Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 740: You guys just need to trust me.

"I already knew about this..."

His voice echoed in Yui's ears. Her troubled heart started rumbling. Before Yui could say anything, Wu Yan pointed out something which roused her intrigue.

"Sword Art Online, this game is supported by a very advanced ssystem..."

Yui clenched her teeth and she lowered her heart. Wu Yan continued telling the story she should have been telling him had he not possessed prior knowledge.

"The Cardinal System is an autonomous system designed to preserve the balance of this game. Possessing vast computational powers, and the power to adjust monster attributes, items, and equipment drop rates, the Cardinal System controls all the processes in this game world..."

"Under its authority is the maintenance of players suffering mental problems..."

Wu Yan can tell Yui's body is shaking the moment he mentioned this. He bitterly laughed while looking into Yui's face.

"Yui, You're the mental health counselling program (Yui-MHCP001), right?..."

Yui looked at Wu Yan with deep shock. She was ready to confess her origins but Wu Yan's words threw her cards into the air and she didn't know how to proceed from this point on.

"Why? How did you..."

Wu Yan didn't answer her. Instead, he smiled at her.

"Yeah, I more or less knew about your identity when I brought you home with me on that fateful day..."

"From the start..."

Yui couldn't believe her ears, her body trembled.

"If you already knew about my true identity, why did you still pick me up?"


Wu Yan rubbed her head. He caressed her silky smooth hair.

"Who in the right mind would leave an unconscious little girl collapsed in the woods just like that?"

"Little girl..."

Yui tried to shrink away from him with an awkward laugh.

"I am just a program, I am not an actual human girl..."

"Is that so?>.."

Wu Yan turned around, he pointed her towards a certain corner of the house. There are photos with Asuna, Wu Yan, Kirito, Liz, Klein, Souta, Agil, Sachi, Shion, and Silica....

"Look at them..."

Wu Yan pointed at Wu Yan & co.

"Yui, do you honestly think they doubted your humanity?"

"Think about it, Uncle Kirito, Uncle Klein, Uncle Souta, Uncle Agil always brought gifts for you whenever they came back from the labyrinth. Meanwhile, Aunt Liz, Aunt Sachi, Aunt Shion, Aunt Silica would come along to bring you out on trips to the cities, right?"

"Now, would someone do that for a simple program? Do you still think you're just a program?"

Yui started losing her focus as she recalled the events she experienced. However, she shook her head when she realized something.

"N-no, I am just ones and zeroes written by the Cardinal. My tears are fake, my body is fake, even my emotions, how can..."

Wu Yan shut his eyes.

"Alright, you say your body is fake and your tears are generated..."

"Basically, you're like every other player in this world, yeah?..."

Yui was stunned.

Wu Yan gave her another big hug.

"Yui, let papa give you a lesson..."

In this world, everything's digital, the players are also ones and zeroes walking around. The monsters, their tears, they are all not real. I have to hand it to Kayaba Akihiko, he's got mad computing skills to emulate all those complex stuff..."

"But, even if he's very good, I doubt he has the ability to write codes for emotions."

"Granted, everything you said might be fake, however, I am sure the feelings you expressed are genuine..."

He pressed Yui's head against his chest.

"Look? Isn't my hug warm?..."

Yui couldn't resist but nod. Wu Yan's smile became even more radiant.

"Okay, do you love papa?..."

Yui looked at Wu Yan instantly. Tears started rolling down her cheeks, she grabbed Wu Yan's shirt and she buried her head in his embrace.

"I love you! I love you! I love papa the most! I love mama the most too!"

Her tears made his shirt wet. Her sobs echoed in the room.

"Yui wants to stay with Papa and Mama. I don't wanna leave papa and mama, uuu..."

A figure flashed past the living room, the figure grabbed Yui.

Wu Yan was surprised by the figure. He gasped.


Asuna was already tearing up, she squeezed Yui into a tight hug.

"We will always be together, Mama will never leave you behind!"


"It doesn't matter if Yui's Yui, a program, a monster, I don't care!"

Asuna didn't loosen her grip on Yui.

"I know only one thing. Yui is my beloved daughter..."


Yui was already crying up a storm. Her tears never stopped flowing for a second. They were weeping and sobbing together.

Wu Yan didn't feel good looking at the mother and daughter pair cry up a deluge. He didn't like the fact that the two people he cared about the most in this world has to go through something like this.

Yui detected the pain in Wu Yan's heart. She stopped crying and she wiped away the tears on her face. She gave them a wide smile.

"Thank you, papa, mama, I will cherish what little time we have left..."

"What do you mean by that?!"

Wu Yan's pupil shrank.

"What little time?..."

Asuna turned pale, a sense of crisis crept up from deep in her heart.


Yui gave them a very troubled smile. She linked her arms around Asuna's neck.

"The players stuck in Aincrad are already on the 98th-floor. If they kill the remaining 3 floor bosses, SAO will be cleared and players can leave this world..."

Her eyes turned misty.

"Three years ago, SAO's nature was changed and it became a death game. Players were filled with terror, hatred, despair, and various other negative emotions. Due to Papa and Mama's active efforts, the perceptions of the players changed towards the positive side. Leaving this world is the sole hope in the hearts of every players in this world..."

"Papa, mama, you two are going to have to leave this world soon..."

Yui looked longingly at both Wu Yan and Asuna.

"I am an AI program, I can't return to the world with you two..."

Asuna's face turned into a deeper shade of paleness. She covered her mouth, her grief made talking very difficult. Meanwhile, Wu Yan chuckled when an idea struck him.


Wu Yan hugged both Asuna and Yui.

"Don't worry, papa has a way out of this."


Yui was dumbfounded. Asuna looked at Wu Yan intently.

"Yan, you..."


Wu Yan tightened his hug.

"You girls just need to trust me!"

Asuna and Yui looked at Wu Yan without saying anything. Then, they resolved themselves and they nodded.

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