Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 744: The danger of paralysis

This bug with a green shell is weak in terms of attack power, it can only take away Wu Yan's health by 10% even while using skills. Its normal attacks were even more pathetic. However, it had exceptional defense.

It took two hits from Wu Yan and one hit from Asuna to kill it. However, what's noteworthy here isn't the number of hits, rather, it's the one who dealt the attacks.

Wu Yan is someone who put all his points into strength. He's probably the one with the highest STR stat in this game.

Wu Yan dealt with the first floor boss' personal bodyguards with only one sword skill. He is also the one who took away 1/8 of the Christmas boss' HP during the special event.

Those monsters weren't your run of the mill monsters. Wu Yan made sure his power kept increasing by upgrading his equipment, leveling up, and adding attributes to his attacks. Even so, it still took him more than 2 hits to take down a monster inside the labyrinth. He surmised the monsters had high defenses here from this.

Most importantly, this tanky monster had something other tanky monsters didn't have, a skill that can paralyze people!

It took only one hit to paralyze Wu Yan.

Wu Yan is a player who took it upon himself to master paralysis and get enough resistance in it to only be paralyzed by 3 seconds when Kuradeel sprung his trap on him. This monster managed to stop Wu Yan in his tracks for more than 3 seconds.

Other players would have died while waiting for the paralysis to clear up.

This monster was alone. Imagine encountering two or three of these buzzers.

These monster could potentially chain paralysis someone until they died.

How terrifying...

Wu Yan and Asuna bitterly laughed after they exchanged a look.

"Looks like we have to our best not to get hit in the following encounters..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips. He was sure he can tide through without Asuna's backup, but if others saw him...

Wu Yan shivered at the thought.

Asuna shook her head with a bitter smile.

"I have seen other debuffs from monsters, but paralysis, this is the most dangerous debuff of them all..."

Asuna looked around with a grim look.

"If the clearers come here, they would need to travel in a group of at least a dozen players. This is the only way they can switch reliably and still dispatch the monsters fast enough to not be swarmed. If they got swarmed..."

"Even elite players would need at least three players, right?..."

Wu Yan rubbed his chin.

"A tank would need to attract all the aggro and then the remaining players would need to quickly dispatch the monsters while the tank is paralyzed..."

"In any case..."

Asuna looked at Wu Yan with a stern glance.

"Solo is definitely a no-no!"

"Says who!"

Wu Yan puffed his chest out.

"The green-shelled monster couldn't kill me because the paralysis duration isn't long enough. Even if I am surrounded, the healing fairy can heal me enough that the bugs couldn't kill me unless..."

"Unless what?..."

Asuna looked at Wu Yan with an annoyed look.

Wu Yan rubbed his chin.

"There are more than 10 of those bastards..."


Asuna stabbed Wu Yan's chest with her finger.

"5 bugs like that would be more than enough to paralyze you until the end of this game!"

Wu Yan awkwardly chuckled, he apologized to her.

"Okay, my bad..."

Asuna nodded with a satisfied look. She asked him once more with arms akimbo.

"Are we clear on this?..."

"Clear on what?..."

Wu Yan flinched.

"What do you mean?..."

Asuna had a dangerous light in her eyes.

"I am coming with you tomorrow, that's the most rational choice!"

Wu Yan's lips twitched and he spotted a 囧 look.

You're still mad I told you to stay with Yui...

Wow, girls can really keep their grudges...


Wu Yan lifted his hands and he continued in a weak tone.

"My bad..."


Asuna nodded with a smug look. She patted Wu Yan on his shoulder.

"As long as you understand..."

Wu Yan turned his head the other way.

He's afraid he might just give her a good spanking right here to remind her who is in charge.


Heaven Gazer split yet another green bug's head. His brutish power instantly killed the monster with a critical shot to the head.  The monster mewled in agony before it exploded into data crystals. The battle results were tallied and displayed in a pop-up window in front of Wu Yan and Asuna.

Wu Yan rubbed his stiff neck. It's been one hour since they entered this dungeon. He killed about a hundred of those nasty green bugs with his Heaven Gazer. The space looked much more vacant after Wu Yan and Asuna did a little clean-up here.

With Asuna's help, he made great progress. If he came here by himself, slowed down by the paralysis attacks, he would probably need an entire day to kill as many monsters as he did in an hour with Asuna's help.

"Yan! Look!"

Asuna presented a dropped item like an energetic kid.

"It's a rare item!"

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow. He looked at her with an amused look.

"Look at you, lady's luck with you. If we sold this item, it should go easily for 1 million Cors..."

"No way!"

Asuna stored her item away.

"This item is very useful in a pinch!"


Wu Yan continued.

"Then you keep it."

Asuna nodded. They shared the same inventory system after they got married so it didn't matter who kept the item. They can use it whenever they pleased. Other players would be busy squabbling over this item but not them, they didn't have to worry about coming up with a win-win solution.

Both of them continued walking along the winding stairs. The dimly lit labyrinth with ghostly gales blowing around appeared terrifying and soul-chilling. If Asuna was by herself, she would probably stay away unless someone dragged her dead body here.

Whoosh whoosh

The cold wind blew by them, Asuna is already hugging Wu Yan's arm like mad. Although Wu Yan wanted to care about Asuna, he couldn't because he had to see if there are any monsters around them.


A voice came from a certain direction and they immediately raised their arms.

When the monster revealed itself to the two of them, they froze up. Asuna went deathly pale as blood drained away from her face...

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