Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 729: The tragic 75th-floor boss...

When the boss fell, the ground shook like an earthquake was going down. The players were barely staying on their feet.

They watched as Wu Yan caught his breath. They couldn't believe what they had just witnessed.

A boss that can instantly kill an elite player lost in a contest of strength!

The players felt like they were  inside a dream. They couldn't fathom the troubles in Wu Yan's mind.

He can excuse himself by saying he lost the tug-of-war because he didn't use his Dual Blades. But, he pulled out his other weapon which bolstered his stats greatly.

The Elucidator's stat magnified his attack power to another level. Even so, he only pulled through by a tiny margin. He also exhausted himself in the process.

He isn't sure if he can use his explosive power to lurch the boss over again.

That was also the reason why he chose to attack the boss in its eyes.

It's a game world but hitting the eyes usually meant hitting a critical spot, as evidenced by the Floor boss' pained shriek. The boss fell over and it doesn't look like the boss will be getting up anytime soon.


The boss opened its mouth, malicious energy gathered in its mouth before it released a deafening roar that shook the whole arena. The players were affected by this as their attack speed fell. The boss seized this chance to attack.


The boss flailed its giant head and the giant scythes acting as its pincer swiped the area around the boss.

"Watch out!"

The scythes looked like they could skewer a whole squad of players. The players that were planning to pounce on the boss with their sword skills immediately backed away without a second thought.

The boss had lethal attack power, only players with Unique skills stood a chance at receiving the attacks head-on. Other than them, the players who try to block are going to end up like the players that got cut into ribbons before dying in a rain of data crystals.

Nobody needed Kirito's warning. Excluding Wu Yan and Heathcliff, the other players all scattered away.

Because the boss was struggling to get up, it couldn't make full use of its immense power. It was as futile as using a cannon to hit a bunch of flies. Without proper control, its attacks missed the intended targets.


Heathcliff lifted his shield and he told him in a grim tone.

"I will block its attacks! Get the others to attack when the chance arises!"

Wu Yan helplessly nodded. He had to admit that this boss was more troublesome than the bosses before it. He can't see himself beating this boss in a short time. He's sure he can take the boss down on his own, especially with the help of his healing fairy.

But, since Heathcliff suggested a team fight, why did he have to turn down such a generous offer that saved his energy? This boss is as strong if not stronger than him, after all.

The boss finally got up after flailing around like mad. Its head was facing Wu Yan and Heathcliff. It stared down at both of them like they were its sworn enemies.

"Let's go!"

Heathcliff yelled.

Wu Yan slightly nodded and they charged at the boss despite the two large scythes of bone coming their way. They slipped through the barrage of stabs and slashes.

Bam bam




"Let's join them!"

Kirito, armed with Dark Repulser, rallied Souta, Klein, Agil, and the other players as they swarmed the giant boss, nicking it whenever they saw a chance. Slowly but surely, the boss' HP got shaved away.

Their individual attacks were pathetic at best, however, when their damage cumulated, the end result was something the boss couldn't ignore.


The boss hissed in anger. Wu Yan and Heathcliff blocked its giant scythes but the boss used its large bony tail to lash its surroundings in a blur of white color.

Wu Yan saw this and his eyes flashed with a witty glow. He changed his grips as a golden sheen covered him. Like a golden lightning, he dealt another heavy blow on the boss' eyes, stopping the boss in its tracks before it could assault the raid group. Stunned, the boss couldn't hit any players.

Kirito and the others had smiles of relief but they didn't stop chipping away the boss' HP. They were bringing the boss to pound town, one bony segment at a time, causing a minor dust storm whenever they finished their combos.


Under the heavy suppression of Wu Yan, Heathcliff, and the raid members, the boss' huge body worked against it as it provided the players with more space to land attacks on. Twisting around like a snake in a boiling pot, the boss continued thrashing about although this didn't slow down the HP reduction rate.


In a silver flash of light, a dark sword brilliantly glowing with a silvery light embedded itself between the boss' glabella.

If Heathcliff who possess the Holy Sword is the player with the highest defense in game, Wu Yan who was blessed with the Dual Blades, would be the only player in game who enjoyed double attack damage and double attack speed, making him the player with the highest known attack in game.

With his two trusty swords, he took away a good chunk of the boss' HP. Although he lost in terms of absolute damage against what the raid players could dish out as a whole, he wasn't far from it!

Bam bam bam.

Kirito and the others are still busy wrecking the boss. Meanwhile, Heathcliff focused on using his Holy Sword to block the boss' deadly pincers and scythes. Wu Yan held his own against the boss with his two swords, with Heathcliff here, he had an easier time focusing on dealing out tons of damage.

While keeping himself out of harm's way, Wu Yan didn't forget to give the boss a good stabbing or two in its four eye sockets. He was like a storm of sword blows that rained down on the boss. His attacks sounded like somebody was playing a giant bongo. The players felt their chest tightening whenever they heard him going on a rampage with the boss' body.

By the time they knew it, the boss had already lost more than half its HP bar.

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