Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 717: How to get to the fourth base? Talking about life with Kirito

"I see..."

Kirito nodded with a rather serious look. Inside the living room, Silica, Shion, and Yui were having a blast playing with each other. Meanwhile, Asuna led Liz and Sachi into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

"That does sound very suspicious..."

Kirito frowned as he turned his attention on Yui. He continued with a stressed look.

"There are no indicators on her, she also lacks the tell-tale signs of a player, is this really just a bug of the system?"

"I don't know..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips. He stayed mum after explaining about Yui's appearance, how she became his daughter, and her present circumstances. As for Yui's true identity, he decided that it isn't the time for the reveal yet.

with Kirito's cautious attitude, Yui's true identity would only arouse suspicion. He might think that Yui is a product made by Kayaba Akihiko to get close to them.

Wu Yan is also the strongest player in SAO, he pretty much soloed any floor boss he can get his hands on. It's easy to imagine Kayaba Akihiko making an advanced AI just to keep tabs on Wu Yan from a closer perspective. Had Wu Yan not been privy to the original work, he would have suspected Yui's timely appearance as well.

"What are you going to do?"

Kirito placed his hands behind his head as he addressed Wu Yan.

"Are you going to babysit Yui until you clear the game?"

"Well, I am cool with clearing the game at my own pace but..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Asuna is very worried about Yui's condition, she was going on and on about what if Yui had family members with her, what if she's a lost child and her kin are worried sick about her, etc..."

"She's got a point..."

Kirito nodded.

"Do you need my help?"


Wu Yan turned around as he leaned against a wooden wall near him.

"Can you recommend a very competent information broker? Maybe we can get her to dig around for Yui's background..."

Wu Yan said even as he highly doubted anyone in this game would be able to find out anything on Yui's identity. At this point, it's more about providence than skills. He did this so he can somewhat calm Asuna down.

"I can do that..."

Kirito opened his interface and he fired off a private message.

"But, don't say I didn't warn you, she charges a really hefty price for her service, get ready to get butchered..."

Wu Yan's expression collapsed.

"The wedding did a number on my finances. With two members in my household who are rather picky with what they eat, I am not surprised if my wallet starts emitting red alert noises. Come on, man, do me a solid and hook me up with a discount or something..."

"Stop, with your ability, earning money shouldn't be a problem, right?"

Kirito said with a cheeky grin on his face. Then, he sighed.

"If only Liz can obtain half of Asuna's culinary mastery, I will break my back gathering materials if she can only produce some edible dishes. Maybe it's because she's so used to working with metal, it's like she traded culinary mastery for mastery over forging, I kid you not she just can't cook."

"And, honestly, it's a nightmare for me..."

Kirito's shoulder slumped down, the shadows around his eyes reinforced the truth of his words.

Wu Yan chuckled.

"Is Liz that bad at cooking?"

"I may have exaggerated a little bit..."

Kirito scratched the back of his head.

"She never trained her cooking skill so she needed to start from scratch. Her food tastes a little better than the black bread at the start of this game."

"Oh? Is that so?"

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes. He locked Kirito down with an arm around his shoulders.

"Come on, be honest, you two are living together aren't ya?"

Kirito's expression turned stiff

"We started living together soon after you two got married. She probably got influenced by Asuna, she's probably not satisfied with just being a couple hence..."

"She started getting pushier on increasing intimacy?..."

Wu Yan judged Kirito.

"Boy, you got to man up a bit, you know? I mean, you've been going out with Liz for an entire year. Other couples already reached all the intimacy milestones if you know what I mean..."

Kirito snapped.

"Don't lump me in with someone pulling off a sudden wedding like you. You didn't even have the courage to confess one week ago. Now, you've got a daughter!"

Wu Yan choked on his words.

"Okay, jeez..."

Wu Yan let go of Kirito. However, he didn't stop teasing Kirito.

"When are you going to tie the knot with Liz? You can't keep going like this, right?"

"That's a little bit too soon, isn't it?..."

Kirito turned his head the other way with a blush. He stuttered.

"I mean, we can keep going out without marriage..."

"Oh, boy, you should be glad Liz didn't hear you. Sleeping on the floor would be a light punishment for what you just said..."

"Huh? What is up with your imagination? Liz and I sleep in different rooms!"

"No fricking way..."

Wu Yan gasped.

"You... a healthy young man, sleeping in the house of the love of your life, and you haven't pushed Liz down on her bed?"


Kirito shoved Wu Yan away. His expression was a mix of fluster and panic.

"Of course not! Get your mind out of the gutter!"

"Judging from your reaction..."

Wu Yan's lips started twitching.

"Don't tell me you never considered that scenario?"

"Of course not!"

Kirito raised his voice.

"I am seventeen, I am underage! I am slightly younger than Asuna, why would I think about stuff like that?!"

Wu Yan's expression morphed into 囧. He forgot about Kirito's identity as a pure and innocent seventeen-year-old. Indeed, it's much too early for Kirito to go to a pant's off-dance-off.

This is how even after marriage in the original work, Kirito never consummated his relationship even when his wife gave him the green light.


Wu Yan said with a frustrated tone.

"It's time you start maturing..."

"Wh-what are you talking about?"

Kirito's eyebrows kept jolting. He can barely keep his cool when he continued with an uncertain tone.

"Are you telling me to..."


Wu Yan stopped him by saying some rather outrageous stuff.

"Tonight! Your mission is to get laid with Liz!"

Kirito's face turned red, black, white, green, and a bunch of other colors. It was amusing, to say the least.

"Don't tell me you're too chicken for it?"

Wu Yan dared Kirito with his eyes. He chortled.

"I mean, if you're too afraid, it probably has something to do with your johnny's impot..."

"You're the one with issues!"

Kirito roared. He calmed down soon as he looked around furtively. He posted his question in a quiet whisper.

"Hey, Yan, don't tell me you and Asuna already..."


Wu Yan didn't hide, he sounded rather proud.

"She's a nubile fairy, no male on earth can resist his bestial desire when he goes to bed with a beauty such as Asuna..."

Wu Yan stopped as he threw a sarcastic look at Wu Yan.

"Oops, I spoke too soon..."

Kirito awkwardly laughed as his shoulders drooped down.

"I feel like a failure..."


Kirito turned his attitude around.

"With Asuna as your partner and Yui as your cute daughter. If it were me, I would be too busy cherishing my time with them to do anything else..."

Wu Yan spotted a weird look. He placed his hands on Kirito's shoulders and he formally declared.



"I will treat you better from now on!"

"What the heck is wrong with you?"

"Hey, you two bozos, whatchu up to?"

Liz's voice boomed from the kitchen.

"We are done with the food. Get your butts in here!"

Wu Yan and Kirito exchanged a look. They smiled at each other as they started making their way towards the kitchen.

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