Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 754: Inviting all the top SAO players...

Good memories are just that, the players can't loiter in their memory lanes. The others came back to reality...

"Hey, Kirito..."

Liz looked at him, she looked at him with a serious look.

Kirito scratched the back of his head. He couldn't help but get a bit embarrassed when everyone's looking at him.

"I haven't paid for the Dark Repulser you made me..."

Liz nodded with a satisfied look. The others teased Kirito for being such a shy guy.

"Come on..."

Klein jabbed Kirito.

"You're just a brat in the end..."

"I would watch my mouth if I were you."

Agil took a verbal jab at Klein.

"That brat is a married guy, meanwhile, you..."

Klein's smile froze. Souta started laughing out loud while holding his stomach.

Asuna also giggled, then, she remembered something as she shifted her almond-brown eyes onto Wu Yan. She looked at Wu Yan with a very meaningful gaze that chilled Wu Yan's core.

That's one scary look...

Wu Yan turned his head the other way. Asuna's glare turned sharper as a result. Wu Yan bitterly laughed when he glanced over to see her throwing him a frosty look.

"Come on, are you worried I am going to ditch you or something?"

Wu Yan pursed his lips. He also said something similar to Kirito.

"I still owe you a wedding ring..."

Asuna finally gave him a brilliant smile.

Klein finally cracked. He scratched his head furiously.

"Hey! What the heck, guys?! Can you save the flirting for when you get home? Don't get all lovey-dovey in front of me, that's just cruel!"

Asuna and Liz blushed. Then, Liz shot back at him with arms akimbo.

"Go get yourself a girlfriend then!"

Klein fell down to his knees and he yelled in an aggrieved tone.

"Don't you think I want one? If I had one I wouldn't be here moaning and complaining against you winners of life!"

Wu Yan, Asuna, Kirito, Liz, heck, even Souta has a girlfriend already. Agil isn't paired up with anyone in this world but that's because he's a married guy in the real world.

Except for Klein, the others here are already taken. This is the reason why he's so crestfallen.

Klein's heart started crumbling and his tears fell harder. Then, he had an idea. He looked at Sachi, Shion, and Silica with hopeful eyes.

The three girls immediately shuddered when they saw Klein's creepy eyes. The three of them immediately hid behind Wu Yan's back while looking at Klein with vigilant eyes.

"My Onii-san is still here..."

Sachi's words deducted Klein's mental HP a bit...

"Uh-uh, no way, in your dreams!"

Shion brutalized Klein with her words.

"You're a creepy uncle!"

Silica fired a critical hit that killed Klein.

Asuna and Liz also looked at Klein with judging eyes. They didn't need to say anything, they destroyed him without using words.


Klein slumped forward and he turned gray.

"Did you girls have to say that?...Did you girls have to say that?...Did you girls have to say that?..."

Yui couldn't bear looking at this so she tried to cheer him up.

"It's okay, you will definitely find the one just for you..."

Like an angel's voice, Klein looked at the radiant Yui with a touched look on his face.

"Yui-chan, you're the best!"

Yui lowered her head in a coy manner.

"Thanks, Uncle Klein..."

Klein turned white and then he crumbled.

"Uncle... Uncle... Uncle... I am an uncle..."

Wu Yan and the others also couldn't look on much longer. They helplessly shook their heads, they gave each other the "can-you-believe-this-guy" look. Then, they ignored Klein.

"Oh, right."

Souta looked at Wu Yan with a serious look.

"Yan, go to Granzam and visit the KoB HQ!"

The others stopped giggling and they looked at Souta with business faces. Klein also stopped mopping around.

"KoB HQ..."

Asuna furrowed her eyebrows.

"Did the Captain sent you a message?..."

Souta nodded while Klein continued for him.

"Not just Yan. Kirito and Agil, you guys are also invited. The cleareres will all be at the gathering tomorrow!"

"All the raid group members?"

Kirito asked.

"Could it be..."

Wu Yan crossed his arms and he addressed both Klein and Souta.

"With so many players, it could only mean one thing. It's to talk about the 100th-floor's clearing plan right?"

"Yeah, you got that right, Fae Swordsman."

Klein said with a smile.

"The raid members were already talking about before the 99th-floor got cleared..."

Souta's voice entered the ears of every player present.

"100 floors, 100 bosses to kill before the players can move up one floor."

"In 3 long years, we are now facing the last floor. One last boss and we are all free!"

Klein and Souta had passionate eyes, however, their excitement dimmed down when they continued in a grim tone.

"The quarter floor-bosses are ridiculously hard if the bosses on 25th-floor, 50th-floor, and the 75th-floor are any indicators!"

"This boss will no doubt be the strongest boss in Aincrad!"

Souta had a grave expression.

"Under this situation, the raid group members aren't sure if they are up to the task. They came up with an idea..."

When we find the 100th-floor boss, gather all the top players and take down the boss in one go!"


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes.

"That means Asuna is also included in this list?..."


Klein bitterly laughed.

"This is our last fight, we have to do it..."

"If we fail..."

Agil continued with a grim tone.

"There will not be a second chance, we will all be stuck in this world forever!"

Wu Yan and the others were spotting heavy looks.

Wu Yan already know the last boss is going to be Heathcliff.

In other words, it's finally time for his duel with Heathcliff.

Heathcliff will reveal his true identity when they arrive at the 100th-floor's boss room.

The players will probably be shaken deeply by this revelation.

Is Heathcliff aiming to take down all the top players in one fell swoop?

Wu Yan didn't know if that's his true intention.

But, this battle is probably going to be his and only his to end...

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