Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 764: The first round


The collision registered shockwaves into the ground.


The ground cracked open like a tofu snack.

The two figures flashed within the impact zone. Wu Yan recovered quickly and he went after Heathcliff one more time with Heavengazer at the ready.

Heathcliff's eyes sharpened and he raised his arms, planting the shield down in front of him, blocking the incoming black sword.


When the sword and shield met, another shockwave came forth.

Wu Yan stepped his left foot forward and he whipped Elucidator out with his left hand. Smashing it against Heathcliff's shield.


The heavy attacks staggered Heathcliff who had the same stats afforded to a Final Boss, this came as a great surprise to him. However, he regained his senses soon enough. He started shining with the light of sword skills.

At the same time, Heathcliff's opponent met his skill with another sword skill.


A gigantic crack appeared under their feet. Because of this world's environment preservation, the cracked ground instantly recovered in no time at all. Those who saw this scene were gasping in trepidation.

Wu Yan's dark sword whipped out at the speed of sound, leaving afterimages in its wake. The gigantic sword illusion caused Heathcliff's eyes to widen. Like a movie in the time of the casettes, he wasn't sure where to start blocking and that led to the attack landing upon his shield.


Heathcliff got shot back like a cannonball. He flew a dozen meters back while dragging his feet across the ground, creating two long trails of dust and gouging the earth in the process.

Heathcliff growled as he steadied himself. The sword left a dent on his shield although he didn't suffer any damage.

The dust slowly settled as the players watched Wu Yan and Heathcliff, two monsters going at each other with looks of disbelief.

They were all top players in this game. However, they still couldn't follow the blinding flurry of attacks the two duelists launched at each other.


A gust came as Wu Yan dashed towards Heathcliff. In almost an instant, he arrived in front of Heathcliff, he raised his two swords up high and he snapped down on Heathcliff.



His swords fell upon Heathcliff's shield, he wasn't fazed by this. A gray light coated his swords and he jabbed at Heathcliff's glabella.


Snorting with slight anger, Heathcliff used his shield to bash away the Elucidator shining with gray light. The sword was deflected, ending his streaks of attacks.


Even Wu Yan felt a bit shocked, he didn't think Heathcliff would switch defense for offense using his shield. This time, Heathcliff stomped forward and he swept at Wu Yan with his sword that looked like it could stir up a storm.

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes as he looked at the incoming attack. Backing away, he parried with his sword only for Heathcliff to grin as he slapped at Wu Yan with his shield.


He smashed his sword attacks away, pressing forward against Wu Yan.

A radiant light came forth from Wu Yan's Heavengazer, he struck at the incoming shield.

Tang tang tang

Sparks flew as the storm of fire and metal continued. Not giving an inch, the two went at each other in a series of flashy attacks that rained dust down on the others around them. The players didn't know a fight can get so intense, was this the limit of SAO?

With vicious winds whipping across their faces, the two looked at each other with sharp glares. They were so focused on each other, they never shifted their gazes. Wu Yan slowly lost ground because his strength stats were inferior to Heathcliff. His sword slowly got pushed back to his face.


Wu Yan stabbed Elucidator into the ground, anchoring himself as he renewed his push against Heathcliff. Meanwhile, Heathcliff switched up his attacks. He pulled his sword back to shoulder-height. He started shining with sword effect.

Wu Yan saw his sword stance, he pulled Elucidator out and he got into a sword stance too. Elucidator started shining with the light of sword skills.

Heathcliff grinned, he smacked Heavengazer away with his shield. Then, he pierced his sword through a crevice at the side of his shield, aiming for Wu Yan's eyes.

He unfurled Elucidator at the attack at the same time.


The swords ground each other, emitting a shrill sound and sweeping the surroundings with another wave of gust. Then, the attacks struck the duelists.


Another boom echoed in the throne room.


The ground cracked open once more. The pebbles turned into dust before the floor can recover.

Kachak kachak

The ground shattered as the two figures were sent flying away from each other's attacks.

Wu Yan flipped up and he landed deftly. His breathing is a bit out of order, he couldn't help but grin when he saw Heathcliff getting up once more.

Heathcliff, you're more troubling than I had imagined...

He is already using his full power, the old Heathcliff would have been defeated by now. However, the current Heathcliff looked as unyielding as a giant mountain.

This is problematic...

Heathcliff's eyes wavered although his expression remained unperturbed.

The feelings were mutual. He is also surprised by the intensity of the first round of attacks.

He should be far superior to Wu Yan in strength, yet, they were tied in terms of damage dealt.

This man is too dangerous!

The two looked at each other in silence. The ground recovered as they stared at each other at the end of a series of earth-sundering attacks.

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