount of blood.

"I am not done just yet!"

Ignoring his chest that was spraying red fragments all over the ground, he pulled out Heavengazer, with a mighty throw, he sent Heathcliff into the air by his waist.


Wu Yan jumped into the air and Elucidator started glowing once more. He stabbed the sword into Heathcliff’s unprotected belly.

The sword skewered Heathcliff as the red fragments dyed Heathcliff’s originally red in a more dazzling shade of red. His HP also fell greatly.

Heathcliff’s eyes bulged as he looked at Heavengazer buried in his arm and the Elucidator piercing his stomach. He saw his HP steadily falling. He struggled to look at Wu Yan only to meet a pair of cold red eyes staring back at him. His mind went blank.

Is this, is this the end?...


A burning frustration took over him. He used his good arm to stab Wu Yan’s heart.


Wu Yan released Elucidator, he grabbed the incoming sword with his bare hand.

Ignoring the bleeding effect, Wu Yan’s fist glowed golden as he raised it overhead.


He punched Heathcliff’s chest since they are so close together. Wu Yan didn’t let up, he continuously punched the guy in the chest.

Bam bam bam bam bam

The figure in red and the figure in black slowly fell as Wu Yan rained savage punches down on Heathcliff, using his body as the weapon, he pounded Heathcliff’s chest like there’s no tomorrow. His two swords are still in Heathcliff so he steadily brought Heathcliff into the Red zone with his attacks.


Like a mad lad, he repeatedly punched Heathcliff, stunning him. With his shield arm disabled by Heavengazer and his sword arm pinned down by Wu Yan. He watched as Wu Yan beat him to an inch of his life.


The two fell to the ground with Heathcliff landing back first. He suffered the heaviest hit. Wu Yan straddled the guy, he pulled Heavengazer and Elucidator out. He raised his swords and…


The two swords plunged into Heathcliff’s chest.

Time stopped…

The other players, including Asuna & co stopped whatever they were doing. They watched with astonishment as the throne room fell into silence…

Heathcliff looked at the swords embedded in his chest as he struggled to even get up. He gave Wu Yan a weak smile before he slumped down on the floor once more, as if he had given up.

“Finally, it’s the end…”

Wu Yan heard Heathcliff’s mumble. He sighed when he saw his distant look.

“Yeap, this is the end…”

Heathcliff, on death’s door, looked around at the players spectating them and he shook his head. He turned towards Wu Yan.

“I never regretted what I did…”

Wu Yan understood Heathcliff’s vague words and he closed his eyes. Wu Yan replied with a similarly ambiguous line.

“That’s why you were doomed to fail from the start…”

“Is that so?...”

Heathcliff chuckled.

“That sounds good…”

Heathcliff’s HP fell to 0.

His body started breaking into data polygons with his death, littering the sky with beautiful data crystals...

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