Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 749: Anomaly, dark phantoms and the entity within


The heavy doors slowly opened up when two pairs of relatively smaller hands pushed against it. The wind stopped as silence fell upon the area. The room started taking on a more sinister atmosphere.

Wu Yan and Asuna exchanged a look before they drew their weapons. They stepped into the room only for the door to slam shut on them when they entered.

They weren’t surprised in the slightest. This is a scene they were used to. After the 75th-floor, every floor after that were no-crystal zones and trap rooms.

When players enter the room, either they beat the boss and leave or they will die fighting against the floor boss.

They were captivated by the sight they saw.

A black murky cloud lied at the center of the room. It looked like a mass of bugs swelling and wiggling about. There are several black misty clouds swirling about, dancing in the air like the phantoms outside this room. But, they weren’t wearing black cloaks, their heads were ambiguous and dark, it’s hard to tell if there are any facial features at all.

Within the abyssal darkness, there were a pair of red gleaming eyes. Like a demon staring back, they chilled the hearts of anyone with their sharp glares. Wails of anguish like that of tortured souls came from within the mist.

Wu Yan also subconsciously stepped back when he saw this. Asuna who was already afraid of ghosts completely encountered a courage deflation.

“Wh-what’s that?...”

Asuna hid behind Wu Yan’s back, she grabbed her rapier while her hands trembled.

“Where is the floor boss?...”

“I don’t know…”

Looking at the swirling mist of darkness that threatened to engulf the heavens, he noticed the dim lighting here only served to make the darkness loom larger than it is. At the center of the black mass, light couldn’t penetrate so it’s hard for Wu Yan to examine the core of this anomaly.

Howling shrieks came from within the dark mass. Black phantoms could be seen flying around within the dark mass. Like dark entities of hell, their red eyes looked especially sinister in the darkness. Wu Yan couldn’t help but curse silently.

“Kayaba Akihiko, you really have a bad taste…”

Asuna looked at the phantoms with terror on her face. It didn’t help that the ghosts flew around in a chaotic manner. If she wasn’t aware they were up against a floor boss, she might have urged Wu Yan to move on from this room.

Asuna steadied herself and she asked with a hesitant voice.

“What do we do? Do we go over there?...”

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes. He pointed Heaven Gazer at the black mist as he pulled Asuna’s hand.

“Follow me, we will slowly approach that thing…”

Asuna nodded and she tagged along with Wu Yan. They silently crept up on the dark mass.

When they came within 5 meters of the unknown mass, the black mist suddenly stopped wriggling. Then, it violently roiled as a sinister red sheen came from within the black mist.

“Watch out!”

The sudden change shocked Wu Yan. Ghostly wails came and countless phantoms sprouted forth from the dark mist, raining down upon them.



Both of them jumped back when the phantoms flew over.

The black mist increased its speed and caught up with them in no time at all!

Wu Yan swung Heaven Gazer, unleashing a green-colored sword skill that struck the black mist encircling them.


The phantoms within the black mist stopped for a bit. However, they were too numerous so Wu Yan’s attack only momentarily stalled them before they resumed attacking.

“We have no choice!”

Wu Yan stopped and he unsheathed Elucidator.

“Asuna! Attack!”


The light of Sword skills covered both Wu Yan and Asuna, they clashed against the encroaching dark mass.


When the black mist touched their attacks, the black mist immediately got dispersed. They were glad at first but their faces turned grim when they saw what happened next.

The black mist that got dispersed was returned to the swirling dark mist at the center of the room.

Something’s not right here.

Wu Yan and Asuna had no time to think because more phantoms were on their way.

Wu Yan ended a phantom with each strike, however, that did little to stop the legion of phantoms hounding them. After killing dozens of phantoms, Wu Yan couldn’t help but pant slightly.

Asuna isn’t doing any better. She poked holes in the phantoms around her but more replaced the fallen phantoms. The dark red swirling mass of darkness started rampaging once more.

Like dark clouds tinged with the color of blood, the swirling dark mass got redder whenever a phantom got slain.

As time went on, a sense of crisis rose within the fighters. Then, ghastly wails came to reinforce this sense of being in the danger zone.

With Heaven Gazer and Elucidator dancing around, Wu Yan took down phantoms after phantoms but he wasn’t smiling. He frowned because his guts told him this isn’t the full story. He sped up his attacks and he demolished the phantoms around him.

With a moment to relax, Wu Yan looked up at the swirling dark mass only to be surprised.

Inside the black mist, an entity about 2 to 3 meters tall solidified when more and more fallen phantoms merged with it.

“Could it be…”

The black mist shrunk as if stimulated by an external source. The ghastly howls stopped as the blood-red glow intensified. Soon, a bone-crunching sound greeted them from beyond the black mist.

A glint flashed in Wu Yan’s eyes before he charged at the entity with swords raised.


Asuna yelled in shock...

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