Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 708: We are now husband and wife, you know...


Inside the room, Wu Yan and Asuna were cuddling, nearby, the nuptial clothes they wore were hanging on the wall. It served as their wedding photo.

They did everything right and they still forgot about taking a wedding photo. Asuna suggested that they hang their clothes up to commemorate them tying the knot.

Leaning against Wu Yan's chest,  Asuna was humming a tune while waving her hands in the air like she's conducting an invisible orchestra. It's evident that she's the happiest camper around. Her ring was glistening with the help of the light in the room.

Wu Yan looked like he had been through hell and back. He wanted to sleep, he made his intention clear by yawning incessantly.

He survived his own wedding, greeted waves after waves of guests. Not to mention, he woke up early to attend his wedding, he might be immortal but this languid feeling is torment in its own right. Well, it's a torment for anyone who is a massive sloth like Wu Yan.

If it wasn't his own wedding, paying him handsomely would not be enough to get him to appear.

He remembered his 10+ wives in the other world. He should probably set down a date to make it official, his head felt numb when he thought about the logistic and administrative tasks involved. Perhaps fortune and misfortune do come as a bundle.

Call him a lucky bastard? He's not a big fan of hosting huge events like this. He would rather stay home and sleep than tire himself out. Call him a poor fool? He's a lucky guy who is loved by many great girls. Heck, pick anyone from his harem and she can ruin cities with her appearance.

Wu Yan is honestly conflicted as to whether or not he should count his blessings. One day, he's going to conduct one grand wedding and marry them all, that's only fair given their unconditional loyalty and love for him.

Wu Yan set the idea aside as he looked at Asuna who is still using his chest as her pillow, he shook his head with amusement when he saw Asuna looking at her wedding ring with glee. He rubbed his face against the top of her head.

"Alright, the ring's not going anyway, you can always check it out when there's time..."

Asuna didn't listen to him, she bashed her head against Wu Yan's chin as she mumbled.

"If only there's all the time in the world to look at it..."


Wu Yan tilted his head. He looked at Asuna with a slightly confused look.

"Is the ring going to grow wings and fly away or something? Do you mean the ring will disappear when its durability goes down to 0?"

"No, not like that..."

Asuna sighed. She kept her eyes on the wedding ring as she continued.

"When I think about how the ring will disappear when we clear this game, I just feel a little...unwilling..."

Wu Yan chortled and he caressed her hair.

"Look, if you really like this ring that much, why don't I buy you an identical one when we return to the real world?"

Asuna turned towards Wu Yan with her jaw dropped.

"Do you mean it?"


Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her.

"Do I look like someone who would joke about matters like this?"


Asuna puckered her lips, she grinned as she turned her head the other way.

"Just remember I never said I would accept your ring!"


Wu Yan gasped.

"What do you mean by that?..."

"Exactly what I said!"

She played around with Wu Yan's hand.

"I promised to marry you in this game but I never said I would say yes in the real world. That means I will turn you down when you give me a ring..."

Wu Yan realized what she meant. Marriage inside a game and marriage in the real world are two different things. In the real world, nuptial is a life-long partnership and she's still 17 so of course, she couldn't accept his proposal.

If Wu Yan didn't read her intentions wrong, she's hinting that she wanted Wu Yan to propose one more time in the real world, that couldn't be right, right?

Wu Yan shook his head as he laughed out loud. He rescinded his offer.

"Alright, I am not going to give you one then..."

Asuna lifted her head abruptly when she heard this.

"You dare?!"

"Yeah, I just said that, what about it?"

Wu Yan puffed his chest out.

"I thought you said you didn't want a ring?"

"I didn't say that!"

Asuna frantically yelled.

"I only said I am not going to accept a ring..."

"Semantics, it's the same as not wanting a ring!"


"Okay! Do you want a ring then?"

"Not necessarily..."

"See, you don't want one..."

Wu Yan sighed and he cast a forlorn look the other way. Struck by this, Asuna circled her arms around Wu Yan's neck.

"I didn't say that! I want it! I want it! There, I said it, is that okay with you?..."


Wu Yan looked back at her with a victorious grin.

"Since you expressed such a high degree of honesty, I feel very generous, as such, you will get a ring..."

Asuna immediately figured out that she got played. Angered, she huffed as...


Asuna pounced on Wu Yan and she repeatedly unleashed feral bites on Wu Yan's ear.

"I will bite you to death!"

Wu Yan pushed back against her in horror.

"Argh! You're trying to commit Mariticide!"

Like an unrelenting cyborg, she continued going for Wu Yan's ear. However, Wu Yan's OP Strength stat prevented her from doing as she pleased.

Asuna changed tactics and she went for his hand. Wu Yan unleashed a flurry of pushes and parries in order to fend her off. His heart started weeping sour tears.

He knew she can be quite childish sometimes, but, never had he heard about her tendency to bite people out of frustration and embarrassment. He's pretty sure he didn't see this in the original work or even in this world.

Oh, wait, yeah, he got bit by her that one time.

The two got into a scuffle. Wu Yan tickled Asuna to starve her of oxygen.

Soon, the two were huffing and panting as they finally noticed something.

Somewhere along with their playful brawl, Wu Yan got into a bear hug with Asuna in his arms, his arms reached under her armpits to grab the perky mounds of meat on Asuna's chest.

The two froze up.

Wu Yan is the first one to react. His primal instinct started boiling to the surface when he felt the bouncy sensation in his palms.

Asuna's feminine scent entered Wu Yan's nostrils. Her shapely nubile body was in close proximity to his body. He can feel every inch of her body, with such a deadly combination of floral scent and tactile stimulation, it took him no time at all to snap.


He started giving her bunnies a good petting, she realized her current situation when the first wave of pleasure struck.


Her face turned red in an instant. A burning and numbing sensation started taking her over, feeling her control slip past her by the second, she grabbed Wu Yan's hands as she growled at him.

"Y-you, what do you think you're doing?..."

"Hey, Asuna..."

Licking his lips, he didn't stop his salacious massage. He made her moan.

"We are husband and wife, aren't we forgetting about something important? Hmm?..."

Asuna knew where this bastard was taking this thing. She wasn't able to say anything when Wu Yan flipped her over and he went down on her.

Soon, moaning and heavy breathing echoed in the room as the two went about their nasty business.

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