Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 714: Happiness can be as simple as a dinner together

Since Yui called Asuna mama, Asuna's maternal side woke up and she treated Yui like her real own daughter.

At first, Asuna treated Yui like a child. But, now, she's treating Yui like a relative. Her status is now on par with Wu Yan in intimacy and importance.

It's amazing how the familiarity between the two can increase so quickly. That's just how it is, there are mysteries in this world we will never solve.

Wu Yan scratched his cheeks as he stood up. He waved at both Asuna and Yui.

"Well, anyway, we should celebrate our newest member of the household, let me go fire up the grills and cook us up a feast!"

Asuna woke up as she beamed at Yui.

"You hungry?"

Yui rubbed her little tummy. A flash of confusion could be seen in her eyes, it's like she's trying to figure out what being hungry meant. Wu Yan didn't miss this although Asuna missed it.

Yui never ate since being generated in this game?

Shaking his head, Wu Yan gave Yui a pat on the back.

"How about it, do you want to taste daddy's dishes? I am not tooting my own when I say my food is objectively the best in the world..."

Yui looked at Wu Yan and her eyes changed, she's not feeling lost anymore, she probably linked hungry and the food together and that's why she couldn't wait to nod energetically at Wu Yan's suggestion.

Asuna saw the excited look in Yui's eyes and she started feeling a bit competitive. She hid Yui away from Wu Yan like a hen protecting its chicks. She tried to persuade Yui.

"Listen, Yui, don't listen to this guy. Mama's dishes are the best!"

Wu Yan raised an eyebrow as he grinned at Asuna. He crossed his arms with a pair of narrowed eyes.

"Hmm, I seem to recall a certain someone who admitted defeat in a duel not so long ago, is that correct?"

Her competitive look dropped as she hesitated.

"Th-that was before, it's already been a year since then, my cooking skil-skill is def-definitely better than you now..."

Asuna isn't fooling anyone. Wu Yan's grin deepened.

"Since you said that..."

Wu Yan robbed Asuna of Yui as he rubbed her hair.

"Yui, Papa and Mama are going to make a dish each, your job would be to decide the winner, can you do that?"


Yui happily nodded. It's obvious Yui found delight in the petty squabbles of the two newly-wed known as Wu Yan and Asuna.

"Return Yui to me!"

Asuna roared.

"I ain't afraid of a duel! I bet Yui is going to like mine more!"

"Hmm, I am not so sure about that..."

Wu Yan pushed Yui to run along by cheekily slapping her on her tushy.

He exited the room.

"Come, Yui, let daddy cook up a storm for you!"


"Wait for me!"

Asuna chased after them.

"Don't steal Yui away from me!"

"Nu-uh, Yui belongs to me!"

"No, me!"

"I am her father!"

"Well, I am her mother!"

"That's why I have custody over Yui..."

"I don't care! Give her back!"


"Ahhh! You bastard!"

"Argh! Non-violence, woman!"

"Papa... mama... Yui..."

Yui chuckled as the two fought over custody. After that, Wu Yan and Asuna took out their materials and they started choosing which ones to use for the impending culinary duel. They wanted to do anything in their power to earn brownie points with their new daughter.

Due to this renewed rivalry, and, perhaps she really did increase her mastery over cooking, Asuna's movements were way better than before. Her usage of materials was also more superb than ever before. Wu Yan's eyes almost popped out when he saw this.

Wait, is Asuna turning into a doting parent?

With a precious and cute daughter like this, any parent would treat her like a princess. Yui isn't related by blood to Wu Yan and Asuna but they still love her like she's their daughter.

She's just too cute!

Soon, the two presented their dishes. This feast's quality was out of this world. The two only stopped when the table's space ran out so they couldn't put any more dishes on it.

"Come, Yui."

Asuna grabbed Yui and she placed her by her side. She fed Yui some food while not forgetting to give Wu Yan a taunting look.

"Taste this, how does it taste?"


Yui chomped down on the food Asuna placed near her. She immediately gave off a radiant smile.

"It's shoooo good!"


Asuna gave Wu Yan a smug look. It's like she's sure she's going to come out on top. Wu Yan, not wanting to look weak, let Yui taste some of his cooking too.

"Come, Yui, have some of mine..."

Yui looked at the dish in front of her with a troubled look. She used her puppy eyes on Wu Yan.

"Papa... feed me..."

Wu Yan pinched her nose.

"You're a big girl, you can eat without me spoon-feeding you..."

Yui fidgeted with a pout.

"I want daddy to feed me! Feed me!"

"Fine, I will feed you..."

Wu Yan placed her on his lap and he started feeding her.

"Seriously, at this rate, you will never group up..."

Yui beamed at him, she gulped down the food Wu Yan fed her. Her eyes shone up with delight.


Yui grabbed Wu Yan's clothes with a wanting look.


Wu Yan laughed out loud. The victor has been decided, Asuna froze up when she saw this.


Asuna mumbled as she filed an appeal.

"Have another go at it, don't be deceived by him!"

"You're talking like I am a dirtball who likes to scam people..."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her, then, he continued feeding Yui.

"Now, let's pick up where we left off, ignore mama for now..."

"Nn, ignore mama..."

Asuna gnashed her teeth when she saw this. She's looking at Wu Yan like he kidnapped her treasure. Because Yui was in the way, she didn't pounce on Wu Yan to bite him, her bottomless frustration notwithstanding.

She's a serial chomper, after all.

Asuna turned her head the other way.

"Hmph, I knew it, both papa and Yui teamed up to bully me..."

"Oh, dear..."

Wu Yan gasped as if he's surprised. The actor looked at Yui with a shocked look.

"Mama is angry..."

"She's livid..."

"Like a kid..."



Asuna puffed her cheeks with her arms on her waist. This made the two laugh out loud. Asuna also chuckled as the mood turned warm. She looked at Wu Yan and Yui with loving eyes.

At this moment, Asuna feels like she's the happiest human in this world.

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