Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 710: First day after the big ceremony, no limits on mayhem

It has only been a day but that's all it takes for everyone in SAO to receive the news. Players who are grinding, players who are just chilling, players who are doing business, they all either talked or heard about the wedding between Wu Yan and Asuna.

It didn't matter where you went, a hotel, a plaza, a quiet street, players could be heard gossiping about the wedding. Heck, even in the fields, players can be heard chatting between mob fights. In this game world, every player more or less heard about the nuptial.

Granted, there are less than pleasant topics revolving around this marriage. For instance, there are people who are talking smack, cursing, or downright livid about the event. These are players who wanted Asuna for themselves, there are also die-hard Asuna fans who hated Wu Yan to death for bagging Asuna. There are also players who criticized Wu Yan's spendthrift behavior. In other words, humans are just being humans.

In any case, the wedding will remain a hot topic for the foreseeable future.

There is even a minority of players who couldn't cope with Asuna's marriage. They started a protest movement to liberate Asuna-sama from Wu Yan's dirty grip. They formed their arguments around how Wu Yan used underhanded means to deceive Asuna into tying the knot with him. They wanted Wu Yan to publicly disband the marriage between himself and Asuna. Worse yet, players were actually influenced by these nutjobs.

"You've got to be kidding me."

Wu Yan wasn't sure if he should laugh or cry, he couldn't wrap his head around the notions some players had.

Is marriage a sin in this game?

The fuck kind of logic is this?


Asuna who just cleaned the living room went by Wu Yan's back when she peeked at the news he was reading and she giggled.

She tapped Wu Yan on the shoulder.

"See that? They all think you conned me into this. You should feel very lucky that I married you..."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her.

"Yeah, yeah, lucky me, your supporters and fanbase are so rabid, do you know that?"

"Hmm, I wouldn't know about that..."

Asuna brushed him off as she continued organizing the living room. Asuna quite liked this slow-moving peaceful lifestyle. The living room was already pretty clean, she wanted to clean it anyway.

This is pretty much a redundant move in SAO. Due to the imperfections of this simulation game, rooms won't become dirty if not cleaned regularly. It's like how a player's clothes wouldn't turn smelly no matter how long the player went without cleaning his clothes. Most of the development budget had been spent on optimizing the soul of this game, the fighting, system balances, minor stuff like these were ignored.

Asuna enjoyed doing chores like this, she liked the feeling she got out of this blissful married life.

From Asuna's words, it could be gleaned that she couldn't care less what other players had to say.

Asuna wasn't a person who liked basking in the spotlight. She only cared about clearing the game before she met Wu Yan. She wasn't even sure when her fans started following her.

Her rabid fans who wanted to free her only served as a topic to spice up her marriage, it's highly likely she will forget them in no time at all.

Wu Yan continued reading the paper with an outraged attitude.

"These assholes, it's like they couldn't fathom you would marry me. They even put forward theories like a sham marriage or foul play. Read this, 'Return Asuna-sama to us', it sounds like I'm holding you hostage or something. Oh, I know who you are, the disgusting fanboys who couldn't handle Asuna's resignation. Wait till I get my hands on you people..."

Asuna chuckled when she heard Wu Yan. She's sure a lot of people in her guild weren't happy with her decision to quit the guild. But, Asuna isn't too worried about leaving this world in such a hurry, at least, not anymore.

Asuna wanted to properly enjoy her current life. With her partner by her side, she will still continue clearing, but, at her own pace. She will probably show herself on the frontlines to maintain her lead.

"Hey, ignore those people..."

Asuna pulled Wu Yan up from the couch and she nudged him towards the door.

"Go buy some material, we are almost out of food already..."

"Ha? We ran out already?"

Wu Yan turned around with a gasp. He's sure he kept a lot of stockpile in his inventory.

Asuna puffed her cheeks at him.

"Buster, you didn't grind for a whole week because of the wedding, remember? That is the reason why we are out of materials!"

"What about you?"

Wu Yan asked with a confused look.

"I thought you kept a lot of materials, especially food in your inventory?"

"Look, our consumption rate is for two people, not one..."

Asuna stood with arms akimbo, she started doing the math.

"3 meals a day multiplied by 7 makes 21 meals in total, I am surprised our stockpile lasted that long."

Asuna pushed Wu Yan towards the door.

"That's why, just go buy some!"

"Okay, sheesh..."

Wu Yan sighed. He grumbled on his way out.

"You're the wife here, should you do the groceries?..."

"Come back soon..."

Asuna waved him off with a radiant smile.


Wu Yan walked towards the forest outside his house.

He checked his items while making his way towards the closest town.

Yeap, he spent quite a few pretty pennies for that wedding.

The cooks, the food, the reception, the clothes, the wages for the labor, all of them came out of his pocket.

Because he flooded the market with his money, the wedding stood out in this fantasy world. It was on such an unfathomable scale that even for someone rich like Wu Yan, the wedding almost decimated his net worth. It's a far cry from before he tied the knot with Asuna.

Even after Asuna combined asset with him through the shared inventory system, it was still not comparable to his wealth before marriage. Heck, Asuna even sold her house on the 61st floor and it's not enough to make up for the difference.

"Well, it's enough to live comfortably..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips as he turned off the interface.

"But, I still need to buy items!"

"Looks like I have to find ways to earn money..."

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