Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 728: Clash! Brute strength against brute strength!


The boss sent ripples of energy into the ground while roaring. Everywhere this force touched, the ground lit up like there are flames underneath, making the cold floor look hot. The whole room lit up in a dramatic manner and the mysterious force disappeared.

The dark environment disappeared as the room lit up, this cleared up the visibility problem hindering the players but none of the players were happy. The warm color under the floor failed to ease their worries. They felt like they were being grilled as sweat fell down their faces.

"I said spread out! Disperse!"

Heathcliff issued commands even while the situation looked like it was growing out of control. His voice remained steady despite this grave situation, he managed to convince the other players to remain calm with his composed attitude. Granted, there are other players who just couldn't get a hold of themselves. Their performance are dragging down the raid group, the other players frowned at them but they were also worried about the underperforming players.


Kirito called out to Wu Yan. He turned around and he nodded after figuring out Kirito's intention. They stepped forward at the same time and they jumped at the floor boss.


The boss retaliated with another booming roar. It's like the floor boss remembered who stabbed it. It immediately targeted Wu Yan. It started crawling towards them with its spindly long scythes.


The two sides clashed in a violent collision.  The boss swung its scythes at the two players and the two players were smacked far away.


Wu Yan's hands felt numb. He clenched down on his teeth as he flipped once in the air. He steadied himself as he slid along the ground. Kirito wasn't as lucky, he crashed into the ground, he suffered a slight decrease to his HP bar as a result.

Wu Yan looked at the boss with his deep-red eyes. He spotted a very grim look. His hands are still shaking from the collision between him and the floor boss.

Wu Yan is a player who went all in on the Strength attribute. His strength and attack powers are off the chart. However, he still lost in that test of strength. Granted, Wu Yan isn't surprised with this outcome.

The 74th floor boss already demonstrated an explosive strength that matched him. The Quarter Floor Bosses are notoriously harder than bosses of adjacent floors. Plus, Wu Yan reckons he can't one-hit-kill a frontliner. But, the boss did just that...

This boss had overwhelming power and brute strength.

That's not the most important part. At the heart of the matter...

The super strong floor boss rampaged around the arena, like a monster truck with scythes for legs, the floor boss started wrecking the raid group with its immense strength and fast speed. The players felt like they were fighting a train that had the agile movements of an insect. They couldn't even get close to land solid hits on the boss.

Yes, this boss had overwhelming speed too!

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes. He pointed heaven gazer diagonally at the ground as he slowly placed his hand on the Elucidator's grip.


Wu Yan yelled at Kirito.

"I will stop it by tackling it from the front. You lead Klein and the others to flank it from the sides!"

"You want to tackle it by yourself?..."

Kirito couldn't believe his ears.

"Are you going to be okay?..."

Kirito trusted Wu Yan's and his immense power, however, this boss is on another level in terms of deadliness. This was a boss who can kill elite players with a single attack, any small mistakes can lead to a fatal end.

Wu Yan chuckled as he unsheated Elucidator. With swords akimbo, he continued.

"I am going to stack my life on this, what do you think? Is there going to be a problem?"

Kirito's expression turned stiff. He sighed and he turned towards the boss.

"Don't die on me!"


Wu Yan got into a sword stance, his body lit up with the light of Sword skills.

"Without you guys around, I would already be brawling with the boss!"

A small fairy appeared beside Wu Yan. It sat on Wu Yan's shoulder after twirling around Wu Yan. The next second, he shot out like an arrow of darkness. It took him no time at all to reach the boss' front.


He struck with skill-imbued Heaven Gazer.

The boss bellowed in pain when the attack landed even though it sounded like two metal plates grinding against each other. It raised its scythe arms to swipe at Wu Yan.


This was the sound of someone blocking the deadly attack.


Wu Yan grunted. Sparks flew when the scythe ground against Heaven Gazer. The scythe drew closer and closer to Wu Yan's head. Without Eternal Arms Mastery to augment his defense and diminish the force with optimal technique, that swipe would have cleaved Wu Yan.

This strength, it's too heavy!


Enraged by this puny insect that blocked its attack, the boss raised its other scythe-arm to strike down Wu Yan.

Wu Yan felt the incoming attack and he gripped Elucidator in a reverse grip to cover his side. The attack fell on the flimsy blade that looked rather tiny compared to even the Heaven Gazer, forget the giant scythe arms.


Wu Yan's hands trembled as he felt like he's stuck between two ridiculously huge pincer.

The boss threatened to cleave him in twain. Meanwhile, Wu Yan pushed outwards against the scythes. Sparks were flying everywhere.

With veins bulging near his temple, Wu Yan struggled to lift his head. He stared back at the boss who was busy roaring at him. His eyes flashed with a hint of viciousness.


He unleashed a skill and he glowed so brightly that it lit up both Wu Yan and the boss' faces. With a thunderous roar, he pushed the two huge scythes away, momentarily staggering the boss.

It only managed to steady itself with incredible difficulty. The next thing it saw was a pair of swords, huge and small stabbing into its eye sockets.



The boss fell on its back like an overturned turtle. The boss flailed around on the ground. Its 5 HP bar suffered a minor reduction.

The other players watched with slack jaws...

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