Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 733: The change in the wife, the daughter, and the friends...

The great weather on this floor made the forest more vibrant than usual. The chirping of birds and the sound of insects could be heard in almost every corner in this forest. The scenery was already out of this world in the first place, add the great weather, the gentle breeze and you have the best day to go camping or have a picnic.

Deep in the forest, inside a wooden villa, Asuna sat on the sofa in a rather comfy casual dress. With a work-in-progress in her hands, she swiftly knitted the design she had in mind into reality. Her sewing skills are already at a very high level. She is also rather happy with her work, she continued knitting with that soul-stealing smile on her face.

In a year, Asuna matured rather quickly. Beside growing in height, her hair lengthened and her curves started thickening. She's radiating the charm of a mature woman, compared to herself a year ago, her attractiveness increased a lot!

If she entered the public sight once more, her fans would only increase further. Heck, her old fanbase might even go rabid if they see the current Asuna. Too bad for them, Asuna never appeared in public after quitting the Knights of Blood Oath.

Aside from Kirito, Lisbeth, Shion, Sachi, and Silica who came to visit once in a while, no other players were blessed with seeing the growth of Asuna.

If you thought Asuna only changed in appearance and aura then you're dead wrong!

Asuna liked living a quiet life. But, she hates losing too. Although she's no longer in the KoB, she made sure to keep her levels at par with the clearers.

After Yui got tucked in, Wu Yan and Asuna spent every night diving deep into the labyrinth to grind. If they are lucky, they would find the floor boss' room. Then, Asuna would join Wu Yan in raiding the floor boss. Wu Yan also taught her a bunch of battle techniques that made her as strong if not stronger than Kirito in equipment and levels.

Meanwhile, Kirito steadily grew in power until he held the spot of the third strongest with a strong margin. Excluding Wu Yan and Heathcliff, no one would say they are stronger than Kirito. Wu Yan can confidently say Asuna is better than him.

From this, one could surmise Asuna grew tremendously. However, her growth went unnoticed by the world at large. Excluding Wu Yan, everyone pegged Asuna's power at her level one year ago. In a senes, she became a hidden dragon among the players.

Yui experienced little to no change despite her mother's eye-popping change.

Her height is still the same, her hair that reached her waist stayed at the same length, her bangs are also in-line with her eyebrows. However, her white dress was changed to a white-shirt and pleated skirt combination. This bolstered her image as a bubbly kid.

On closer inspection, Yui who looked like an innocent girl had a lively glint in her eyes that wasn't there a year ago.

Currently, she's lying with her stomach on the sofa, she propped up her cheeks with her palms while flailing her legs in the air. A question popped into her mind and she asked Asuna with tilted head.

"Mama, are you making clothes for yourself?..."

Asuna made the clothes Wu Yan and Yui wore. Wu Yan is a male and she's still a kid. The style of the clothes in her hands resembled a female's design. It also didn't look like she made it for her. The only one who can wear something like that would be Asuna...

Asuna smiled at her but she didn't stop her making her handiwork.

"No, I am making this for Aunt Liz..."

Yui nodded. She wrinkled her nose.

"Can you make it?..."

"It's already done..."

Asuna gave the clothes one last stitch and a youthful and elegant dressed appeared in Asuna's hands. She showed it to Yui by lifting it up.

"There! After your father returns, we can head out!"

"Are we heading out soon?..."

Yui's eyes beamed up. She bounced up from the sofa and she continued jumping around in excitement.

"Papa, come back soon..."

Wu Yan walked in just as Yui voiced her wish. He shook his head with a chuckle.

"We still have some time before we need to go, I don't think this counts as being late, right?"


Yui glomped Wu Yan's arm while pouting.

"Papa, you're so slow! Uncle Kirito and Aunt Liz are going to get angry at you if you're not careful..."

"They aren't as petty as you!"

Wu Yan pinched her nose while Yui cried uncle.

Asuna helped Wu Yan tidy up his attire. She asked him in a warm tone.

"How was it?"

"Well, I've got some fat fishes that's for sure. Although they aren't comparable to S-grade material, I am sure they are all precious materials..."

Wu Yan placed his hand into the pail with him.

"With Kirito's appetite, these should be fitting gifts..."

"Stop, you..."

Asuna slapped Wu Yan on the back. Wu Yan enjoyed her light slap very much as it showed the intimacy between them.

"You done on your side?..."

Wu Yan looked at the dainty clothes in her hands and he praised her.

"Not bad, that's a girl for you. You girls are great with jewelries and clothes..."

Wu Yan rubbed his chin with slight confusion.

"Liz is so tomboy, I think she would be happier with a weapon over clothes, right?..."

Asuna rolled her eyes at him. She stored the clothes away and she backed away from him.

"Alright, I am going to change my clothes..."

Wu Yan scanned Asuna who looked absolutely stunning with her sling dress. Her exposed shoulders, arms, and legs were enchanting to say the least. He unconsciously gulped as he called her a temptress inside himself. He turned the other way to prevent the lustful flames within him from growing larger.

"Papa, papa..."

Yui tugged Wu Yan's sleeve from the side. She looked at Wu Yan with her great big eyes.

"Aren't you going to cook the fishies? I think Uncle Kirito will be happier with your dishes than materials..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips as he rubbed Yui's head.

"Yui, when I married mama, Uncle Kirito didn't even send me one Cors. He should be thankful that I am giving him fishes for his wedding..."

Indeed, one year since then, Liz and Kirito finally tied the knot.

It's probably because they feel like the game is close to its end at the 98th-floor that the two of them finally decided to tied the knot. They would probably feel really bad and regretful if they didn't do it now. They dropped the bomb on everyone by revealing their intentions without any cues. It didn't give them a lot of time to prepare a nuptial gift too. In the end, Wu Yan decided to send the guy fishes while Asuna made clothes for Liz.

"Hmm... when papa and mama got married, huh?"

Yui clasped her hands together.

"I wonder what it was like when papa and mama got married? Yui really wants to see it..."

Wu Yan winked at her.

"I will tell you when we have the time..."


Asuna came out of her room with a splendid white one-piece and a coat.

"Alright, we can go..."

Wu Yan nodded and he held hands with both Asuna and Yui as they exited their house.

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