Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 721: Rabid fans? The ultimate reason...

When Wu Yan married Asuna, excluding their true friends, there weren't a lot of players who actually supported their union. On the contrary, a ton of players wanted to protest their union.

Asuna was loved by many. She had the power, the looks, and the charms that would be the envy of others. Excluding old people, and kids who can't put a curly one on the soap, most who came into contact with her just couldn't help but feel goodwill towards her.

Compared to Wu Yan, Asuna's fame echoed in the hearts of many more. Men treated her like their idols while women treated her like a paragon to model after. Most would be satisfied as long as they can catch a glimpse of her every once in a while. As for members of the KoB, their admiration and idolization of her are on another level altogether.

Imagine, their goddess fell in love with another man and she even married that man! As if that wasn't enough, she also quit Knights of Blood Oath.

It was like a nuclear blew up in their hearts.

The sore players went to their marriage venue with the intention of wrecking the event. After they failed, they started staging protests with the faint hope that it will actually break the two apart.

Fortunately, Wu Yan and Asuna's home is relatively remote. Otherwise, their house would be swarmed by these pathetic players, they can forget about their peaceful marriage life then...

Too bad for the other players, the two weren't affected by all these turmoils. They continued living their lives regardless of what others had to say about their wedding. Heck, they even found a cute daughter to love. Meanwhile, these players had to worry about scouting for quests, grinding, earning money.

After all was said and done, they all returned to their usual lives.

At first, the protests were headed by the avid fans inside KoBs.

The members included the guards currently blocking Wu Yan.

As for the title of the Strongest Player, they already forgot about that when they became the strongest guild in the game.

They didn't think this player can afford to take on an entire guild. Yes, they didn't think the Fae Swordsman dared cross their guild.

They let their emotions lull them into a state of mind where they forgot that they were talking to someone who literally took down floor bosses on his own, someone who can finish fights that took entire raid parties to accomplish. They also forgot about the fact that they were low-ranking members who didn't represent the guild at all.

"Are you implying..."

Wu Yan grinned, he flashed a very frosty and bone-chilling smile that froze the two guards up.

"That I am lying to you...?"

The guards stepped back driven by their basal survival instincts. When they realized what they had done, they turned red as a tomato. One of them stepped up once more.

"What? You want to barge your way in? Need I remind you that this is the HQ of the Knights of Blood Oath,  Fae Swordsman, do you want to make KoB your enemy?"

"An enemy? The KoB?"

Wu Yan chuckled out of anger.

"Sure, show me what happens when someone makes an enemy out of the KoBs!"

The two guards didn't draw their swords, instead, they yelled for backup.

"Oh my god! Somebody's here to stir trouble!"

The entire guild got riled up, the cold castle immediately turned into a hot mess of activity.

"What was that?! Somebody attacked us?"

"Which dumbass? How dumb would you have to be to attack Knights of Blood Oath?..."

"Let's go take a look!"


KoB members stormed the entrance. They stared at the guest as they yelled in shock.

"It's Wu Yan, the Fae Swordsman!"

"Fae Swordsman? You mean he's the troublemaker?"

"Hey, now, tell me this is a joke, right?"

Are these people really from the KoB?

Looking at about 20 KoB members that swarmed around the entrance, Wu Yan frowned in disappointment.

KoB is supposed to be the strongest guild in this game. He can forgive them if they weren't able to appear like capable individuals, judging from the members he saw Asuna leading last time. At the very least, keep your cool when a situation arises, yeah?

These knights were a disgrace to their titles. Forget about standing in an organized formation, they freaked out when faced with an unexpected crisis.

Firstly, Wu Yan got it wrong. Asuna was leading a group of elite members last time. They were cream of the crop members who were serious about clearing the game, they had a sense of mission that made them exude the aura of a formidable fighter. In the end, even elites have their dark sides, just like how Kuradeel disguised himself among the higher-ranking members of the guild.

By virtue of their membership, these KoBs had the level and potential to intimidate any other player. Too bad, Wu Yan's fame and his achievements as the Fae Swordsman preceded him. One could be forgiven for peeing their pants when the strongest player in-game comes knocking with bad intentions.

Wu Yan considered this possibility but he had a more pressing question in his mind.

With all this commotion, why aren't the higher-ranking members making an appearance yet? Heathcliff should have noticed it by now...

Of course, it was impossible for the man himself to not know a guest was coming when he invited Wu Yan.

Yet, Heathcliff is nowhere to be seen.

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes, he appeared nonchalant but he was snickering deep down inside.

Another test? Man, you really need to put a cork in it...

Since you're not going to show yourself, I will take these guys down first!

Wu Yan's eyes turned hostile. He decided to retry the diplomatic approach first.


Wu Yan continued.

"Heathcliff invited me. Don't believe me? Go ask the big man yourselves!"

"Don't listen to him!"

The guard that stopped Wu Yan yelled.

"We didn't get any orders from the captain but this guy insists on charging in any way. Who does he think he is? Just because he's the Fae Swordsman, he thinks he can walk all over us..."

He looked around as he delivered another provocative line.

"After marrying Asuna-sama, he probably thinks he owns the Knights of Blood Oath."

The guards who weren't sure if they should join turned confrontational as well.

"Fine, if that's how it is, don't blame me for not giving you guys a chance..."

"Come, all of you, come at me!"

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