Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 753: Memories and realization, happiness and bliss

Aincrad is absolutely brimming with elation.

They are so happy they might go insane!

The 99th-floor was cleared!

Now, only the 100th-floor stood between them and freedom.

After clearing the 100th-floor, they can leave this death game that trapped them for more than 3 years. With about 6,000 players still alive, they all had a good chance of returning alive to the real world.

The players at the lower, middle, and upper floors are all over the moon excited.

The players were celebrating everywhere. They toasted to Wu Yan, the Fae Swordsman, Asuna, the Flash for taking the 99th-floor down.

The famous power couple once again became the subject of many players.

They didn’t know how to express their thanks. Wu Yan and Asuna took down floors before this but those floors were just numbers to them. It wasn’t as overwhelming as their achievement this time.

Of course, there were petty players who dissed them. There are always going to be trolls in games. They cursed Asuna and Wu Yan when the other players were busy celebrating. They also spoke badly about the players for going crazy over ascending to the 100th-floor.

Deep inside the hearts of the players, they prayed for the smooth clearing of the last floor.

The protagonist is also busy chugging and feasting with his friends.


Klein looked around.

“You ready?...”

Wu Yan, Asuna, Yui, Kirito, Liz, Sachi, Shion, Souta, and Agil looked at each other. Klein raised the cup of alcohol in his hand.

“Well, then, let us toast to the clearing of the 99th-floor!”


They banged their cups together. Then, they chugged down the booze in their cups. Granted, Yui and Silica drank fruit juices.

Klein who chugged a solid down cried out in pleasure.

“Yeah~~ That’s what I am talking about!”

“Don’t drink too much…”

Wu Yan distanced himself from Klein with an expressionless look.

“I don’t want to carry you back when you drink yourself into oblivion…”

“Amen to that.”

Kirito, Souta, and Agil said at the same time, making Klein very displeased.

“Now, that’s just being rude. I mean, come on, live a little…”

Wu Yan and the others laughed out loud. Klein smacked his lips but he took on a happy mood once more.

“Well, anyway, congratulations on clearing the 99th-floor!”

“You have to congratulate yourself too! Everyone technically cleared the 99th-floor…”

“Yeah, Asuna, good job living up to your title as the power couple, you two did something the whole raid group couldn’t!”

Klein raised his cup with a wide smile on his face.

“Great job, Asuna!”

Asuna tilted her head and curtly smiled back in response.

“I couldn’t have done it without Yan…”

Asuna continued with a slightly intimidated look.

“I wouldn’t have entered the labyrinth if there wasn’t a need to do so.”

The others were puzzled but Yui, Liz, and Wu Yan started giggling in secret when they herald her.

There are horror-themed labyrinths inside Aincrad. For instance, the 65th-floor and the 66th-floor’s labyrinth were infamous haunted castle-esque labyrinths with phantoms in them. Back then, Asuna was still leading the clearers.

When the raid group received intel on the monsters here, Asuna made up various excuses to avoid diving into the labyrinth.

She already knew about Wu Yan then but she wasn’t as bubbly as she is right now. Clearing floors were top priorities for her.

Even so, she still made up excuses to avoid entering the dungeon.

That just goes to show how afraid she was of spirits and demons.

“The last floor, huh?...”

Kirito mused out loud while looking at the ceiling.

“Soon, we will be able to leave this world…”

The room turned silent as everybody spotted a serious look. They started going through the memories they made in this world.

They wanted out, that’s for sure. However, there were good memories mixed in with the bad too.

Humans are creatures of habit. 3 years was enough time for players to get used to living in this world.

With freedom this close to them, they felt a tinge of pain when they thought about departing this world.

Is this reluctance? Are they mourning the 3 years they spent in this world?

Only they knew the answers.

If there is one thing they are sure, it’s the common sentiment where they didn’t regret logging into this death game.

Asuna gave Wu Yan a warm smile, she leaned against his chest. Liz also leaned against Kirito while Sachi, Shion, and Silica held hands. Souta, Agil, and Klein also placed their arms on each other’s shoulders.

Without this world, the players here wouldn’t have met. They were earnestly thankful towards this game for bringing them the love of their lives and loyal friends.

Compared to the other players, they were undoubtedly faring better in attaining happiness. They made beautiful bonds, good memories, and even now, they managed to hold their tears back, instead, they were grinning widely.

Yui is the one with the most volatile feelings. An advanced AI by design, she was tasked with helping the players feel better mentally. However, the corruption of this game almost destroyed her.

That’s no longer the case now.

While the other players exuded bad feelings. The people around her were brimming with joy and their feelings were earnest. Yui was touched by their feelings and she too, bloomed radiantly.

She’s thankful for the world that introduced her to her papa and mama. These feelings were luxury she couldn’t afford during her troubled past.

After clearing this game, she might never be able to see them again.

Two hands softly landed on her head, rubbing her tiny head. She looked up to see Wu Yan and Asuna beaming at her.

Yui laughed like a bell. Her laughter carried bliss and confidence within.

There has to be a way!

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