Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 748: Walking ahead of everyone...

In what seemed like an instant, 3 days went by...

The clearers started conquering the 99th-floor's labyrinth. They formed groups larger than the ones before this floor. They started exploring.

Taking down the 98th-floor came at the cost of 15 players. The number of deaths are enough to shake anyone. However, they didn't stop their raid efforts just because they felt a bit depressed.

Even if more players will die, the desire to be free overwhelmed the fear of death. On the contrary, death fueled the players and they tried harder to clear the remaining floors.

The players wanted to clear this game as soon as possible because they might be the next player to bite the dust.

Two more floors until they can return to the real world. How can they give up now?...

Perhaps stimulated by the deaths of 15 players, the clearers drastically improved themselves. The hot-headed players also cooled themselves down and cooperated with other clearers when diving into the labyrinth.

Of course, there are nutheads who can't cool down. They were promptly relieved of their duties and sent home to chill.

The chaos within the raid group calmed down soon enough. Souta and Klein were the MVPs who controlled their guild members and reined them in before things got out of hand.

The clearers started behaving when deaths occurred. As Klein aptly placed it, they were problematic brags who needed help, they were about as smart as kids when they are being reckless.

Fortunately, things are still going fine for now.

The 99th-floor isn't that wide, there are not a lot of fields with mob monsters in them. It took the raid members 3 days to push their way into the labyrinth.

The green bugs with paralysis and phantoms with breath attacks took the clearers by surprise. Ignoring their troublesome skills, the green bugs had tough defense and the phantoms were hard to hit. Because Wu Yan and Asuna supplied them with information, they managed to avoid casualties from arising within the raid group.

The clearers got used to fighting the labyrinth monsters and they soon discovered the hidden feature of the labyrinth, killing monsters helped unlock visibility on the map.

In the past, searching for the boss room is the primary objective of  the raid members when they are roaming the labyrinth. Taking down a floor involves, firstly, exploring the labyrinth, locating the boss room, and, finally, killing the floor boss.

Exploration and killing the boss can be expedited through talks and strategies. However, locating the boss room relied more on luck. More often than not, locating the boss room wasted the most time.

When killing monsters can speed up the scouting of the boss room, that's like giving a thirsty guy a cup of water, simply refreshing.

However, that's enough about the raid group. Wu Yan already cleared enough monsters to unlock the entire map.

On the first day of labyrinth exploration, Wu Yan and Asuna unlocked one-third of the map. On the second day, they sped up after gathering enough information, they unlocked about 80% of the map. Today, they can see the entire map when they open up their interfaces.

Wu Yan looked at the red dot in the corner of the map. He sighed as he wondered about his luck.

Killing monsters unlocked the map bit by bit. In other words, there is a slight chance the next monster killed would reveal the boss room. If you're really unlucky, the boss room won't be revealed until you unlocked the entire map which just happens to be Wu Yan's luck this time around.

Asuna looked at the red dot with a look of unease. She tugged on his sleeves with a worried look.

"Say, what do we do now?..."

"What else?..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"We kill that boss. What? You want to kill more bugs and bird ghosts?>.."

Asuna pouted her lips.

"I knew you were going to say that..."

Asuna brandished her rapier.

"Okay, let's go!"

Wu Yan's lip twitched when he heard her. He asked her one more time just in case.

"Are you really not going to reconsider?..."

Asuna waved her hand at him without turning back.

"I am not going to make you fight together with the clearers, don't tell me to go home!"

Wu Yan wanted to say something but after seeing her resolute face, he knew better than to try in vain to convince her otherwise.

They exchanged the same lines each time they found the boss room. Wu Yan insisted on Asuna to go home while Asuna wanted Wu Yan to fight alongside the raid members. Wu Yan turned her offer down and in the end it would always result in both of them fighting the floor boss together...

They didn't even talk about it for long because they knew how this would end. It's just how they express their care and love for each other. Asuna is worried that Wu Yan will not return after entering the boss room. Wu Yan is worried he won't be able to take the hit for his wife when something untoward happens...

They are both as stubborn as a mule. One of them wanted to keep all the loot. The other wanted to avoid staying at home when her loved one fights the floor boss. In a sense, it's not hard to see why they were attracted to each other.

The two killed any monsters that were unfortunate to stumble across them while they were on the way to the boss room. The concentrated population of the monsters failed to stop this high-specs husband and wife duo. After 30 minutes, the windings roads narrowed until there was only one path.

A familiar door greeted them at the end of a pathway, urging anyone to come and open it.

Asuna turned around and she adjusted Wu Yan's collar for him.

"We are going to win right?"

"Of course!"

Wu Yan hugged Asuna.

"Come on, Yui probably made us some food. She's waiting to eat with us at home!"

"Yeah, I am looking forward to that too!"

Asuna smiled widely, she took in Wu Yan's expression and she closed her eyes.

Wu Yan rubbed her cheek and then he gave her a soft kiss. They hugged for a short while in front of the floor boss' room.

Soon, they parted lips...

"Okay, let's go!"


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