Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 720: More challengers? People sure like to dig their own graves...

The next day...

He put on his black coat and he strapped Heaven Gazer to his back. With the Elucidator behind his waist, he came out of the house looking ready to kick some asses. The breeze that made his coat flap turned this scene into a rather fantastic one.

"Well, then..."

Wu Yan turned around to beam at Asuna and Yui.

"I will be back..."

Asuna couldn't hold herself back.

"Are you sure you don't need me to go with you?"

Wu Yan shook his head without hesitation.

"If you come with me, who's going to take care of Yui?..."

Asuna clenched her teeth. She felt frustrated as she couldn't put up a retort. Her eyes turned misty but she resisted strong enough that the tears didn't come rolling down on her cheeks.

She's worried, she's worried sick!

For Asuna, sitting at home while the love of her life joins a deadly battlefield, knowing she can do nothing but wait for him to come back safely is a sort of emotional torture.

Whenever she thinks about how Wu Yan might not return, there's a sickening feeling in her chest that made it hard to breathe, it's like her heart will stop functioning any moment. It felt very anguishing.

Even if it meant certain death, she wanted to go with Wu Yan. At worst, they will die together. The days she spent blissfully with Wu Yan are an irreplaceable part of her daily life, she just can't imagine going a single day without Wu Yan.

Without Yui, Asuna would have followed Wu Yan despite his protest. However, she needs to stay with their daughter!

Asuna couldn't abandon Yui to her own device...


Asuna's shoulder heaved, she had her eyes tightly shut lest her tears fall down. In the end, it did little to stop her tear ducts from doing their jobs.

A warm hug suddenly enveloped Asuna when she was on the verge of sobbing. A soft voice entered her ears.

"Don't worry..."

Wu Yan caressed Asuna's hair. He chortled.

"We just got married. I still want to spend more of my life with you, we still have a long way ahead of us. Plus, we have a daughter now. No way am I going to die when I still have two precious people like you two waiting for me..."


Wu Yan placed his forehead against Asuna's forehead.

"Before I obtain your permission, I, do solemnly swear not to die!"

Asuna linked her arms around Wu Yan's neck. She started sobbing as she tightened her hold on him, fearing that the moment she lets go would be the moment Wu Yan disappears.

"You better keep that promise..."

Wu Yan nodded and he opened his eyes.

"Yeah, I promise..."

Asuna said nothing. She remained in grave silence inside Wu Yan's embrace. After a while, she wiped her tears away as she backed away from him. She looked into Wu Yan's eyes.

"I will be right here, waiting for you..."

Wu Yan spotted a firm and warm smile.

As for whether or not he will survive, it wasn't even a question inside his mind. Death is a concept that's alien to him!

For one, he wasn't wearing the Nervegear when he came into this game. Even if he did use it, the Nervegear couldn't do shit against a True Ancestor who can regenerate even when disintegrated by absolute power.

This is just a compulsory mission for Wu Yan. The worst scenario would be that he fails this quest, not death. He also had absolute confidence in winning against the floor boss of the 75th floor, it's raid group-wiping potential be damned!


Wu Yan patted Yui's head as he got down to eye-level with her.

"You need to listen to mama, may?..."


Yui vigorously nodded her head. She gave Wu Yan a big hug.

"Papa, come home soon, okay?..."

Wu Yan laughed as he gave her a gentleman's nod. He gave the two girls another look before he took out a blue crystal of teleportation from his inventory.

"Set waypoint to Granzam!"

The crystal shattered into a million pieces. Shrouded by the fragments of the crystal, Wu Yan disappeared in a pillar of blue light.

Asuna held Yui's hand as they continued watching the spot where Wu Yan disappeared in front of their eyes.

55th Floor of Aincrad, Granzam...

Wu Yan's image is already deeply carved into the hearts of the players in this game. Rather than awe, Wu Yan struck deeper fear into the players with his sheer power.

If Asuna is known for her stunning appearance and her wondrous skills then Wu Yan would be known for his ridiculous strength. It's not hard to imagine that Asuna had more fans than Wu Yan.

It's kinda like how a pop diva would always have more fans than a brawny man that is renowned inside the world of free wrestling. The market for the latter is more limited compared to the former.

Indeed, Wu Yan is in such a state of fame.

When he arrived at the plaza, scores of players immediately spotted him as they pointed fingers and chatted among themselves.

Their eyes were filled with awe, admiration, and fear. Nobody dared to step closer to take a gander at Wu Yan. He continued on his merry way to the guild of the Knights of the Blood Oath.

The players were throwing around words like "marriage", "The flash", "Asuna", and etc... Their topics were evidently focused on another matter altogether.

Soon, the distinctive palace that was the KoB's HQ appeared. It's a serious-looking castle with waving flags decorating the surrounding walls. Anyone within a hundred meters needed to check their attitude, except for Wu Yan, he casually walked into the joint.


Two players in KoB armors stopped Wu Yan.

"This is the HQ of the KoB, non-members are not allowed entry!"

Wu Yan stopped to look at them. One of the guards yelped.

"Y-you're the Fae Swordsman, Wu Yan?..."

"Fae swordsman Wu Yan!"

The blocking guard experienced a drastic change to his face.

The two guards exchanged a look. They whipped their heads back at Wu Yan who is currently frowning.

They weren't spotting the looks of intimidated or awe-struck mortals, they were emanating animosity!

Wait, did I break a foot up their asses or something?

Wu Yan stated his purpose.

"Heathcliff invited me over!"

"The captain did?"

The guard scoffed at him.

"I'm sorry, we didn't get any orders from the captain."

Wu Yan knitted his brows once more.

"Go report it to him then..."


The guy laughed out loud, he sneered at him.

"Our captain is too busy taking care of the 75th floor's raid efforts, he has no time for reports from lowly members like us!"

Wu Yan's red eyes flashed with a cold glint.

"What are you getting at?"


The guy puffed up his chest and he declared.

"We didn't receive any orders from the captain. Hence, we can't let you pass. I suggest you go home!"

Wu Yan grinned, his grin almost reached his earlobes.

There are always people who want to dig their own graves. Now that this guy asked for his face to get stepped on, it wouldn't be polite to turn him down, right?...

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