Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 752: The light that dispels the darkness...


A loud boom echoed in the boss room. Dust clouds spread across the room when thunderous booms continued wrecking the room. Three figures emerged from within the cloud. They stabilized themselves after anchoring their feet down with heavy steps.

The oni stomped as it trembled backwards. After about a dozen step, the Oni finally stopped. It emitted a huge shout, it blew away the dusts around it.

Wu Yan and Asuna were faring relatively better in comparison to the Oni. They suffered a bit of damage but the healing fairy healed them back to full HP in no time at all.

After an intense skirmish, the Oni lost 6 HP bar, leaving it with only 1 HP bars.

The battle had only just begun, however, the intensity was through the roof. Coupled with their perfect combos, it isn’t hard to imagine why the boss got knocked down to 1 HP bar in only a short period of time.

Asuna started panting after an intense brawl. She’s blushing a bit so she tried to calm herself down. She shifted her gaze over to Wu Yan.

Wu Yan nodded slightly, he’s not heaving in fatigue, more like, he can still go for more rounds.

For Wu Yan, this Oni was no problem at all. With Asuna at his side, even if she’s not as good as Wu Yan, the fight became easier because she’s around. Naturally, this took a lot of weight off Wu Yan.

At least, Wu Yan is sure he can’t take the boss HP away so quickly by himself.

Graw Grah

The Oni leered at the two puny players in front of it. Its glare turned its already red eyes, deeper in red. There were signs of it going into rage mode. Wu Yan and Asuna raised their guards…

The bosses had a hidden setting where they will change their attack patterns when their HP falls into the red zone. These bosses would get new skills, more power, and generally being a total wild card that can turn the tide of battle on the players.

As expected, the cloud core floated up to the center of the room. The cloud grew larger as it covered the entire boss room, chilling the room with an eerie sense of malice.

The sinister air is like a sea of black mist. The dark clouds looked like it was ready to smite players with lightning bolts. The Oni jumped into the clouds above, disappearing from view.

Spawns of darkness started dancing in the sky again. Like at the start of this battle, the phantoms started healing the Oni, recovering its otherwise Red HP bar.

Wu Yan and Asuna got frustrated when they saw this.

The boss had its own healing ability. Is this a new ability after being pushed into the red zone or did it have it at the start of the battle? The phantoms were there to delay them while the Boss recovers?

The next instant, phantoms started pouring down on them. The phantoms confirmed their suspicions.

Wu Yan and Asuna raised their swords at the encroaching spawns of darkness. Killing them all.

The deceased phantoms then nourished the Oni within the clouds, merging with the fallen creeps like a really OP boss. They retreated when they saw this.

“Yan, this cannot go on forever!”

Asuna gnashed her teeth.

“With the phantoms there, we can’t attack. We also can’t kill the phantoms or it will heal the boss. There has to be a way out of this…”

“I know…”

Wu Yan thought about it. He raised his head as he looked at the clouds above him.

“Asuna, clear a path for me, I will dive into that thing!”

Asuna hesitated.

“You going to be okay?”

“Of course!”

Wu Yan got into a dashing stance.

“If I can connect my Dual Blade skills with the boss’ weak point, I am sure it will die!”

Asuna nodded after looking intently at Wu Yan.


Asuna took the vanguard, she swept away the phantoms standing in their way.

Wu Yan’s swords took on a shining radiance.

“Solar eclipse!”

A light flashed within his eyes as Wu Yan took flight.

Like a shooting star leaping through the sky, Wu Yan flew into the cloud with Elucidator and Heavengazer.



Like a meteor that crashed into the ocean, a tsunami occurred with the impact point as the origin. The light encircled the dark clouds like a solar eclipse, lighting up the boss room with its brilliance.

Asuna was momentarily mesmerized by this beautiful scene. The phantoms faded into nothingness, this time, they didn’t heal the boss. The last HP bar got depleted.

The black clouds crumbled into a small core and then it shook heavily before shattering into a million pieces.

The room turned dark for a second, promptly lighting up the next second. The floor cleared congratulatory message was displayed in the air. Wu Yan landed on the ground and both his swords dimmed down, revealing the familiar black swords he always arried.

Asuna recovered. Her body shivered in excitement until she jumped to hurray.

“We did it!”

Asuna glomped Wu Yan with impeccable speed. She hung around his neck while cheering out loud.

“Yan! We did it! We did it!”

Wu Yan hugged Asuna with a bitter smile.

“This isn’t the first time we took down a boss, calm down, will ya?...”

Asuna blinked at him with puppy eyes.

“I cant?...”

“Of course, go ahead…”

Wu Yan’s bitter smile deepened while Asuna’s giggle could be heard all around the room.

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