Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 709: An unavoidable morning

Last night, Wu Yan slept like never before.

When he woke up, it's like his body was revitalized. He felt like he was high on pot, he stretched his back as he emitted a pacified moan. Yeap, stretching his back never felt this good.

He looked at the great weather outside and a satisfied smile crept up his face.

"Looks like it's going to be another great day today..."

He turned his attention back towards his lap, curled like a kitten, Asuna was leaning against his abs, her heaving bosom had a peaceful rhythm to it.

If you ignored the fact that Asuna is in her birthday suit, the scene would look more PG than NC-17. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Her flushed body suggested a rather intense wedding night.

He slid his hands down her smooth back, feeling her perfect skin and the bumps made by her vertebrae.

He calmly assessed his findings while suppressing the joy in his heart.

He had to abstain from letting his johnny explore secret dungeons for two entire years. This is the longest he has gone without getting freaky with his wives since the first time he did it. For a horny wolf like him, it was pure torture for him.

It's easy to imagine why Asuna is so tuckered out, the guy screwed her six ways from Sunday.

Wu Yan expressed his silent thanks. He wanted to thank Kayaba Akihiko for re-creating with almost 100% accuracy the sensation of doing it in this game world. He just couldn't imagine the severity of his blue-balls if he had to live with such a beautiful wife without being able to do anything fun.

This game is only a simulation. Given Asuna's personality, she probably wouldn't give her modesty away if she wasn't completely infatuated with Wu Yan.

If she had any second thought, she would have called the whole thing off and denied him entry into her grassy garden of the gods.

In other words, Asuna already recognized him as her partner whether in this game world or in the real world. The difference here is that Asuna's still a virgin in the real world. Since he already got a beta test in this game, he's pretty sure he can pull off the same stunt again in the real world.

With a pleasant smile on his face, he let the drifting thoughts settle his head down on Asuna's sleeping head.

It has been two years, huh...

Two weeks have passed in Silvaria according to the time dilation effect.

Hinagiku, Kotori, Ikaros, Shokuhou Misaki, Tokisaki Kurumi, Tohka, Astrea, Flandre-chan, and Yoshino, I wonder if they are doing okay?

Mikoto, Shokuhou Misaki, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou, Kinuhata Saiai, and the other sisters, are they doing fine in the Giant Beast Forest?

Are the sisters behaving obediently?

I wonder if they are eating alright without me cooking for them?

Gosh, I miss them so much...

A strong throbbing sensation struck as he grabbed his chest. He could vaguely hear the sounds of his girls calling out to him.

In another world, Hinagiku, Kotori, Ikaros, Shokuhou Misaki, Tokisaki Kurumi, Astrea, Flandre-chan, Yoshino who were playing in the courtyard of the villa stopped. Meanwhile, Mikoto, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou, and Shokuhou Misaki stopped in the forest as they sent their emotions to the person they thought about the most.

Maybe this is the true essence of the merging of Lifeforce. No matter where they are, no matter when they are, they could break through the barriers of time and space to make their feelings reach.


Her soft voice drew Wu Yan back into reality. He shelved his thoughts as he greeted the awakening with a smile as bright as the sunshine.

Asuna slowly opened her eyes while rubbing her face against Wu Yan's chest.

Eyes as entrancing as the tranquil autumn waters revealed themselves to the world. Her radiant soul could be seen through the window of her soul.

Unable to resist, Wu Yan gave her a swift peck on the cheeks.


Shocked by this sudden attack, she immediately flew awake as she lifted her head up and away from Wu Yan. Meanwhile, Wu Yan gave her a smirk.

Blinking in surprise, she finally calmed down as she sensed that she's giving him the show of a lifetime with her ripe body. The memories of last night flooded into her mind as she turned bright red. Wu Yan's heart started racing against when he saw the seductive flush on her face.

Asuna leered at him before she gave her a mighty pinch on the waist.

Howling in pain, Wu Yan's expression distorted in anguish.

"What are you doing?!"

"Nothing much..."

Asuna punched Wu Yan on the chest.

"I just felt like hitting you, you got something to say about that?"

Not sure whether to cry or laugh, he shook his head.

"Fine, you're the boss today, you can do and say whatever you want..."

"I am going to hold you to your words!"

Asuna snorted. She turned her face the other away and she writhed her body.

"Hungry, go make me some food!"

"Right away!"

Wu Yan answered as he stood up with Asuna in a princess carry.


Like a helpless baby who just came into this world, Asuna was held in the air, she covered as many shame points as she could while yelling at Wu Yan.

"What are you doing?!"

"Nothing much..."

Wu Yan reflected her words back at her.

"I just felt like giving you a hug, got a probably with that?"


Asuna bit down on her lips.

"I am not wearing anything..."

"It's okay..."

Wu Yan said with a confident look. He looked at her with a serious look.

"I am also going commando less the pants, there, we're even-steven!"

Asuna was dumbfounded by the sheer audacity this guy exhibited. Is there anyone who is a bigger villain than this prick?


Asuna squirmed around.

"Put me down!"


Wu Yan ignored her. He started walking towards the stairs.

"Let's go! Time to make you something to eat!"

"Wait! Wait wait wait!"

Asuna struggled even more. Shame and disbelief are the most evident emotions on her face right now.

"You want to walk around in the house like this?"

"Yeah, something wrong?"

Wu Yan said with a calm look. He continued walking while stating his case.

"We are in our home, there are only the two of us here..."

"I don't want that!"

Asuna hysterically yelled. She unleashed a punch that had the light of skill activation.

Taken by surprise, he dodged but he accidentally released Asuna so her rump hit the floor not far away from him. Covering her amazing racks, she glared at Wu Yan with a red face.

"Oh, you like being rough eh?"

Wu Yan smirked as he drew closer insidiously.

"Two can play at that!"

Asuna yelped as she scampered off with a perverse wolf on her tail...

Soon the sound of wet slaps came with the sound of two humans getting it on. Then, it turned into a one-way slaughter where one of the parties involved can do nothing but moan, welp, and sigh in pleasure.

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