Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 755: Flashy display of affection

55-th floor, Granzam...

Inside an iron castle, the other players can feel the air around Granzam is a bit different today.

Granzam's teleport platform is very busy for some reason. Players with end-game equipment arrived one after another as they exited the place.

There were players in squads, there were also solo players. Of course, there are players with low-key equipment that still nonetheless caught people's attention with their seasoned aura. They all had a common point, they had high levels!

If there were knowledgable players around, they could tell most of the guests here are all famous in their own rights, they were notable members of the raid group.

The squads drew gasps and cheers from the players who recognized them. It was immediately evident to the ignorant players that these guests were all VIPs.

The residents of Granzam know today won't be a simple day.

They all walked on the sides, making way for the clearers. It's like when peasants gave way to royalties and nobles in ancient times. They watched the clearers with intrigue.

With the world watching them, the players from famous guilds puffed their chests up. They walked with the pride of being a member in famous guilds. There are also players who aren't used to this much attention, they were walking with a hesitant look.

Wu Yan is part of the awkward group.

"Look! Look!"

"What? Which guild is it?..."

"No, screw that, use your eyes, man..."

"That get-up..., the Fae Swordsman, Wu Yan?"

"Is-isn't that the Flash, Asuna-sama?"

"Where? Move! I wanna see!"

"Oh my gosh! It's Asuna-sama!"

"Asuna-sama is back!"

"Calm your mammaries, she's here with the Fae Swordsman, she's just accompanying her husband..."

"Argh! I forgot, Asuna-sama got married..."

"Dang, I am so envious of the Fae Swordsman..."

"Why are there here? Did a ridiculously rare loot drop or something? Why are all the clearers here?"

"Saa, who knows?..."

"Look, they are all heading in the direction of Knights of Blood Oath's guild..."

"Looks like it..."

"Wait, are they gathering to discuss how they are going to conquer the 100th-floor?"

The players were accurate in their assessments. They had enough experience to piece together information from bits of data.

Anyone with a bit of insight into the current game's progress could tell there can only be one thing when these many top players gather.

Aincrad's 100th floor strategic meeting!

The players' chatter entered Wu Yan's ears when he was on his way over to the KoB HQ.

This isn't the first time he's treated like a circus monkey. However, he's still not used to this.

Asuna felt like a fish out of water too. She heard Wu Yan sighing and she leaned in closer to him, it's like she wanted to attract some attention away from Wu Yan.

Asuna never appeared under public light since she got married over a year ago. She preferred a quiet life more than a high-key life. After a year of peace and quiet, she felt uncomfortable with so many eyes on her.

Asuna still became the center of attention despite her reluctance. In a year, her charm only grew while her innocence receded. Her charm as a mature woman are starting to show.

After a year as a wife, her attractiveness is like sweet nectar that attracted bees and butterflies.

She used to be a star to the other players who admired her like a goddess. Her one year away from the limelight served only to make her more desirable and beautiful in the eyes of her fans.

She's wearing a simple white one-piece dress instead of her former KoB uniform. The dress ended a little bit before her knees. Meanwhile, the back of the dress ended near her heels. She looked like she can fight as well as attend a ball.

She looked less cold, stern than before. Now, she looked like a high-class, elegant, and fantastic. If she had wings and elongated ears, she would look like an elf in fantasy stories!

Wu Yan definitely thought she looked attractive, he is dangerously entrapped by her allure.

He's not pleased the others were pointing fingers at his wife while eyeing her.

"Asuna, let's walk faster..."

Asuna grinned when she heard this. She could read his mind like a book. With a smile, she ignored the others who were stunned by her mesmerizing smile. She teased Wu Yan.

"Hey, Yan-kun..."

Asuna blinked at him while tugging his clothes.

"Are you jealous?..."

Wu Yan felt a bit frustrated.

"Why is your OP observational powers only working in situations like this?"

"That's because..."

Asuna tapped Wu Yan's arm.

"I want you to look intently at me once in a while..."

Wu Yan felt his strength leaving him.

"Is that insecurity I am hearing? Are you afraid I am going to have a change of heart?"

"Well, I am not telling..."

Asuna looked away intentionally. She glanced at Wu Yan and then she hugged his arm.


Wu Yan felt the temperature around him drop the moment she hugged his arm. He won't be surprised if the duel requests start pouring in any second now...


Wu Yan said with an unsteady tone.

"You trying to make me public enemy number one?..."

"Oh, come on."

Asuna said matter-of-factly

"We look more like a couple now, right?..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips. He accepted the hate of the players around him. He was completely taken by surprise when Asuna followed up with another sweet attack. The players were similarly shock.


He heard a soft voice accompanied by a moist sensation on his cheek.

Asuna kissed him in front of so many players!

Asuna blushed while hugging Wu Yan's arm. They continued walking in sweet silence...

Asuna is definitely doing this on purpose...

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