Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 718: Great papa, great mama, good husband, and good wife

As usual, the log cabin in the woods still looked very chill...

Before the other half of the husband lived here, the husband usually dives into the front-most dungeon area so he would return late at night. Then, he would sleep and repeat the cycle once more, leaving this cabin relatively empty and lonely.

Serenity is the greatest part of living in this house. However, to stave off the boring silence, the master of this house wished there would be some excitement or events of some sort.

After Asuna moved in, this house started becoming more vibrant. Yui's appearance also made this home more blissful. Finally, this house is now a home.

Today, this house welcomed even more guests. Kirito, Liz, Sachi, Shion, and Silica came to pay a visit. The cabin was filled with giggles and chatters. Their voice echoed around the surrounding woods, breaking the peaceful silence and adding more life to this place. Anyone who is near would probably be infected by the joviality.

After hanging out half a day with the others, Yui started coming out of her shell. Sachi is elegant and warm while Silica puts a smile on everyone's face with her youthful energy. Shion is practically a sun incarnate while Liz added volume to whichever room she visited. All in all, Yui felt very at home around a company like them. Although her familiarity with them didn't exceed her familiarity with her papa and mama. At least, she's already BFF with the girls.

Once you add Asuna to the mix, the six girls practically raised their roofs by themselves. You can't go anywhere in the house without hearing their giggles. A stranger might be forgiven for thinking that they have been friends forever when in actual fact, they only knew each other recently. For instance, Asuna only got to know Yui a few days ago.

As for Wu Yan and Kirito, well, they became the center of conversation topics for the girls. They are intrinsically linked with the girls after all. Liz is Kirito's girlfriend, Asuna is Wu Yan's wife, Sachi is Wu Yan's little sister while Silica and Shion are on BFF terms with the other girls. Yui is also Wu Yan's daughter, the complicated relationships between them didn't hinder their good time. In fact, their complex relationships only added to the vibrant dynamics.

Wu Yan and Kirito's intermittent bitter laugh is a testament to the "great" time they are having right now.

Soon, night fell...

"Alright, I think it's time we head back..."

Kirito, Liz, Sachi, Shion, and Silica bade farewell to the household of three.

Wu Yan nodded as he beamed at them.

"Come over and hang out next time..."

"For sure!"

Shion jumped out as she rubbed her face all over YUi.

"I want to spend more time with smol-wittle Yui!"


Yui giggled.

"Aunty Shion, that tickles, let go jeez!"

"I said you're not allowed to call me aunty!"

Shion's expression turned dim.

"I am still very young!"

"Don't mind it, she also called me aunty, remember? That just means she recognizes us sisters with Asuna..."

Liz slapped Shion on the shoulder.

"Even Silica got referred to as aunty, why are you being so fussy about this?..."

Silica pouted.

"Don't treat me like a kid!"


Kirito scratched his cheeks.

"I mean, she called me uncle too so I think we should just it slide..."

Sachi rubbed Yui on the head, she told her in a soft voice.

"Let's play again, next time..."


Yui nodded energetically. This girl evidently had a blast today.

"Okay, we should go now..."

Kirito grabbed Liz by the hands as they walked down the stairs to the cabin.

"Have a safe trip!"

Asuna hollered while waving her hands.

The others waved back.

"Bye aunties! Bye uncle!"

The 5 flinched but they started moving soon after...

"Kirito! Remember what we talked about, man up!"

Kirito tripped and fell.

Wu Yan grinned with a naughty look while Asuna and Yui got curious.

Did man up have another meaning/

The two probably couldn't link the phrase with doing the deed.


Wu Yan and Asuna laid on the same bed. Sleeping between them is Yui. Her smile never faded even after she entered the sandman's kingdom.

"She slept the moment she laid down..."

Asuna rubbed Yui's back, she placed her chin on top of Yui's head.

"She must have played around like crazy..."

"Well, I think it's understandable given how Silica and Shion dragged her around. For one, Silica looked close in age to Yui. Liz is already a crazy girl, I mean, even Sachi got dragged into the brawl..."

Wu Yan bitterly smiled as he shook his head.

"They should really restrain themselves. They ought to learn about how to behave in front of a kid..."

"Don't talk about them like they are already very old!"

Asuna rolled her eyes at Wu Yan.

"Liz and the gang are still teenagers, of course they would be playful..."

"I was talking about how they shouldn't go nuts with Yui around..."

Wu Yan caressed Yui's beautiful jet-black hair. He continued with a slightly worried look.

"Look, she's all tuckered out..."


Asuna's eyes had a nasty glint in them. She tilted her head as she poked fun at him.

"You're already smoothly playing the father's role?"

Wu Yan rubbed his head.

"Well, I never imagined myself as a father, I don't know how to describe my feeling right now..."

Wu Yan laughed out loud when he fondly remembered something.

"Honestly, when Yui called me papa, I was freaking out, I didn't know if I can become a great dad, I was worried if I can give Yui the happiness she deserves..."

Asuna's eyes started flashing as she grabbed Wu Yan's hand. She started talking with a soft tone.

"I think you're doing a great job. Yui is laughing practically every day, she's as happy as a bird here. I think Yui recognizes you as the father from deep down in her heart..."

Wu Yan smiled at Asuna, he gave her a rub on the head.

"Well, I think you're a great mum as well..."

Asuna shook her head, she shifted her head away from Yui 's head as she leaned into Wu Yan's embrace.

"If I were by myself, I wouldn't have the confidence that I can become a great mum to Yui. But, with you here, I feel much more confident. I didn't freak out when Yui called me mama because I know a certain papa is by my side..."

Asuna looked into Wu Yan's eyes.

"I wouldn't know where to begin parenting Yui if you aren't here. But, you did that just like how you're always in front of me, tackling anything that came our way. I think that makes you a great dad, and a superb husband..."

"I am so glad you're here with me..."

Wu Yan's heart instantly warmed up, he hugged both Yui and Asuna. He closed his eyes and he let out his heartfelt words.

"I am not as great as you think..."

Wu Yan didn't wait for Asuna's rebuttal, he continued.

"However, I will always stay with you, I want to see the greatest mother in action and I can never get tired of watching a great find like you hanging around me..."

Asuna nodded as she buried her face on Wu Yan's chest. She dozed off with Yui in her embrace.

Wu Yan kissed Asuna's forehead and he kissed the back of Yui's head. He laid on the pillow with his eyes trained on both the girls' heads so he can see them the moment he wakes up.

"Good night..."

This night is destined to be a wholesome one...

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