Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 756

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 756

At the main entrance of the Knights of the Blood Oath’s headquarters.

Two knights stood guard at the entrance with spears in hand. They were taking their jobs as seriously as real guards who looked after castles. They also looked the part. They didn’t turn away the visitors to their guild today as they would normally do. They allowed the players to enter as they pleased.

They know the visitors are players personally invited by Heathcliff himself. They were all clearers who had the ability and qualifications to attend the 100th-floor’s strategic meeting. Even the weakest among them could kick their butts without trouble. They were only there for formalities.

However, they weren’t mopping around in inferiority. Instead, they puffed their chests out with pride. Indeed, they felt very proud for being members of this guild.

So what if they are guards?

Knights of the Blood Oath is the strongest and most famous guild in SAO. These players came here because Heathcliff commanded enough authority to call them over on such a short notice. They are also the host venue for the 100th-floor’s strategic meeting.

One must wonder what they would feel like when they learn their respected and honorable captain is actually the main culprit who locked them inside this game for more than a year.

Of course, it only takes the arrival of a single person to wipe their smug grins off their faces.

“Hey! Hey!”

One of the guards slapped the shoulders of the guy next to him with bulging eyes. He couldn’t believe his eyes even when he’s already pointing his fingers at a certain direction.

“Hey, isn’t that Asuna-sama?…”

When Asuna’s name entered the guy’s ears. The guard also lost his composure. He looked at that particular direction and his expression started turning soft.

Wu Yan and Asuna exchanged a look before they bitterly laughed. They continued walking until they arrived at the entrance where the guards finally recovered from their stupor.


The two yelped.

“You finally returned...”

Asuna giggled and she shook her head.

“Nope, I am just here on an invitation, I have no intention of joining the guild again.”


The two guards couldn’t hide their disappointment. They lowered their heads with dejection. It’s like the world is ending for them. Asuna held back the urge to laugh even harder while Wu Yan’s brows continued jolting.

He thought he knew Asuna’s fame and clout with the members of the KoB, he was wrong. Even with the pssage of one year, there are still players who admired her like this. Wait, did he actually married someone out of this world?

Not just Asuna, Mikoto is the princess of Tokiwadai, Misaki is the queen of that school, Hinagiku is also a very famous individual inside Hakuo academy. The three girls were individuals with similar fame to Asuna in their respective regions. The other girls associated with him might not be as glamorous or famous but they certainly looked as pretty as Asuna if not better. They were also girls with incredible talents or abilities.

All the girls were infatuated with him to a lesser or greater extent.

For the nth time, he felt like he’s a very blessed man. He must have done a lot of good deeds in his past life to warrant this treatment. Maybe it’s good karma from all the good recommendations he gave on the books he read.

“Asuna-sama, the captain is waiting for you guys in the meeting room…”

The two guards offered their services to her.

“Would you like us to show you the way?”

Wu Yan and Asuna’s lip inadvertently twitched when they heard the guards.

Heathcliff is waiting for all the players but when they said it, it’s like Heathcliff is waiting for just Asuna…

Wait, did they offer to lead the other players to the meeting room?

Are they trying to score brownie points with her?

Wu Yan shook his head and he urged Asuna along.

“Come, we should go soon…”

Asuna nodded and she told the two guards her answer.

“Yeah, we can go there by ourselves…”

The two guards finally took note of Wu Yan’s presence. Like the others before him, they completely forgot about the guy who married Asuna.

Rather than saying they forgot, it’s more like they want to lose memory of that event. They couldn’t deal with the marriage of their idol in a healthy manner.

The two guards looked at Wu Yan with hostile expressions. Suddenly, one of the guards pulled the other one away in a hurry. Asuna and Wu Yan entered the premise without any issue.

“What are you doing?!”

The guard yelled at the other guard who restrained him.

“Why did you stop me?! I want to give that guy a piece of my mind!”

“You’re allowed to try if you think you’ve got the chops for it.”

The other guard growled at him.

“Did you forget the identity of the person who married Asuna-sama?”

The guy cooled down as the implications dawned on him. He forced himself to stay strong and he protested back.

“So what, we are inside the Zone so…

“Even when we are inside the zone!”

A guard came over to interrupt them.

“Did you forget how nobody in our guild could stop him when he barged his way into our guild a year ago?”

The guard gulped nervously. He turned his other way to pretend this conversation never occurred.

A year ago, over twenty members got roughed up by Wu Yan when they were bitter and antagonistic against Wu Yan over Asuna’s marriage. They were promptly turned into sacks of potatoes by Wu Yan in the subsequent fight. For better or worse, everybody remembered this beatdown vividly.

Wu Yan and Asuna couldn’t care less about what the two guards had to say.

They went about the familiar castle’s winding corridors. Wu Yan is a regular guest while Asuna worked as the vice-captain here for two years. She can navigate this castle like it’s the back of her hand. While other players gawked and gasped at the sight of these two players, they slowly walked to the meeting room.

Asuna became a hot topici nside the guild. After a year out of public sight, she’s still as famous as she was at her peak. Everyone wanted to see her. Some KoBs got a bit too excited as they yelled silly lines like “Asuna-sama’s back!” They were talking like Asuna walked out on her home.

When they drew closer to the meeting room, the players around them dwindled in number. Only top raid members remained. The reduced chatter made Asuna and Wu Yan sigh in relief.

At last, the doors of the meeting room appeared in front of them. The room was partially revealed to them through the door that was left ajar. When they entered, they finally saw the full scene.

The walls were the same, beautiful tinted glasses as walls. However, the large desk was replaced with office tables that were positioned closely together to form a ring of tables. The players were seated at these tables. Famous players, guild masters, squad leaders, and more. Heathcliff and his four lieutenants sat at the head of this round table. Close to them were Kirito, Klein, Souta, and Agil.

Wu Yan and Asuna became the center of attention the moment they entered the room. Heathcliff gave them a faint smile.

“Long time no see, Asuna, I am glad you accepted the invite…”

Asuna nodded.

“It’s good to see you, Captain Heathcliff…”

“Take a seat…”

Wu Yan and Asuna exchanged a look before they sat down close to Kirito and the others.

Heathcliff scanned the room and he mused out loud.

“Looks like most of the guests are here already…”

“Then let us proceed…”

“With the strategic meeting of the final floor!”

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