Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 767: An intense battle underway!


Heathcliff smashed into the ground, shattering it upon landing. Rocks flew everyway and along with the dust that shrouded Heathcliff.

Wu Yan landed in front of his work. He looked at the dust covered ground and he panted with a bitter smile.

He could have unleashed more attacks like this if he was his former serlf. He didn't think stamina is the thing that limited him in a gaming world where he wouldn't die if he stopped breathing.

This also showed how nervous Wu Yan was when he unleashed his attacks. That's one of the reason why his stamina got depleted so quickly.

He seized a good chance to unleash his own combo. If he lacked that opening, Heathcliff's high defense and in-depth knowledge of sword skills would make it very hard to land a hit on him.

The other players watched with bulging eyes. They weren't sure if they should be awed by Heathcliff's nigh impenetrable defense or Wu Yan's multitude of techniques that changed the flow of battle with just a little change of pace. It was too complex for them to comprehend despite the whole thing lasting only a little more than 30 seconds.

Their pace was off the charts quick. They were also very heavy-handed in their attacks, not leaving any chance for the opponent to get back up. Kirito, Souta, Klein, and Agil couldn't help but watch with bated breath. Their hearts started burning with passion, they hated themselves for their inability to join this duel.

"Di-did that do it?..."

Asuna looked intently at the dust-covered area. She gave up on that soon enough because her Line of Sight stat isn't high enough to see through that dust cloud. She only solo-ed for the first few months of SAO, after that, she never needed to train her LoS.

Kirito heard her and he activated his skill, this guy spent almost the entirety of his time in SAO alone so his LoS skill is ridiculously high, almost as high as Wu Yan's. He easily gazed beyond the cloud of dust.

Kirito's expression changed as he growled.

"No, it's not over yet."

Wu Yan continued looking with a heavy expression.

Stomp stomp stomp stomp

A set of mechanical footsteps filled the throne room. Heathcliff walked out from the dust and rubble with his cape fluttering along with the wind.

He didn't look ragged at all, he still looked as calm and stable as Mount Taishan. However, with only 9 HP bars left, it was immediately clear that Wu Yan's attack wasn't for naught.

Wu Yan mumbled with hands on his waist. He sighed.

"I knew it wasn't going to be easy..."

Heathcliff stopped and he looked straight at Wu Yan.

"Yan-kun, you're too strong..."

Heathcliff said with a low tone.

"Even with my stats boosted to a Final Boss' level, you still gave me chills when you attacked, should I say? As expected of the strongest player?..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"What? You want to surrender? I am okay with that..."


Heathcliff chuckled. He raised his voice.

"On the contrary, as the creator of this world, If I lost that would just be embarrassing, wouldn't it?"

"It's not the first time you lost..."

Wu Yan grinned at Heathcliff while he laughed back. Then, the two turned silent again...

Heathcliff stopped moving. With a mighty stomp of his feet, he initiated his attack against Wu Yan first!

With less than 10 meters between them, Heathcliff's immense speed, it took him less than a few seconds to cover that distance and he stabbed at Wu Yan's chest viciously with his sword.

Wu Yan met this attack with Heavengazer. He unsheated it in lightning speed, without Dual Blades, he's not a match for Heathcliff. So, with two swords in hand, he rose up to the challenge once more.

Wu Yan swung Heavengazer, using the resulting force to step away.

Heathcliff wasn't surprised Wu Yan dodged him. The shield in his left hand started spinning.


Heathcliff growled while charging at Wu Yan with a drillshield.

The spinning shield came for Wu Yan in no time at all. Like a boomerang, the shield generated immense force and wind, he was silently shocked.

So Heathcliff had this attack the whole time...

Wu Yan didn't know Heathcliff had the same assessment...

Wu Yan couldn't respond properly because this attack too him by surprise. He used Heavengazer to stab the spinning shield at its center.

Crank clang clang

Sparks flew when the sword and shield met. The sound hurt Wu Yan's ear. The scary strength behind the shield also entered Wu Yan through Heavengazer, he had a hard time just holding onto the sword.

For Wu Yan, this was still within his limits. After stopping the spinning shield, he pressed forward and downwards like a looming dark figure. Then, he swiped at Heathcliff's neck with Elucidator.


Heathcliff furrowed his brows, like an agile tank in a storm, he stepped back to get out of his attack range. Then, he followed up with an attack at Wu Yan's legs.

Wu Yan turned cold when he saw this attack. He shoved the spinning shield away with one burst attack.

The sudden force pushed Heathcliff away, he missed Wu Yan's legs as a result.

Heathcliff staggered for a few steps while Wu Yan jumped on him like a demon. The Heavengazer and Elucidator danced like phantoms. As unstoppable and raging as a volcano, he started attacking Heathcliff

Ting tang ting tang

Heavengazer and Elucidator continued raining slashes and blows down on Heathcliff's shield.

This was a storm of sword slashes!

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