Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 711: Info, a special monster?

"Take a look! Fresh equipment, quality-guaranteed!"

"Willing to sell materials, player-made equipment, brewed potions, everything you need, we've got it! We strive for the maximum value for each Cor, come!"

"Tons of tools over here! Come check it out! Tools for mission, recovery tools, we've got it for days!"

"Crystals for sale! Come get dirt-cheap crystals, you're gonna regret it if you don't buy now!"

"Hey, did you hear that? They are selling crystals over there!"

"Crystals? Where?"

"Let's go! I think it's over there!"

This marketplace is definitely sounding the part, the noise pollution here is on the same level as a wet market.

This kind of noisy market is restricted to lower-level floors like Floor 22 and below. Ascend the floors and you will find players with gold and levels to spare. Markets on the higher floors are less profitable due to lower player concentration and spending willingness. Most of the players on higher floors only frequent one or two shops they like the most. Anyone trying to set up a stall on higher floors will only be scoffed at.

Trading is usually for players who are lower in level or low on Cors. On lower floors, there are most players like this so it's the perfect environment for a rowdy market like this to pop up.

Wu Yan pursed his lips as he listened to traders marketing their goods with their respective pitches. The best equipment here is only for players a little more than level 30. The materials and tools sold here were also subpar. Even if Wu Yan got these from mob loot, he would probably toss away most of the stuff he saw here.

Wu Yan started questioning his decision to buy materials here. He's got a very picky wife at home. He's not sure if anything other than food made with rare materials will please her, can he even buy rare materials here?

Wu Yan dug his own grave. He cultivated her penchant for rare food by constantly feeding Asuna good food cooked with rare materials. Had he restricted his largesse, he might not be in this situation. When they first met, a simple Salisbury steak was enough to conquer her stomach.

He made a quick note to visit the crystal stall. Crystals are more valuable than the equipment and materials here. A teleport crystal alone is worth more than half of the inventory here.

Even high-level players need to pool funds in order to buy teleport crystals. He would honestly be surprised if he can find some here.

He took a look at the stall selling a blue teleport crystal flooded by players and he shook his head. He ignored the stall owner who looked rather proud as he searched for the highest bidders with an arm raised. Wu Yan continued on his quest to find food materials.

Wu Yan had the gold to buy the crystals, his significantly diminished war chest notwithstanding. For one, he didn't need that crystal, he had 10 other identical crystals stashed in his inventory. He also had more than 30 life-saving pink full-hp restore crystals.

He would buy more HP restore crystals, just not teleport crystals.

Fortunately for Wu Yan, there are good materials here. Rare materials are also sold here despite the lower level.

He single-handedly reduced the inventory of rare materials on the market by himself as he snapped up materials after materials.

When the hawkers here heard about a big whale spending on rare materials, they brought out their prized collections in order to earn a big margin off Wu Yan. It was a win-win all around.

The other stalls were unhappy that the hawkers got their lucky break today. they hated themselves for not having materials available.

Wu Yan took a count and found the materials he bought were enough to last the both of them for quite some time.

"Alright, let's leave it at this for now..."

He noticed something. The materials he bought somewhat diminished in real-time.

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"That Asuna..."

While Wu Yan managed his inventory, the stall owner selling the crystal kept eyeing him. He had an idea as he dismissed the pack of buyers near him.

He closed his stall as he walked towards Wu Yan.

"Hey, big guy..."

Wu Yan felt a bit anxious when this strange man called out to him.

Don't tell me I got found out...

The guy offered Wu Yan the crystal.

"Hey, how about you give me a bid for this crystal?"

Wu Yan stepped back. He turned around to see the man, he released a sigh of relief when the man didn't turn out to be one of the Shinigami from the FFF inquisition.


Wu Yan wanted to take his leave when the stall owner stopped him.

"Okay, you look like a reasonable man, if you buy this crystal, I will give you one free news on a special monster..."

"Special monster?"

Wu Yan turned around to address the trader.

"What kind of monster are we talking about?"


The trader gestured at the crystal in his hand.

Wu Yan raised his eyebrows.

"How much for the crystal?"

"100,000 Cors!"


Wu Yan crossed his arms.

"Do I look like a fat lamb to you?"

Market value right now for a teleport crystal is about 40k to 50k, 100k is enough to buy a pink restore crystal.

The trader reckoned he asked a bit too much but he didn't drop the price. He knew Wu Yan had the money because he snapped up rare materials like they were cheap stock. This was his gambit to reap one huge profit off Wu Yan.

Wu Yan gave the guy 100k Cors much to his delight.

"Thank you, big guy!"

The owner gave the crystal to Wu Yan, he wasn't even hiding his joy.

"Alright, what about the special monster?"

"Oh, yeah it's like this..."

The owner whispered.

"Inside the forest, there are talks about a little girl in a white dress who wandered the forest while floating. It looks like a psychic monster. But, here's the weird part, monsters usually don't spawn there, don't you think something sounds fishy about this?"



Wu Yan is on the verge of losing his cool.

"You saw a girl floating so you assumed she's a special monster?"

"Look, big guy, I am not finished!"

The owner continued.

"There are players who got up close and personal. When they came back, they said they didn't see any indicators on the girl, it wasn't a player nor did it look like a standard monster. It didn't even have an HP bar, they came up with a theory to explain this and that's why we referred to it as a special monster, maybe we can get some super rare loot from that monster?"

Wu Yan was struck with a sudden thought.

Hold on... no indicators, a little girl, white dress, surely, that couldn't be...

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