Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 722: Breach, spectating, and testing...

"Come, all of you, come at me!"

The KoB guards were enraged, Wu Yan clearly isn't taking them seriously.

Granted, they weren't stupid enough to rush at the guy. They took out their weapons but nobody stepped forward to accept Wu Yan's challenge. They stared at Wu Yan with looks of unease.

It looked like the guards had the numerical advantage. However, they didn't think they can take on the enemy in front of them just because they had more men than the other side.

It's the legend himself, the strongest player in this entire game...

Can they even win against someone like that?

The guards were in doubt. As a result, none of them approached Wu Yan as they stared at each other, making the scene rather tense.

The guard at the front bit the bullet and he stomped forward.

"Fuck it! You can't kill someone when the Area effect is still around. I will teach you a lesson for Asuna-sama's sake!"

The other hesitant guards had the same ideas as well. Wu Yan was pissed, he leaked out a bit of his anger.

Asuna is his wife, where did these people get off saying stuff like for "Asuna-sama's sake"...

Who the hell do they think they are?!

"Well? Are you done thinking?..."

Wu Yan slowly withdrew his Heaven Gazer.

"If you're done thinking about it, I suggest you attack me while you still can..."

"Don't get too cocky!"

Like the last straw that broke the camel's back, the Knights all started attacking in a fit of anger. They weren't going to let Wu Yan get away with dissing them.

Wu Yan had a very bright smile that eclipsed his eyes. The next instant, he disappeared from everyone's vision.

Bam bam bam bam bam




While the brawl went on, inside the captain's room...

Heathcliff sat as he stared into apparent void, his eyes were empty.

Meanwhile, there were high-ranking KoB members around him who had similar authority to Asuna when she was still a knight.

Unlike Heathcliff's composed self, they were more or less worried about a lot of different reasons. One of them finally spoke up after resolving himself.

"Captain, is this really okay?..."


Another big hat spoke.

"We invited him over, isn't it kinda douchey of us to throw him into a pit like this. If news of this got out, won't it tarnish the Knights of the Blood Oath's reputation?..."

"Moreover, he's the Fae Swordsman..."

The other lieutenants were looking at Heathcliff with doubt and confusion in their eyes. They bore the title of Knights in their guild name, fame is also a very important asset for guilds. Any captain worth their salt will be very concerned whenever something occurs that might change their reputation in the game.

But, upon receiving news of guards harassing his guest, he chose to spectate rather than intervene. As a host, that's just not very nice.

His indifference is tantamount to the abetment of this transgression.

The lieutenants weren't sure what the captain had his mind when he chose to watch.

Heathcliff glanced at them and he put a stop to their protests.

"I have my own plans, don't ask so many questions..."

The lieutenants immediately put a sock in their mouths. Heathcliff had a solid grip over them and this showed in their obedience.

They are also familiar with the captain, even if they didn't understand his motives, the captain probably did this because he was up to something. As they weren't in a position to demand an answer, they decided it was best to shut their traps.

Alas, Heathcliff did have his own reasons for choosing to stay quiet. However, it had nothing to do with the guild's interest. He was doing this out of sheer intrigue.


One KoB entered as he started reporting to his superior.

"Captain, they are fighting!"


Heathcliff put on his serious face.

"What's the situation right now?"

The guy wavered for a moment before he came clean.

"It's not looking good for us.  He's already decommissioned about a dozen of us since this started. We couldn't do anything even with over twenty people ganging up on him!"

A lieutenant asked in a hurry.

"Is it a free-for-all or is it under the terms of a duel?"

"It's a brawl, sir! He didn't send any duel request!"


The others started trembling.

It wasn't a duel so nobody lost HP. Plus, it's not a 1v1, the side with more members should have been the one with the advantage.

Even so, they lost half their men?

How strong is the Fae Swordsman?...

Heathcliff raised his head.

"Did Wu Yan use his Dual Blades?"

"No, sir!"

The guy immediately gave a reply.

"He is still using the same weapon when I last checked. He only used the sword known as Heaven Gazer. I sighted the Elucidator but it's firmly behind his waist and he's not using it yet!"

Heathcliff turned taciturn.

Heathcliff gathered intel and he can confirm that Wu Yan didn't grind for a week to prepare for his big wedding with Asuna. Then, he spent another week without grinding so he can enjoy his honeymoon with Asuna...

In other words, It's been half a month since the 74th floor was cleared. Wu Yan didn't raise his levels at all.

His status had been stagnating for the past two weeks!

Other players that ditched training for two weeks would find themselves looking at a significant gap with the frontliners the moment they decide to rejoin the battlefield. If a similarly strong player diligently trained, he would have already left the lazy player in the dust. It's very likely the diligent player would be able to one-shot the lazy player when they duel.

Wu Yan kicked back for half and month and he still kicked no less ass than he did two weeks ago...

In a 1 v 20 with his Dual Blades still firmly sealed away, Wu Yan knocked out half his adversaries with knockback-effects only!

Protected by the Area, a player hit by a boulder would still feel the force of the boulder despite being technically invulnerable to damage. To soundly defeat someone, a duel is usually required where it will be easier to knock someone out or intimidate them by cutting down their HP.

When protected by the Area, a player who wants to knock out another would have to consistently deliver deft blows dozens of times whereas in a duel he would only need a well-placed attack to end the fight.

Wu Yan did just that and then some. It wasn't even the guy's final form best effort!

As if that wasn't enough, he was fighting against elite players in the Knights of the Blood Oath. These aren't your run-off-mill players.

He's still as strong as ever...

Heathcliff felt the mood around him dying down. More like, the mood sank hard. Heathcliff stood up after staying silent for a few more minutes.

"Come! Let's greet our guest!"

The lieutenants finally felt at ease.

These lieutenants knew better than to screw with the heaven-defying player known as the Fae Swordsman, they aren't touching him even with a 60-feet pole.

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