Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 730: Killing, clearing, ending, and reporting...

Bam bam bam bam


Savage blows continued smashing the boss even as it protested and hissed in anger. Their merciless exchange of attacks told everyone this was an intense brawl.

With Wu Yan as the lead damage dealer and tank, Kirito and the others supported with solid attacks. Even if this boss had 5 freaking HP bars, in the end, it got reduced to the red zone after about half an hour of intense raid. They steadily beat the boss into the yellow zone a few minutes before this stage.

The other players had no time to mind the HP gauge. They were staking their lives to quickly kill the boss. The sooner they can end this boss, the sooner they can finish this tiring battle.

To prevent accidents and more deaths, they were so focused their eyes turned bloodshot. Their brains told them to keep attacking and attacking. They forgot about dodging or evading.

They weren't dumb enough to throw away their lives. They knew Wu Yan looked out for them by shanking the boss in its eyes whenever it tried to attack the raid players, even when he's still busy dealing with its giant scythes.

This is the reason why they can focus on attacking and forget about evasion.

Subconsciously, they entrusted Wu Yan with their lives.

They are going to die the moment Wu Yan trips up.

But, they chose to believe in him, the strongest player in this game. They believed in the legendary player who took down floor bosses on his own...

Unlike the other players, Kirito, Souta, Klein, and Agil trusted Wu Yan from the start. They were the ones who did the most damage after Wu Yan because they didn't hold back at all when attacking the boss.


The boss' eyes flashed deep red. As if it knew its time is up, the boss' howls had a hint of fear in them. It became even more desperate in attacking both Wu Yan and Heathcliff. It wanted to take down the two main culprits who placed it in the current situation.

Wu Yan and Heathcliff didn't let up even when they are sure the boss is on its last legs. They also didn't lighten the pressure they exerted on the boss.  They knew what's at stake here. One small mistake could result in needless deaths...

The raid group would suffer with the death of each player here.

While they focused on keeping the boss' aggro on them, Wu Yan and Heathcliff didn't forget to give the boss a good smacking or two with their sword skills whenever the chance presented itself.

Indeed, without Wu Yan, it might have taken at least an hour to get to this stage. In the original work, they took over an hour to take down the boss. With Wu Yan added to the equation, the boss is already at death's door within half an hour.

Finally, the boss' HP bar got reduced to that tiny sliver of a dot.

Wu Yan's eyes flashed with a brilliant glint. The healing fairy healed him to full HP and he instantly unleashed a torrent of starlight from his swords. Charging up for a second, he leaped up.

Using the boss' giant scythe as a stepping stone, he jumped up once more to reach the boss' face. Then, he swung his dual blades down on the boss!


That devilish blow struck the boss right on its glabella.


The boss' skull got shattered into a million pieces. Then, the boss' skull, what was left of it anyway, rained down as data polygons. A red digital gash indicating massive damage remained on the boss' spine.

The giant body stopped when the skull got smashed. The tiny bladed legs stopped as if an invisible force had bound them.

Kirito, Klein, Souta, Agil, and the raid players watched with stupefied looks. Heathcliff stared at the boss for a second before he planted the butt of his shield in the ground. Everybody watched as Wu Yan did a superhero landing.


The boss' massive body shattered into a sea of data crystals. The arena also dimmed down.

When the room turned dark, the floor cleared message popped up with the victory fanfare that's all too familiar to the players here.

After half an hour, the clearers finally slayed the quarter floor boss of the 75th Floor!

The doors to the boss room creaked open. The blocked path revealed itself to the players here. This was the definite proof the players looked for. Either they killed the boss or the boss killed them, they could only be one outcome.

They lived and the doors are opened. By simple deduction, they won against the boss!

This is all real!

"It's over..."

Kirito mumbled with a dazed look. He had to double verify the floor cleared message. His words sparked a chemical reaction in the brains of the players around them.

"It's over..."

"Yeah, it is..."

"We made it!"


The players resisted the urge to jump and celebrate. As they were out of breath, the mental exhaustion finally caught up with them when they threw their weapons down. Like sacks of potatoes they fell limply down to the floor as they heaved. Some of the players are already crying up a storm.

Those are tears of joys born from surviving a gruesome battle.

Somebody stopped the celebration with a single question.

"How many died?..."

Nobody made a sound. They also stopped wheezing altogether. The player who kept track voiced his grim reply...


Nobody paid attention to the identity of the speaker. They allowed him to continue...

"Three died at the start when the boss started attacking. The fourth casualty occurred when the player tried to desert the raid party resulting in the boss one-shot-killing the deserter."

Wu Yan, Kirito, Souta, Klein, Agil, and the other players fell silent...

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