Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 766: Surprise attack, flying around, speed and savagery

Heathcliff roared while the other players watched. He fell like a meteor from the air with his sword aimed at Wu Yan. He was also shining bright red with his sword skill effect.

The wind caused Wu Yan slight pain, this is before the attack reached Wu Yan. It was easy to imagine that it won't be fun to be rammed by Heathcliff.


Asuna, Kirito, and the others all cried out in concern when they saw Heathcliff charging at Wu Yan with shield and sword ready to smite him down.

Wu Yan can choose to resist this attack, however, Heathcliff's hiding behind his shield so he would most likely get counter-attacked the moment he lands an attack on Heathcliff's shield.

Evading also isn't a choice, Heathcliff will fire his attack at Wu Yan the moment he dodges.


Kirito grabbed Dark Repulser, he is ready to join the fight along with Asuna & co.

Wu Yan moved when they were about to intervene.

He spun around like a pinwheel toy. He stabbed Elucidator into the ground as he swung his arm.

Fwish fwish fwish fwish fwish

5 tiny sliver of light flew at Heathcliff.


Heathcliff's expression changed.

Wu Yan threw 5 spikes at him.

Throwing skill!

Ting ting ting ting

4 of the spikes were blocked. The spikes did little to damage him, however, Heathcliff looked grim.

He counted only four spikes!

The last one was heading straight for his eye which wasn't blocked by the shield.

The whole world slowed down as Heathcliff stared at the incoming spike that headed straight for his exposed eye.

Daggers and other throwing weapons dealt minimal damage when thrown. There are piercing items that damaged the opponent the longer the spike stayed in the target body, even so, those items lacked damage too.

For someone with so much HP, this needle wouldn't harm him even if he had landed more attacks. Players don't have weak points, there are no damage multiplier for hitting his eye. This is the reason why Wu Yan can shave a chunk of his HP away despite only stabbing his leg.

Since Heathcliff isn't a monster, his human habit failed him this time.

For instance, what would you do if something's flying straight for your eye.

Subconsciously, any human would choose to block or block.

Heathcliff is very loyal to his basal self-preservation instinct.

Heathcliff didn't even hesitate, he moved his shield to block the spike. And, he did just that.


A burst of green light greeted Heathcliff's flank.

With a pale look, he looked at the source only to see a black figure with a black sword shining eerily with a green sheen.


He batted Heathcliff away by hitting his waist.


When he made contact, the sword shone like a giant green oven. The players had to squint to minimize the luminal intensity damaging their eyes. They saw a red figure, Heathcliff, getting smacked away and into the wall in the distance.


Heathcliff moaned in pain. The impact knocked him off his balance as he struggled to recover from the stun.

The dark figure flew straight at him. The wind and sound he generated while moving at high velocity almost ruptured the players' eardrums.

The speeding beast of a player forced Heathcliff to focus on the issue at hand. He defied gravity by running on the wall for a good 10 meters.


A dark figure smashed into his original position. Rubble flew everywhere. Inside the dense dust, all that can be seen are the cracks spreading from the point of impact.

Heathcliff slowed down. He looked in horror at the wall that almost got demolished by the speedy bruiser.

His cape billowed and the dust got blown away. A light but suspicious sound caused Heathcliff to tense up. He immediately backed away with shield raised.


A figure came from within the dusty crater. He was several times quicker than the first attack. The dark figure left a line of black light behind him as he flew straight at Heathcliff, smashing against his cross-shaped shield.

Heathcliff sighed in relief, he wanted to fire a counter-attack when he noticed something that chilled his heart.

He saw a hand placed upon his shield.

The arm pushed down on his shield to reveal Wu Yan's cold look.

With Heavengazer back on his back, it's Elucidator's turn to shine, literally, as Wu Yan slashed at Heathcliff without caring if this would remove Heathcliff's head from his neck.

Elucidator swept up the surrounding air like a savage death scythe.

"Crumbling strike!"

The elucidator responded by shining brightly. In front of the astounded crowd, excited Asuna & co, Wu Yan landed an attack squarely on Heathcliff's forehead.


Heathcliff got smacked into the deep-red ground with bulging eyes. Like a broken kite, the Final Boss fell to the ground.

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