Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 731: The risk of a mandatory quest, returning home

Four dead.

It’s a much better figure compared to the deaths in the original work numbering in the dozens. Heck, in a way, this outcome was a miracle.

Of course, the players who survived were blissfully ignorant of what happened in the original work. They should be counting their lucky stars, after all, of the ones that survived, had things gone exactly like it did in the original work, one in five of them wouldn’t be sitting here. But, they were still suffering from PTSD.

They were made painfully aware that had Wu Yan stopped coming to their rescue when they attracted the Floor Boss’ aggro, they would have been long dead by now. They can still vividly remember the cold scythes of death that were stopped by Wu Yan’s timely intervention.

Can, can we really clear this game?

The players started doubting their abilities.

Only Kirito, Souta, Klein, and Agil looked at Wu Yan when they considered this notion. Wu Yan is currently holding his swords akimbo with a calm look on his face. His cold confidence dispelled any doubts they might have, no, they were sure they can clear this game!

Wu Yan undoubtedly played a critical role in this raid battle. Without Heathcliff and him to lead the attack and defense, more than likely, they would have all perished by now. Wu Yan is the MVP because he continued attracting the boss’ aggro, deflecting attacks meant for other players, indirectly saving the players here.

If Wu Yan participated in the boss raids from now on, it’s definitely possible to clear Aincrad!

Yes, we can!

Kirito, Souta, Agil, and Klein were sure. The flames of conviction started burning within their hearts, sparked by the embers of hope!

They were assured. This game could be cleared!

On the other side, Wu Yan sighed in relief when he saw how the other players were faring. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw Kirito & co cheering the other players up, offering them help whenever needed.

Wu Yan came to this world due to the mandatory quest he got as a penalty for summoning Yukari without sufficient points.

Mandatory Quest: Clear all the floors!

Details: Enter SAO’s world, join SAO, and clear all 100 floors of Aincrad!

Restrictions: The user is not allowed to use the System. The user is prohibited from using abilities, equipment, items, or take other summons into SAO;

This mandatory quest has been bugging Wu Yan for quite some time now. Clearing all 100 floors means he can’t let things play out like it did in the original work. Kirito deduced Heathcliff’s identity in the original work and he ended the game early by challenging Heathcliff to a duel.

Kirito deduced Heathcliff’s identity in the original work on the 75th Floor, after they killed the floor boss!

If Kirito deduced Heathcliff’s identity like he did int eh original work, he would jeopardize Wu Yan’s quest. He couldn’t rule out the possibility of someone jumping out at the last second to block a mortal wound for Kirito, allowing him to kill Heathcliff, thereby ending the game early. Even if in this game, Kirito didn’t have the Dual Blades.

Wu Yan won’t stand idly by if Kirito is faced with danger in Heathcliff’s hands.

To save Kirito, he’s going to make sure he’s the one who ends Heathcliff when the time comes.

This is the best scenario to prevent a total loss of control.

If his quest fails, he will be forcefully evicted from this world to tackle another mandatory quest in another world. What’s going to happen to Asuna and Yui?

Time will stop the moment he leaves, however, that’s not the case for Wu Yan, this will stab at Wu Yan’s heart incessantly like a fishbone in one’s throat. He wanted a proper farewell with Asuna.

Fortunately, Kirito still hadn’t caught on to Heathcliff’s true identity.

Kirito spotted Heathcliff’s true identity in the original work because of an impossible movement pulled by Heathcliff in his duel. That’s when he started doubting Heathcliff. Without critical pivots like Dual Blades and Asuna, Kirito missed the crucial puzzle pieces needed for him to figure out Heathcliff’s identity. Naturally, this meant he didn’t get to challenge Heathcliff in this universe.

Thus, Heathcliff’s true identity is still hidden.

Wu Yan silently apologized to Kirito & co. He’s the one with the keys to the kingdom, he can call out Heathcliff right not but he can’t because he still needed to finish his quest. He glanced at Heathcliff and he pulled open his item log to check his loot.

Heathcliff took a quick look at Wu Yan too. He turned around to tell the other players about Wu Yan’s claim to the final loot.

Kirito, Souta, Klein, and Agil started getting anxious.

They were worried that the players would raise a storm of protest.

Wouldn’t someone be pissed if they risked their lives in a fight to get nothing at the end of a gruesome battle?

Humans are greedy. It’s not hard to imagine the players throwing a hissy fit about who gets what loot.

What shocked Kirito & co, including Heathcliff, is how the players eagerly nodded their heads when the raid players heard about this abrupt news. They were okay with this!

Where did they find the largesse?

To the raid players who were saved by Wu Yan at his peril, he’s like a messiah to them. Loot is hardly comparable to the risk Wu Yan personally took to save their lives.

Interesting how things turned out…

Kirito, Souta, Klein, and Agil exchanged a look. They weren’t sure what happened but it’s a good outcome so they are not going to question it.

“Captain Heathcliff…”

Kirito addressed Heathcliff.

“Fire up the transport gate…”

Heathcliff nodded. He walked forward when Wu Yan waved at them.

“Alright, I am heading back…”

“So soon?...”

Kirito and the others gasped.

“We are going to have a victory celebration in just a bit, shouldn’t you stay for it?...”


Wu Yan smiled faintly.

“Players died, I am not sure if I can celebrate consciously knowing that. Moreover, Asuna is still waiting for me….”

“I see…”

Kirito shook his head with a helpless look.

“Can’t be helped then…”


Heathcliff raised his head and he hollered.

“I hope we can get your help next time!”

Wu Yan gave him a perfunctory glance and then he continued walking towards the main door.

“I gave my words, I don’t intend on reneging on them…”

Aincrad, 22nd Floor…


Yui asked for the nth time while Asuna held her in a motherly embrace.

“When is papa coming back?...”

Asuna chuckled.


A noise came from the door. Asuna’s body twitched and she immediately stood up. She placed Yui down on the floor and she ran over to the door.

Please, let it be him…

Asuna quickened her pace. What greeted her when she opened the door was a figure so important she recognized his mug almost instantly. Tears started flowing down her cheeks as she welcomed him into the house.


Wu Yan beamed at her.

“I’m home…”

Asuna covered her mouth as she started weeping tears of joy. She used the most radiant smile she had ever mustered up to reply…

“Welcome back…”

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