Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 745: Asuna's afraid of ghosts...

A black phantom emerged from a wall in the corner. It went through another wall before it crept out the other end, floating around without a shred of care.

The phantom had a blue glow to it, hooded cloak, without legs or arms, the phantom had only an avian head to complete its ghastly loadout, it fluttered with the cold winds here.

Like a blind creature, the monster roamed around in a peaceful manner. It passed the petrified players like it's just minding its own business.

Wu Yan and Asuna had yet to recover from their stunned state. One of them had a look of confusion while the other had a sickly pale face. Her o-shaped lips opened wider and wider.

Wu Yan reacted immediately by covering her mouth, preventing her from shrieking.

"Calm down! Calm down! Asuna!"

Wu Yan bitterly laughed while gagging her.

"It's just a monster, not a ghost..."

A cold gust blew pass Wu Yan when he said this, he shivered on reflex and he awkwardly beamed at Asuna.

Finally, she returned to her original self with tears in the corners of her eyes. She sneaked another glance at the phantom and she shut her eyes tight. She also grabbed onto Wu Yan's arm for dear life.

"Yan... Yan... yan..."

Asuna who was so terrified she dared not look one more time continued calling out Wu Yan's name. She sounded like she would bawl any second now.

"It appeared! It really appeared!"

Wu Yan rubbed his forehead, the Flash who looked like she had no weakness finally revealed the chink in her armor. In the end, she's just a girl...

"Yeah yeah, no need to be afraid..."

Wu Yan patted her on the back.

"The monster does not have long tongue, it's also not drenched in blood or has a rotten face, it's just a bird-headed monster with a creepy cloak..."

"You're not making this any better!"

Asuna shivered one more time.

She added Wu Yan description to the monster in her mind. She pinched Wu Yan's fatty meat to teach him a lesson. However, Wu Yan did manage to calm her down. She slightly opened her eyes to look at the phantom one more time.

"Wh-why isn't it attacking us?"

Asuna peaked out from behind Wu Yan, she still looked a bit scared.

"It's probably the type that won't attack as long as you don't attack first..."

Wu Yan looked at the phantom which just passed them at a distance of only 2 meters.

"I never thought a monster inside the dungeon would be as passive as the monsters outside on the fields..."

"There's only one?..."

Asuna clutched Wu Yan's clothes. Her trembling eyes suggested that she's not completely over this ordeal yet. She must be really afraid of ghosts.

"I don't think so?..."

He looked around.

"It came out of the walls here, there are probably more of them lurking inside the walls..."

Asuna gulped and she shrunk away from the walls near her. Wu Yan amused himself with her skittish appearance.

"I am guessing you're tapping out?..."

Wu Yan unsheathed the Heaven Gazer.

"Alright, let me have at it."

"Wait! Don't leave me behind!"

Asuna tugged Wu Yan's clothes.

"We should just sneak past it if it's this passive!"

"No way..."

Wu Yan's lip twitched.

"Are you going to dodge every spirit-type monster from now on?"

"What's so bad about that?!"

Asuna shot a glare at Wu Yan.

"I know they can attract nearby monsters with their wails, do you want to solo a bunch of phantoms and green bugs?"

"I am pretty sure we wiped this area clean of green bugs..."

Wu Yan helplessly shook his head. He looked at the walls near him. Soon, he could see three indicators moving around in the wall.

"There are three more phantoms here..."

Wu Yan turned towards Asuna.

"I should go try them out, with only four phantoms, I should be fine..."

Wu Yan knocked Asuna lightly on the head when he saw she was about to say something.

"Look at you, you're hiding away from a bunch of monsters, would players believe you're the same Asuna who led the clearers on many floor boss raids?"

Wu Yan brandished Heaven Gazer.

"I will counting on you for rear support!"

Asuna let go of Wu Yan when she saw his resolute expression. She clenched down on the handle of her sword.

Wu Yan smiled and he sucked in a breath of air as he stared at the phantom.


He swiped Heaven Gazer at the closest phantom.


Wu Yan felt like he's slicing air. He gasped when his sword brushed past the spirit.

Eek eek

The phantom emitted an ear-piercing sound. Its cloak fluttered and sharp talons appeared from behind its cloak, shooting for Wu Yan.

Wu Yan shot out green needles that struck the avian head true and swift.

Eek eek

The phantom wailed in pain, its HP gauge decreased steadily. Wu Yan immediately recognized this at the weakpoint of the monster. They can't take hits to the head.


The monster spread its claws as cold air surged inside the phantom. With a red glow, the monster charged at Wu Yan like a cannonball.


He took out one more needle. He flashed past the ghost's attack as he drew a cool trajectory like that of a swallow in flight. Then, he stabbed the monster right in the glabella with his needle.

The phantom screeched to a halt while letting out whimpers of pain.


He stabbed his huge sword into the phantom's head, easily cleaving it in twain.

The phantom stopped shrieking and its HP fell steadily down to 0.


The floating monster dispersed in a rain of data crystals. Wu Yan didn't stop while Asuna's worried shout came from behind.

"Watch out!"

He can hear streaking noises behind him, the characteristic "Eek Eek" sounds gave away the attack.

The three phantoms lurking in the walls attacked!

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