Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 738: Evil thoughts, slyness?...

"Yui! Time for bed!..."


Yui jumped down from the sofa, she hesitated when she was about to charge into her room.

She looked at Wu Yan with anticipation in her eyes.

"Ne, papa..."

Yui gave Wu Yan a tight hug.

"Can I sleep together with papa and mama?"

Asuna and Wu Yan exchanged a look. They weren't sure what to make of this.

It's normal for a kid to want to sleep with their parents. But, Yui lived with them for more than a year without asking to sleep together. Again, she's a kid so it's normal for her to make this request.

They weren't sure what to do because of Wu Yan's poor excuse for making Yui sleep in a room by herself.

As a youth with passionate flames burning within himself, he spent every night of the first two years in SAO under constant agony.

Without his wives by his side, he couldn't play his favorite wick-dipping game. For a lustful guy like him, that's basically a fate worse than death. Well, he can't die anyway, True Ancestor and all. He was sure he would come out of this world with mental problems due to prolonged moratorium on pants-off dance-offs. Back then, he is agitated almost every night.

God had mercy on his poor soul and Asuna appeared in his life. Wu Yan finally got laid and things only got better after he married Asuna. Like fuel added to flames, he spent almost every night sleeping with a blissful smile on his face.

Yui who slept together with Wu Yan and Asuna during the first few days of her stay in Wu Yan's residence got exiled to her room because her papa was thinking with his other head.

With a cute loli like her around, Wu Yan couldn't pin Asuna down on the bed as easily as before. Even if he could, Asuna wouldn't consent to it even with a gun pointed to her head. So, that was a no-go...

An Oyakodon with both Asuna and Yui?

That would make him an Oni Chi Chi!

Wu Yan chanted amitabha 3655 times and he cleared out a room for Yui to live in, all in order to fulfill his lust. Yui is also very obedient in this regard. Aside from the initial reluctance, she sensed the tacit tension between her parents so she followed Wu Yan's words.

Yui never asked to sleep with Asuna and Wu Yan after that. For one whole year, until now, that is...

Hence, their puzzlement.

Wu Yan felt a bit awkward when he recalled why he made Yui sleep by herself. Asuna also blushed until her ears and cheeks were red as an apple. Yui who buried her head in Wu Yan's chest didn't see this. She looked quietly at Wu Yan with excitement in her eyes.

Wu Yan, sinful as he may be, couldn't turn her down. It's only one night, right? He lived with sapphire-blue balls for two entire years, what's one night compared to that, right?


Wu Yan picked her up and he laughed out loud.

"Alright, you can sleep with papa and mama tonight!"

Yui immmediately beamed at him. She vigorously rubbed her head against his chest while leaking out giggles of joy. Asuna who still had a tinge of blush on her cheeks also chuckled when she saw this...

The door opened and Yui dashed into the room and she jumped onto the bed. She tucked herself in, leaving only her head visible. She waved at Wu Yan and Asuna.

"Papa! Mama! Faster!"


Wu Yan laughed while shaking his head. They slept with Yui in the middle. He poked her cheek with his finger.

"You're already a big girl, I don't know why you're still so spoiled..."

Yui wrinkled her nose, she grabbed both Wu Yan and Asuna's hands.

"Yui just wants to sleep with papa and mama, geez!"


Asuna narrowed her eyes and she gave her a tight hug. She glanced at Wu Yan.

"Don't bully my daughter!"

Wu Yan used a 囧 expression.

"When did I..."

Asuna ignored him, she patted Yui on the back.

"Alright, go to sleep now..."

Yui nodded. She yawned and she entered a sleeping state in no time at all.

Wu Yan and Asuna didn't fall asleep immediately. They watched as Yui dozed off. It's like they are afraid she might get nightmares and wake up to find no support. The girl slept with a peaceful smile on her face.

Asuna brushed Yui's bangs and she murmured.

"I remember how she slept soundly like this when she first arrived here, she looked as peaceful as she did right now..."

Asuna looked at Wu Yan.

"How long has it been since we saw her sleeping countenance?"

"I don't think it's that long..."

Wu Yan continued looking at Yui as he nonchalantly replied.

"Almost every night..."

Asuna flinched in shock.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Yeah! Anything wrong with that?..."

Wu Yan continued like it's only usual.

"Yui slept by herself. Naturally, I got worried so I would check up on her almost every night. I bet you don't know Yui is a very docile sleeper, she rarely kicks her blanket away..."

Asuna frowned with displeasure.

"You're too sly, you know that?..."

Wu Yan gasped.

"Where did this come from?"

"I can't believe you did that behind my back..."

Asuna mumbled.

"You're taking your job as the papa way too seriously, you're making me look bad..."

"I can understand why..."

Wu Yan chortled.

"I mean you're 'working so hard', after such tiring 'sessions', I couldn't bring myself to wake you up..."

"Shut up!"

Asuna's gaze turned dangerous.

"You're the one who made Yui stay in another room. It was your idea from the start so it's your fault I can't see Yui's sleeping face as often as I liked!"

"You're making it sound like I am exiling her to the room..."

Wu Yan retorted.

"A kid's gotta grow up, what's so bad about giving her some private space?!"

Asuna gnashed her teeth and she made audible sounds. Clearly, she wanted to chomp this guy.

He spun the story into one of parenting when he just wanted to get it on with Asuna. Talk about shamelessness...


Wu Yan knew what Asuna looked like when she wants to bite somebody. He is also painfully aware of how sharp Asuna teeth became when she's angry. He got bit multiple times. If this wasn't a game, he would be bruised and red all over.

Wu Yan started pacifying her.

"Don't move too much, she's sleeping and you're going to wake her..."

"Don't talk to me like I don't know to think for my daughter!"

Asuna said with hushed tone. She leered at Wu Yan.

"You better make sure you call me up when you check up on Yui at night!"


"Don't you 'ha' me!"

Asuna gave the guy another menacing look.

"Did you hear me?!"

Wu Yan's lip twitched. Given her reaction, it's evident that she's jealous...

He's not sure if she's jealous of him or jealous of Yui, that's a topic for another time...


Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her.

"I can't win against you..."

Asuna pursed her lips as she placed her head on top of Yui's head. Ignoring Wu Yan, she closed her eyes after the sandman lulled her into his kingdom. Wu Yan shook his head with a smile on his face. He hugged both Yui and Asuna. His eyes slowly closed...

Soon, the sound of three people sleeping reverberated in the room.

After a while, Yui suddenly opened her eyes...

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