Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 715: If I can't win against you, how can I protect you?!

The happy trio ate their meals in bliss. The meals were finished with a bit of sour mood mixed into it.

No doubt about it, the three of them enjoyed each other’s company very much because Yui joined, their relationship immediately soared to higher levels with the addition of Yui.

As for why there were feelings of sourness, well, that’s because the two went a bit overboard to impress Yui so they used up more than half of their food material stockpile. In the end, they ate until they could ate no more, I mean, with dozens of dishes on the table, it’s only inevitable that they finished dinner with bloated stomachs.

Yui had another hidden attribute to herself, she was a foodie pit just like Asuna when it came to good food. However, they couldn’t keep stuffing themselves due to their limited guttoral storage space. In this sense, the two of them are only half-bottomless-pits. Needless to say, Asuna was over the moon happy with her daughter who took after her. She couldn’t stop giving her headpats and rubbing her face against hers like a real mother would.

If Asuna and Yui went out together, people on the streets would probably peg them as sisters rather than mother and daughter. For one, Asuna looks like she’s 17 years old while Yui looks like she’s 10.

How can they be mother and daughter?

To prevent Asuna from eating until she suffers paralysis, and to steer Yui away from Asuna’s demonic path, Wu Yan sacrificed himself and he called the bottomless pit within him to decimate 2 out of 3 dishes on the table. This managed to save the two girls from a pitiful end but a certain immortal vampire was rendered immobile as a result of his selfless actions.

Wu Yan and Asuna exchanged a look when they saw the messy table. Asuna’s smile was a warm one. Meanwhile, Wu Yan had a rather dry smile on his face. He was focusing more on the bloated feeling coming from his stomach.

“Are you okay?”

Asuna asked in a concerned tone. Asuna can symphatize, after all, she experienced it multiple times in the past…

“I am fine…”

Wu Yan grinned only to grimace when his stomach protested.

“Barely though…”

“You know…”

Asuna giggled while covering her mouth.

“You should really hold back, nobody asked you to cook such a massive feast…”

Wu Yan felt a bit outraged.

“Erm, who was it that had to put on a perfect mother image in front of Yui?!”

Asuna looked towards the side with a guilty look. She pouted.

“You’re the one who isn’t man enough to concede defeat to his wife…”

Asuna jabbed Wu Yan’s shoulder while mumbling in a pouty tone.

“You meanie…”

“Yeap, I am the villain here, I admit that…”

Wu Yan said with a tired voice. He adjusted Yui’s hold onto so that she didn’t aggravate his battle wounds.

“Are you really okay? Papa…”

Yui looked at Wu Yan with a worried look. She lowered her head remorsefully.

“It’s Yui’s fault, now Papa is hurting…”

“It’s not Yui’s fault, you know…”

Wu Yan rubbed Yui’s head.

“Papa and mama just wanted to one-up each other, we are happy as long as Yui gets to eat her fill…”


Yui nodded with a serious look.

“Yui enjoyed her meal greatly. Papa’s tasted really good, Mama’s tasted really good too…”

Wu Yan and Asuna exchanged a look as they chuckled.

Yui yawned and she rubbed her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

Asuna got down to eye level with Yui.

“Are you feeling tired?...”


Yui nodded and she yawned again. She looked like she could really use a nap.

“Go ahead, sleep…”

Wu Yan continued.

“Papa will hug you as you sleep. This way, the moment you wake up, you will definitely see papa…”

“And Mama!”

Asuna added in a hurry.

Yui grabbed Wu Yan’s clothes as she gave them both a smile that made the sunshine look dim. She slept with her head resting on Wu Yan’s chest.

Wu Yan caressed her back as he lulled her to sleep. When Yui let out the rhythmic breathing of someone who is fast asleep, Wu Yan chortled.

“Wake up, eat, then sleep, she’s so child-like…”

“Well, she is a kid…”

Asuna’s expression dimmed down.

“She’s so young, what circumstances brought her to this world?”

Wu Yan glanced at Asuna.

“You entered the game when you’re still 15, right? The same question could be asked of you, hmm?”

Asuna froze up.

Wu Yan returned his gaze to Yui’s sleeping mien.

“I believe that every encounter has an intrinsic meaning. I can’t explain Yui’s reason for being in this world, but, since we crossed paths, we have to be thankful to her and the circumstances that brought us together…”

“But, isn’t it unfair?”

Asuna had tears at the corner of her eyes.

“Whenever I think about how she lived by herself in this world, I just…”

Wu Yan’s face turned dark as well. He knew more than Asuna, Yui’s condition is more optimistic than how Asuna phrased it.

Yui would be better off if this world stayed empty for two years.

Wu Yan stayed mum on Yui’s true nature. He consoled her.

“Maybe she came into this world with her parents or something? I mean, it’s plausible that she’s not alone.”

“Why did she appear in the forest by herself? She was even unconscious when we found her.”

Asuna clasped her hands.

“She also lost her memories, I don’t think trauma-induced amnesia is a thing in SAO, right? Maybe something happened to her parents and she ended up like that?”

“Stop, Asuna…”

Wu Yan interrupted her.

“Random guesses will get us nowhere, at least, nowhere good…”’

“What should we do then?”

Wu Yan lowered his head. He helplessly replied.

“Okay, let me get int ouch with Kirito, he knows a guy who is a top-notch information broker, maybe he can get us some intel on Yui’s condition, maybe we can even find her parents…”

Wu Yan already knows this wouldn’t yield anything good, he did this to pacify Asuna.

Asuna nodded. She turned towards Yui and she caressed Yui’s cheek.

“Then, before that…”

“Of course, we will take care of Yui like she’s our daughter!”

Wu Yan said without hesitation. Asuna’s expression was a bit off, however.

Wu Yan knew what was bugging her, he sighed.

“Look, I know you’re feeling conflicted. You want to live here as long as possible with Yui. But, you also want this world to be cleared so Yui can exit this world, that means parting with the peaceful lives we have right now…”


Wu Yan used a confident voice.

“It doesn’t matter what world we are in, we have to live in the present. Don’t think too much about how Yui lived. Right now, we are her parents, that’s what matters to me, she’s my daughter, end of story!”

Wu Yan tightened his hug. He placed his hand over Asuna’s. Then, he rubbed Yui’s cheek.

“I am only concerned with how to make sure Yui lives happily after this, that’s it…”

Asuna thought long and hard about what Wu Yan said. Finally, a voice floated up her face.


She leaned her head against his shoulders.

“I lost again, each and every time we butt heads, you always win, would it kill you to let me win once?”

“Of course!”

Wu Yan embraced Asuna, he gave both Yui and Asuna a big hug. He laughed out loud.

“If I can’t win against you, how can I protect you!”

Asuna closed her eyes as a sweet smile spread across her face.

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